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All of our children visit the library regularly. 2HL had a wonderful time visiting Shotton Library this afternoon. They loved listening to the story that was read to them by Laura titled "Dinosaurs in school". Then they used their artistic skills to contribute to an autumn display and finally (and the best part of all!) the children were able to choose their own library book to read in school! This was a really hard task for some as there were just so many wonderful books to choose from!!

Our staff and Year 5 and 6 children have been marking Remembrance Day at the church. They have written and performed some wonderful, beautiful, yet ugly poetry based upon the horrors of war and life in the trenches to the community. It was a very special and moving event for all of us.

Rebellion!The Romans have taken Queen Boudicca's lands yet she will not be beaten! Class 3/4MF have been reenacting a historical event - Queen Boudicca decides to lead a rebellion against the powerful Roman army. They have worked in small groups to follow a playscript and to perform to an audience. Will the queen succeed?

Year 3/4 MF have been working hard in their English lessons, writing postcards from the Torrible Zone. The children have worked hard to write these up using their neatest handwriting. Well done Year 3/4!

3W have been learning about instructions so we can write our own instructions explaining how to make an Iron Man. Today we looked at different types of instructions and identified the key features.

Nursery’s ‘Rhyme of the Week’ is ‘Miss Polly had a Dolly’ and children have enjoyed looking after our very own dolly in the role-play hospital this week. The children were very concerned when they noticed she had lots of spots and set about trying to make her feel better. As you can see they did an amazing job

Today, Reception Class walked to the post box to post letters to each other. The children were very excited to post them and couldn't wait to receive them in the post!

Before half term, Nursery saw a sign under our book of the week instead of the photo of our book. We came into Nursery and our home corner had been tampered with by someone. They had left us clues to try and figure out what our story of the week was! The children were super excited to work out who had broken the little chair and take pictures of the other clues we were left with. Can you guess the story?