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Y2 have been using 'team teaching' to practise their spellings today.

Year 4 have been using laptops to research environmental issues which will help them to write a non-chronological report.

For National Poetry Day, Year 1 read poems by Michael Rosen- Our favourite poem was 'Steam Train'. We decided to make our own collage steam train.

Year 3 have been reading Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes. This week we wrote dialogue between the third little pig and Little Red Riding Hood. We thought you would enjoy reading our work.

The children in Nursery have loved their story of the week, 'Barry the Fish with Fingers'. This activity was perfect for story recall. The boys and girls in Nursery can blow the best bubbles. Big ones, small ones, round bubbles, square bubbles - we have never seen anything quite so amazing

Medical attention was needed in Nursery this week, luckily, our medics were on hand. There were lots of appointments booked and the medical professionals ensured the patients were well looked after at all times. Well done Nursery, we are very proud of you!

Year 1 have had a wonderful day learning about instructions. We ordered the instructions to make a jam sandwich and had a go at following them.

Year 4 have been reading the novel 'This Morning I Met a Whale', by the author Michael Morpurgo. The story raises issues about ocean pollution and the children were given the opportunity to write a letter to our Prime Minister. They discussed the issues around pollution, how it affects sea life and suggested ideas as to how we could ensure that the oceans are cleaner for everyone. Miss Wilson and Mrs Oakes have chosen two winners. Their letters will be sent to the Prime Minister. Congratulations to them all.

Nursery had a lot of fun doing the Gruffalo as their story of the week both at home and in Nursery. We made our own puppet shows, baked Gruffalo crumble cakes, went on a hunt looking for Gruffalo feet and we even tried a science experiment to see how rain clouds work. Keep up the good work Nursery we are very proud of you

Year 2 have been learning to identify past and present tense today, Great work

To celebrate World Book Day, our Year 6 children created a 'book in a box'. The children chose their favourite stories and recreated the book cover or a scene from the story. The children loved sharing their boxes with each other and guessing which books they'd recreated! Well done Year 6, they look fantastic!

We just wanted to share with you some of the writing the Y6 children working remotely have produced today. We have focused this week on fronted adverbials, prepositional phrases, relative clauses and show not tell description. Before they began writing, the children were advised to write with our success criteria on their screen so they could refer back to it. We think we can all agree that some of these pieces are fantastic, especially with a few of these coming from reluctant writers in the classroom. I think it's further evidence of how hard out Year 6 cohort are working despite the challenges they are facing at the minute and we certainly didn't want to keep them to ourselves.

Nursery have been very busy retelling the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. They have also played a game where they had to roll a dice and count the correct number of flowers to feed the goats

Even though many of our children have been unable to attend school we wanted to share with you some of the writing the Year 6 children working remotely have produced. Miss Sharp was delighted with with the children's work. They have focused over the week on fronted adverbials, prepositional phrases, relative clauses and show not tell description. Before they began writing, Miss Sharp advised the children to write with the success criteria on their screen so they could refer back to it. I think we can all agree that some of these pieces show that the Year 6 cohort are working well despite the challenges they are facing at the minute.

Year 6 have been exploring the significance of vocabulary and the impact of authorial intent on us as readers through their new class novel 'Stormbreaker', They tried to make some predictions based on the opening line of the book.

Year 3 have been thoroughly enjoying the story of Krindlekrax by Philip Ridley. We have got to an exciting part of the story where it looks like Krindlekrax is coming back to torment the residents of Lizard Street. We have been writing newspaper reports all about these horrendous events unfolding in Lizard Street. We can't wait to find out what happens next!

During lockdown some of our children have still marked World Book Day. They were asked to take a picture of themselves reading in a unique place.

Year 4 have been making hot chocolate marshmallow cookies. They looked at an example cookie and decided how it would be made. The children then wrote their own instructions before making these delicious treats!

Year 6 have been working on their descriptive writing, leading up to writing a setting description of a nightmare scene. This week, Miss Year 6 have been practising using personification to create tension in their writing. The children have worked hard to create high level sentences, they should be very proud.

Year 1 had a great day acting out (ask us to show you our story actions!) and writing about Room on the Broom, making spooky (but very tasty) ghosts and making lots of Halloween themed crafts.

Today in English , Class 4O created and planted our very own forests. We have been reading 'The Tin Forest' novel and have been doing lots of descriptive writing . With our very own creative forests we will be writing a non- chronological report and eventually letters too.

6R today have been writing poems based on the opening scene of Alma. They worked in groups to describe Alma's feelings and emotions, as she wandered through the snowy streets. As part of the build up to this writing, the children have been using their prediction skills too and have come up with some very interesting ideas. Mrs Robinson is looking forward to reading their final narrative writing later in the week.

Mr Cowie's Class experienced the live lesson from the BBC 500 words competition today to explore their imaginative thoughts and creativity with words.

2HL have visited the library today to choose a new book. We have all chosen books from our favourite authors or a text about our favourite things.

Stories come in lots of different forms. KS2 had a super time at the pantomime on Monday afternoon. Rapunzel - with a twist - was full of laughter, singing, characters up to no good and even involved some of our own pupils! Many thanks to Big Foot Arts for such a fun afternoon.

Children in Reception and Nursery were visited by a really clumsy elf as part of our Christmas fun and learning. They were able to follow the story line really well and think of ways that the elf might be little less clumsy. The children showed how well they can listen.

Our KS1 children were visited by a travelling pantomime. They had a wonderful time being introduced to Christmas characters and joined in with predicting the storyline and repeated rhymes.

The Reception children were excited to see that there have been some magic changes made to our classroom this week. We have enjoyed getting dressed up as elves to help Santa wrap up presents. We are writing letters to Santa and telling him how good we have been. We also enjoyed singing and dancing to Christmas songs!

All of our children visit the library regularly. 2HL had a wonderful time visiting Shotton Library this afternoon. They loved listening to the story that was read to them by Laura titled "Dinosaurs in school". Then they used their artistic skills to contribute to an autumn display and finally (and the best part of all!) the children were able to choose their own library book to read in school! This was a really hard task for some as there were just so many wonderful books to choose from!!

Our staff and Year 5 and 6 children have been marking Remembrance Day at the church. They have written and performed some wonderful, beautiful, yet ugly poetry based upon the horrors of war and life in the trenches to the community. It was a very special and moving event for all of us.

Rebellion!The Romans have taken Queen Boudicca's lands yet she will not be beaten! Class 3/4MF have been reenacting a historical event - Queen Boudicca decides to lead a rebellion against the powerful Roman army. They have worked in small groups to follow a playscript and to perform to an audience. Will the queen succeed?

Year 3/4 MF have been working hard in their English lessons, writing postcards from the Torrible Zone. The children have worked hard to write these up using their neatest handwriting. Well done Year 3/4!

3W have been learning about instructions so we can write our own instructions explaining how to make an Iron Man. Today we looked at different types of instructions and identified the key features.

Nursery’s ‘Rhyme of the Week’ is ‘Miss Polly had a Dolly’ and children have enjoyed looking after our very own dolly in the role-play hospital this week. The children were very concerned when they noticed she had lots of spots and set about trying to make her feel better. As you can see they did an amazing job

Today, Reception Class walked to the post box to post letters to each other. The children were very excited to post them and couldn't wait to receive them in the post!

Before half term, Nursery saw a sign under our book of the week instead of the photo of our book. We came into Nursery and our home corner had been tampered with by someone. They had left us clues to try and figure out what our story of the week was! The children were super excited to work out who had broken the little chair and take pictures of the other clues we were left with. Can you guess the story?