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Year 6 have been learning about coordinates in Maths this week. They used all of the skills they had developed to play a game of Battleships using Numicon. They all really enjoyed trying to work out the coordinates of their opponent's ships and sink them!

Year 4 have started a new maths topic, fractions. WE started by making a resource we will use throughout the unit- a fractions wall. Their fraction walls have allowed them to visually compare and identify fractions and write them..

In maths Year 6 have looked the volume of cubes and investigated how to make different shapes with the same volume.

Year 3 have been measuring length in Maths. We learned that Usain Bolt can run 100m in 9.58 seconds. Some of us thought we could run at a similar speed so we went onto the yard to find out just how far we could run in 10 seconds. Taylor ran the furthest at 54m. How far do you think you can run in 10 seconds?

Nursery have had a very happy and healthy start to 2020 as we opened our fruit and veg shop. The Nursery children have loved picking their fruit and vegetables and paying for them at the counter. They have enjoyed taking it in turns to be the shop keepers and the customers. What a fun way to start our new year.

In maths today, Year 4 have been investigating how to multiply three numbers together using arrays. We looked at two numbers first and then moved onto 3. Some of us even managed to simplify the arrays using our factor pairs knowledge .

Class 5B have been learning about line graphs and how to plot data accurately. They investigated how the temperature of a mug of warm juice changed by measuring it every minute for 10 minutes. They then accurately plotted their data onto a line graph.

2HL have been using geoboards to make and draw 2D shapes in maths.

Children in Year 3 have been using Numicon and Cuisinaire rods to think about scales and keys in pictograms and bar graphs

Nursery have been exploring our Numicon shapes and using them to press into our play dough and count the bumps it creates. We have worked really hard using our counting finger when counting and making sure we count slowly so we don’t miss any bumps. Well done Nursery!

Class 3MF have been using our Numicon equipment to investigate the inverse and solve missing number calculations.

2HL have been investigating multiples of 10 using manipulatives to develop their concrete understanding.

In Maths in Year 1 we are learning to double numbers to 5. As you can see it makes it a lot easier to show how you double a number when chocolate spots are involved, especially when you can eat them when your learning has finished.

Last week, the children have loved having their very own pet shop in nursery. They took turns at being a shop keeper and used lots of mathematical language in their play. Those that bought an animal from the shop looked after their pets very well

Our times tables superstars! Congratulations to all the children who have achieved their bronze, silver or gold award this year.

Well done to our Times Tables Champions! This year, the times table champion from each class received a specially engraved trophy to keep. These children worked hard to achieve this and should be very proud of themselves, as their teachers are of them!