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Meet the Staff

Teaching Staff 2020/21

Mrs H Shaw  Head Teacher and MFL Leader
Mrs D Chaytor  Deputy Head and English Leader
Mrs V Akers  HLTA
Mrs H Archer Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Baker Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Ball Teaching Assistant
Miss C Blackburn  Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Blenkinsopp  HLTA
Mrs M Christopher Teaching Assistant
Miss H Condliffe  Reception Teacher and Geography Leader
Mr J Cowie Year 5 Teacher and PE Leader
Ms L Davison Teaching Asisstant
Miss C Donoghue Reception Teacher and EYFS Leader
Miss L Dowson Year 5 and Year 1 Teacher
Miss N Duncan Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Evans Swimming Instructor
Ms C Forster-Hewitson  Year 5 Teacher and PSHCE Leader
Mrs A Harper Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Henson  Year 2 Teacher, SENCO and KS1 Co-ordinator
Mrs J Kelly  HLTA
Mrs M Lowden  Year 1 Teacher and RE Leader
Miss K McGee Y1 Teacher and DT Leader
Mrs K Oakes  Year 4 Teacher and Art and Design Leader
Mrs D Scott  HLTA
Miss C Sharp  Year 6 Teacher
Mrs L Robinson Year 6 Teacher, KS2 Co-ordination and Maths and Music Leader
Mrs G Shaw  HLTA
Mrs M Tucker Year3 Teacher and History Leader
Miss A Wilson                                Year 4 Teacher and Computing Leader
Mrs K Venner Nursery Teacher
Mrs L Ward  Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Winward  HLTA

Safeguarding & Emotional Support Staff

Mrs H Shaw Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs D Chaytor Nominated Deputy for Safeguarding
Mrs L Henson Nominated Deputy for Safeguarding
Mrs L Robinson Nominated Deputy for Safeguarding
Mrs C Collins  Attendance & Safeguarding Officer
Mrs H Cossar School Counsellor
Mrs C Gash School Counsellor

Office Staff

Mrs N Dooher School Business Manager
Mrs H Harriman  Administrative Assistant
Mrs C Hunt  Administrative Assistant
Mrs S Topping  Administrative Assistant

Governing Body

Mrs K Hudson Chair of Governors
Mrs K Cowan Vice-Chair of Governors
Mrs T Bright Parent Governor
Mr H Brown Co-opted Governor
Mrs D Chaytor Observer
Mrs K Grady Parent Governor
Cllr E Huntington LA Representative
Mrs A McGinlay Parent Governor
Mrs K Oakes Staff Governor
Mrs L Robinson Co-opted Staff Governor

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs E Banks
Mrs C Cairns
Miss A Chadwick
Miss C Dowen
Mrs D Hunter
Mrs K Lawson
Mrs J Linn
Mrs A Linn
Mrs L Patterson
Miss S Thompson

Kitchen Staff

Mrs J Linn Cook
Mrs J Huntington Cook
Mrs L Patterson  Cook
Mrs S Pritchard Assistant Cook
Mrs S Proudlock Cook

Premises & Cleaning Staff

Mr J Linn Premises Manager
Mr M Linn Caretaker
Mrs C Alderson Cleaner
Miss A Chadwick Cleaner
Mrs W Clark Cleaner
Miss M Cresswell Cleaner
Miss T Gray Cleaner
Mrs B Johnson Cleaner
Mrs S Lamb Cleaner
Mrs S Littleton Cleaner
Mr D Million Cleaner

Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs J Linn Supervisory Assistant
Mrs L Patterson Supervisory Assistant
Mrs S Proudlock  Breakfast Club Cook

After School Childcare Staff

Mrs D Hunter
Mrs K Lawson
Mrs J Linn
Mrs L Patterson