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Wednesday 15th November to Friday 17th November
I hope that you find this section of our website useful as it will be used to keep you updated with information connected with our upcoming annual residential visit in November. Mrs Scott and I are really looking forward to seeing our amazing children rise to the many challenges and activities.

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Robinwood November 2016: Day One

After multiple attempts I am finally able to get on the school website. Apologies for it not being sooner. I'm going to try to add photos, but I'm not sure whether the internet is going to let me! I only have photos from Hill group today (apart from a few teatime shots). We will continue to take photos of all groups and add them where we can.


The children have gone to bed happy but exhausted after their first day here at Robinwood. They have been a credit to the school and their parents. We are all very proud of them. They are all challenging themselves and we can see their confidence growing by the minute! 


The Forest group have enjoyed the Obstacle Course, caving, the Crate Challenge and the Night Line today. The weather has been windy and cold, but the children didn't seem to notice as they were having too much fun. The Wood group have taken part in canoeing, climbing, archery and the amazing Giant swing. They have told all of the others all about it and they all can't wait.

My Hill group have had a wonderful day taking part in climbing, the Night Line, canoeing and the (very challenging) Trapeze. I was so proud of the way they all challenged themselves.

I hope I can manage to upload these pictures. I'll keep trying if I'm not successful tonight.


Miss Forrester 



The Giant Swing!

Still image for this video