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Religious Education

Mr Cowie's Year 5 class have been learning all about the significance of the Chinese dragon as part of their work on Chinese New Year.

Reception have been learning about the preparations that are made to celebrate Chinese New Year. They know they have to clean the house and put up red decorations (red is a lucky colour). A table has been set to have a family meal too! We can’t wait to celebrate on Friday!

Reverend Peters led the school in worship today and talked to us about the importance of Advent. She reminded us of why Advent is celebrated and what we can do to prepare for the lead up to Christmas.

Children in Nursery and Reception have retold the nativity story through the story of 'The Sleepy Shepherd'. Our parents were very proud just as we were...

Reception have been learning about the Jewish Festival of Sukkot in RE. The children made a "Sukkah" which is a special tent where they would celebrate by eating a meal with their families. We even collected leaves, twigs and grass to decorate the roof and we even ate our snack inside with our school friends. Fabulous learning Reception!

The Year 5 children have used their sculpture skills to create these beautiful diva lamp holders as part of their work in RE.

KS1 had a lovely time celebrating Harvest festival at church today! Reverend Peters read to us the story of the loaves and fishes and we talked about the vegetables that we could see in the delicious vegetable display in the church

Our Reception children visited the church today to role play the baptism of our baby dolls, Katie and Felix. Reverend Muriel Peters very kindly led the service. Afterwards, the dolls and their extended families had a party back at school!