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Modern Foreign Languages

Our Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum Statement 

All of our children in KS2 study a modern foreign language. It has a significant part to play in terms of being able to offer all pupils, including those with SEN, a broad and balanced curriculum. 


Our designated MFL is Spanish, as it is most relevant to our children’s needs and experiences. 


It is our intent to teach our children a language that they can use and experience outside of school, in order to directly enhance and build their cultural capital, providing an essential, respectful opening to other cultures and a widening of experiences and aspiration. 


Alongside the 3 core elements of phonics (including correct vocalisation and pronunciation), vocabulary and grammar, we will develop children’s understanding of world geography - developing a sense of their place in the world. 


We will teach, support and enable children to develop their confidence in social communication and oracy, both in spoken and written language. 


By learning today for a successful tomorrow, our children will be able to communicate for practical purposes in the wider world. We will seek to provide a positive foundation for further learning of languages beyond KS2. It is of vital importance that we provide rich and engaging learning experiences to foster their curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world. 

Our Spanish Curriculum Overview and Coverage

Our Modern Foreign Languages Policy