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Vision and Values

On Tuesday 3rd September 2019 on a professional development day (INSET) all staff across school (teaching and non-teaching) reviewed and articulated our visions and values to inform our curriculum intent and whole school ethos. We worked closely with our School Leadership Advisor from the Local Authority (Kerry Newton).

It is a very exciting time for us.


Our Vision and Values Statement 

Shotton Primary School is a happy, safe environment for all children and staff, where everyone is respected and valued. 
We treat each other with honesty, fairness and compassion, through effective communication and positive, trusting relationships, with all of our community. 

Our Curriculum Statement


Our assemblies are a really important means by which we reinforce our school values and raise our children's awareness of national and international events both past and present.

Assemblies also provide us with a meaningful context to develop our children's understanding and appreciation of British values and explore potentially difficult but important questions and issues.

Below you will find a selection of our assemblies.