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Design and Technology

Curriculum Statement: Design Technology


All children at Shotton Primary School study design technology. Design technology develops children’s progressive knowledge and skills across the curriculum and develops their health and well-being to prepare them for the future. It has a significant part to play in terms of being able to offer all pupils, including those with SEN, a broad and balanced curriculum. DT has strong links with other curriculum areas such as, maths, literacy, art and design, computer technology, science and PSHCE. 


The 3 core elements of design technology are: 

  • Design 

  • Make 

  • Evaluate 


Children should be taught and experience the creative, technical and practical skills and knowledge to enable them to work safely, assess risk and be equally successful, in all of these essential elements, through the core areas of: 

  • Food technology 

  • Textiles 

  • Mechanisms and structures 

  • Electronics 


Through design technology, within real contexts, we are able to raise children’s awareness of employment opportunities and possibilities within the local community and beyond.  By being taught how to prepare and cook a range of varied food options children will be enabled to understand the importance of a healthy diet. 


We will provide a variety of rich and engaging experiences beyond the classroom, including accessing local resources and public places to enhance pupils’ learning further.