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How We Adapt the Curriculum and Learning Environment for Children and Young People with SEN and Disabilities

How we adapt the curriculum and learning environment for children & young people with SEN and disabilities.

We adapt the learning environment for pupils with SEN in a number of ways, depending on the needs of individual children. Our school challenges itself to deliver high quality provision, within an ethos of care, support and understanding for both children and families.  


Such strategies include: 

  • Some individual teaching, following dedicated programmes to address specific needs, e/g. Lexia 
  • Differentiation of work in class and in homework, where appropriate, 
  • Small group focus work to address shared issues, e.g. fine and gross motor skills groups 
  • Additional resources to enable better access to the curriculum, e.g. pencil grips, coloured overlays ect. 
  • Thorough assessments undertaken by school staff or professionals 
  • Specialist interventions, e.g Occupational Therapy 
  • Skilled and dedicated teaching assistant support within the class, in order for the work to be further differentiated to meet exact/additional needs.  
  • Individual support timetables, behaviour plans or charts 
  • Individualised learning targets,  


At Shotton Primary School we fully understand that children learn in different ways and we strive to make reasonable adjustments to enable all children to access the National Curriculum at an appropriate level.  


We have appointed a Designed Teacher for Looked after Children who works closely with the SENCO to ensure all teachers in school understand the implications for those children who are looked after and have SEN. We have a designated SEND Governor who works closely with the SENCO to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of SEND provision at Shotton Primary.  

Facilities Provided to Help Disabled Pupils to Access the School

Our school building was constructed over 100 years ago. As such the original building has needed to be adapted to provide ease of access for disabled pupils and adults.


At differing points in time it may be that we need to consult fully with the Local Authority, health professionals, families and children to ensure that all necessary adaptations are made, so that any disabled child can have full access to the school and can participate fully in the school curriculum including extra curricular activities.

Mrs Henson, as SENCO, would be instrumental in such collaborative work.


In summary adaptations/facilities currently in place include:

Ramps that are located around school to allow for ease of access (fixed and mobile)

Doorways of sufficient width

Appropriate disabled toilet facilities

Shower facilities

Intimate care equipment to support dignity and independence

A boardwalk in our new reception outdoor provision (gravel area) which would allow for disabled access with future adaptations as necessary.

Disabled parking in main car park

Carpeted classrooms to aid hearing impaired children