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Curriculum Statement: History

At Shotton Primary School, the high quality teaching and learning of history, is an important part of ensuring that our children have a broad and balanced curriculum, with equal opportunity for all children.   


Our History curriculum will develop children’s understanding of both local and world history, developing a sense of place and time (chronology and context). It has been planned and structured to reflect the chronological order of the historical eras. 


We will provide a variety of rich and engaging experiences within and beyond the classroom. We will visit museums and places of local historical interest, to enhance pupils’ cultural capital and learning further and to spark their curiosity and enthusiasm to learn about the past.  


We aim to inspire our pupils to become historians, using a range of sources, both primary and secondary, questioning their reliability and acquiring the vocabulary, skills and knowledge necessary to ask perceptive questions, to deepen their understanding.


Children will develop their historical understanding of Britain's past and the wider world to enable them to talk confidently about the passing of time, events and people and places from the past, presenting their learning in a variety of ways.  


Children will have opportunities to make comparisons and understand similarities and differences between historical periods and associated cultural values- ensuring that they have a good understanding of important changes, as well as how each period links to, and impacts upon the next. 


Children will learn about key figures and events from history developing understanding of their importance and impact within other subjects such as science and technology and the world as it is today. 


 We will educate our children to help them to become responsible citizens by knowing that we can learn from history and in turn respect fundamental British values. 


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