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Year 4 had lots of fun discussing how to stay safe and understanding the importance of staying safe and taking responsibility for our online profile. We created a true profile and a fake profile and then discussed why we shouldn't always believe what we see on profiles and that we shouldn't accept or play with people whom we don't know. We then looked at online relationships and who we could trust and should not trust. We also found out about age limit and that they are there for a reason. Part of the children's homework was to type their name into Google , with a responsible adult and to see what came up. We had some very interesting findings, from famous people appearing , to flowers and even people living in America with exactly the same name.

Today Year 3 have focused on how to ensure we have positive relationships online and what to do if we encounter someone we can't trust. We then looked at how what we post online can build up an online reputation. We explored the reputations of famous celebrities and how these can be both positive and negative. The children were very mature and sensible and showed a great understanding of the importance of being safe online

Children in Year 3 and 4 have been talking about people creating fake online profiles and how easy it is to do so.

Today 6R had a great morning discussing online bullying. We talked about the different devices people can use, how they can bully others and how it can make people feel. Each child made a pledge as to how they can be kind online to others which we turned into a chain.