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Design Technology

After lots of designing Year 2 have been making finger puppets and learning how to use a running stitch to join 2 pieces of fabric

Nursery have had lots of spooky fun this week exploring lots of fun sensory activities and making our own spooky party snack. They made cheese mummy sandwiches and ghost apples.

This term in History Year 6 have been studying the Ancient Greeks. As part of their learning, they have studied Greek temples, and can now name the different types of pillars have identified some of the pillars still being used in buildings today. In their design and technology lessons, they used their knowledge of the temples and had a go at making some of their own. We obviously didn't have marble for them to use (like in Ancient times) so they used paper, which was tricky as they had to stay upright! I hope you agree they have done a fabulous job!

Year 4 have been learning about different types of shelters as part of design and technology. Today we looked at what 3D shapes made up these shelters and have tried to create our own shelters using straw and plasticine. It was very challenging as we had to find ways to make our structures sturdy and reliable.

Year 2 have begun their design, make and evaluate process focused on puppets, investigating puppets - how they work & move.

Year 2 have began to make their finger puppets this week . They have drawn a diagram of their puppet and created a template that they have used to draw around a piece of felt . They have then used scissors to cut accurately . Finally they used glue to join the material together to create the basics of their puppet.

Year 4 have enjoyed solving Lego construction problems with Mrs Kelly during lunchtimes. They worked well together as a team and communicated with each other to get the job solved. Well done Mrs Kelly is very proud of you.

We are very lucky to be able to provide Forest School sessions with Miss Donoghue for our children. This morning the children learned to safely start the fire, cooked their own breakfast (jam on toast and bacon sandwiches - yum!) then had our lunch by the woods.

This week 6R have used so many skills to help them complete their Design and Technology textile unit of sewing felt phone cases. Perseverance, resilience, communication but most importantly plenty of patience! Here are some of the finished products!

Today Year 2 have made their own dips after designing them last week. They have made a sweet dip, fruity dip and our own versions of guacamole.

In preparation for designing their own dips Year 2 have made their own guacamole and thousand island dressing today.

Year 2 have been evaluating different types of dips as part of their food technology work.

In Year 1 we have enjoyed our design technology this term making fabric faces and even turned them into a special treat for our male carers. We have been developing our cutting skills and ensuring that we can join materials securely and effectively.

Year 4 have been learning about different types of shelters as part of design and technology. Today we looked at what 3D shapes made up these shelters and have tried to create our own shelters using straw and plasticine. It was very challenging as we had to find ways to make our structures sturdy and reliable.

6R have had a fabulous afternoon constructing Greek Temples using only paper straws and tape. They have worked effectively and efficiently using their problem solving and communication skills exceptionally well.

Year 5 have been making a rainforest appliqué as part of their DT work using textiles.

1C and 1/2M are learning all about materials and their properties. We have been investigating which materials are waterproof by making boats and testing to see if they float or sink, and also testing materials for their strength and flexibility.

The reception children have been learning all about fruit and vegetables, where our food comes from and eating healthily. Today the children in school made tomato and red pepper soup and buttered some wholemeal bread to eat with it. It was very tasty and really warmed us up on a cold day!

Year 1 have been having a lovely time learning all about different types of transport in their Wacky Races topic. We made boats and tested to see if they would float or sink and how many passengers they could carry. We conducted a paper aeroplane experiment where we made, tested and altered our paper planes to see what would make them fly the furthest. It's been great fun!

This year we have had a virtual advent calendar to try and make Christmas special. Our nursery children have made Christmas pudding Krispie cakes.

Reception have used their peeling and chopping skills today to prepare a healthy vegetable soup for Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma to make her feel better. We tried it ourselves (it was delicious) and left some out for grandma, we’re very excited to see if she has been to collect it tomorrow!

Nursery have done amazingly again this week making their own vehicles for 'Duck in the Truck' both at home and in setting. They have done lots of tasks including making their own matching memory game and playing number bingo!

Today 2H have investigated different types of puppets. We then measured, cut and joined two pieces of felt to make our own halloween finger puppets.

Class 3/4MF have also been developing their DT skills, designing and making some fabulous Roman chariots.

As part of our Roman topic this term , the children have looked at axles and how wheels move. They have looked at the history of the Roman chariot too. As part of their homework , they were asked to make a Roman chariot . Here are some of their designs so far. Jake and Ollie worked well together to create a modern chariot, while Lexi, Frazier and Sean all went for the traditional look. They are all fabulous..

Our Y3/4 chefs have been very busy in the kitchen! We made a yummy chocolate cake during Wednesday's cookery lesson. We finished this off during lunchtime play the following day. We whipped cream and filled the cake with cream and mandarin oranges before topping it with melted chocolate. Well done Y3/4, it looks absolutely delicious!

Reception children have enjoyed making Pumpkin Soup after listening to the story ‘Pumpkin Soup’. They enjoyed looking at the insides of the pumpkin, mixing the ingredients together and of course tasting it!

Nursery and Reception have really enjoyed the Teddy Bear’s Picnic today. We made our own sandwiches for the picnic which was really tricky spreading the butter with a knife. At the picnic we ate our sandwiches with some other treats and taught our bears the party game corners. The boys and girls were superstars at looking after teddies in the big hall

1/2M have had a wonderful time this week making (and eating) harvest vegetable soup. We learned how to prepare vegetables safely and how to write instructions!

Design Technology Week (July 2019): This week is Food Technology week. The children have been making lots of delicious treats based around their topic. Year 1 made fish and chips, Year 2 made some yummy Mexican treats, Year 3 made some fruit kebabs and ham sandwiches while Year 5 made some pizza slices! We used our brand new mobile kitchens in our classroom to cook our treats and to master some important safe knife skills.

Reception Class have made new friends for Forky from Toy Story 4.

1FL have been designing and building lighthouses. Take a look at the fantastic results!

Year 1 have been learning about lighthouses and today we learned about electricity and lights. We explored the electricity resources and made simple circuits to make our bulbs work. The children also put lights into our dolls house to make it like night time for their role playing.

The children in Mr Cowie’s class have certainly been busy over the half term holidays! The children were given the challenge to create a Viking home and they definitely haven’t disappointed. What super creations Y4, well done!