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Art and Design

The children in 5B have been creating images of the moon in ART this afternoon, relating closely to our class novel Cosmic! They used a pencil and compass to draw the outline of a moon on black card before starting to shade and blend with chalk. They then used white paint to highlight key areas and black paint to enhance detail.

Class 3MF have been using their observational skills to sketch the Iron Man, who is the main character in their class novel. They used a range of materials, including chalk, pastels, crayons and felt-tip pens, to create some fantastic pictures.

Children in Years 3 and 4 have been exploring collage within their 'Black Gold' Mining topic.

Nursery have loved telling the teachers and their friends all about the fireworks they have seen. We talked about who went with us and what colours we saw in the sky when the fireworks were on. This inspired Nursery to make some beautiful pictures of fireworks!

Our Reception children had great fun exploring colour and creating vibrant firework art.

5B have been investigating shades of green from the rainforest, working towards our key task for this term creating a cross-sectional rainforest model in a shoebox.

Year 3 have been looking at the artist Andy Goldworthy in preparation for our visit to Seaham Beach. We decided to look at this artist because he uses objects he finds in nature to create beautiful sculptures. We went outside to make our own sculptures using the natural materials around us. We look forward to making similar sculptures from materials found at the beach