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Day 3 - Rapids Group


Phew! Well that's it, our final day! Even though it was our final day, we still had some big activities to look forward to! First, we fuelled ourselves with a cooked breakfast before heading on to the giant swing - I like it's fair to say that this was a big favourite! Next, we headed to do some rock climbing, this was particularly tricky and some of the children struggled but they showed their determination and resilience to complete the challenge. Finally, was the most anticipated activity of the trip... Piranha Pool! The children had to work together to escape the room before the Piranhas were released into their tank! Then, it was time for a quick bite to eat before the walk back to the bus. We have been very lucky with beautiful weather these couple of day and I have been very lucky to have such a fantastic group of children during the trip. The children all challenged themselves and supported each other whilst behaving impeccably and respecting everyone on site. As parents, you should be very proud of your children. Now, there can only be time to relax and rest over the weekend! 

Rapids Group - Giant Swing

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Day 3 Spring group


After an exhausting day yesterday and a good nights sleep, we woke up and had cereal and a cooked breakfast before beginning our mornings activities. First we had the outdoor challenge course, where we completed an assault course and got a little muddy. Following this we went on giant swing, which was a huge success. We are on our final activity now which is trapeze, then lunch and our walk back to the bus to head home. Can I just say how proud both myself Mrs Scott and Miss Sharp are of the children that have accompanied us to Robins Wood this year, their behaviour has been impeccable, as has their team working and communication skills, they should be very proud of themselves and so should you be of them as their parents.

Day 2 - Rapids Group 


Wow! What a day we have had today! The children have been put to bed after 12 HOURS of fun filled activities which they have thoroughly enjoyed! Our day began at 7:40am with a lovely cooked breakfast before we headed to the challenge course and nightlife. We then stopped to refuel with lunch and the tuck shop before tackling canoeing, archery and caving. The children showed great communication and team spirit! We then took a break for dinner, which was chicken curry and pizza. After dinner, it was time for the main event... crate challenge and the trapeze! The children showed extreme courage throughout these activities and I was so proud with how they supported each other, especially those who were scared or nervous to tackle the activities. We ended our day with hot chocolate! I am so proud of how well behaved the children have been so far, they have represented our school fantastically on site! We are ready for the challenge of the big swing tomorrow! 

Day 2 Spring group

8.50 am was our first activity, which was climbing. Everyone challenged themselves to go as high as possible. We then got kitted up to go canoeing, the weather has been fantastic today. The children split into two teams and they worked fantastic together, going forwards, backwards and turning around in the canoes, whilst playing various games. After lunch they plunged into the Piranha Pool and the challenge was on to solve puzzles before the piranhas were released. All survived! We went onto crate challenge, the highest tower was 10 crates high, the children were on top of them whilst stacking them up. Well done teams. Quest was a two team challenge and the children worked well together, solving puzzles and working out co-ordinates, enabling them to work out codes to unlock codes to move through different rooms. After evening meal we did archery and then caving, everyone is shattered so in bed for 9.20pm ready for the mornings activities.

Rapids Group - Day 1 


The children have had a fantastic first day at Robinwood. They've used their problem solving, resilience and communication skills in Knight's Quest and the Dungeon of Doom. Unfortunately, the wind was too strong so we were unable to go on the zip wire - however the centre are trying to fit us in tomorrow! We are currently dancing to The Greatest Showman during our team challenge and are about to settle down with some hot chocolate before bed! Let's see what tomorrow brings...

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November 2018

Here are Spring groups first day photographs, I couldn't get any on the zip wire as it was our last activity and it was very dark. The children in Spring group have been amazing today we have completed nightline, dungeon challenge and zip wire and now are currently playing team challenge, then its hot chocolate time and then bed.

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A Busy First Day..

Well what an absolute delight the children have been today. We had a good journey and the weather behaved itself for our 45 minute walk to the centre. So far we have survived the perils of the piranha pool, without any nibbled toes, although there was a very dangerous impersonation of a piranha by a plastic tube!


The children have made us so proud with their attitude and willingness to encourage and support each other while the children were so brave getting to the top of the climbing wall and staying on top of the towering crates. 


Today has has finished off with hot chocolate and biscuits. We now have some very tired children excited for tomorrow but definitely ready for a good night's sleep.....

Mrs Shaw and Miss Scott

Day 2

We have had another super day, where the children have encouraged and supported each other through individual challenges and achieved much to be proud of especially when they were sometimes so certain that they "couldn't do it"!

The trapeze was a real challenge especially having to stand up on such a high platform and leap towards the bar that seemed so far away.

Mrs Scott and I have been so incredibly proud of all of the children and it has been wonderful to see huge smiles on the children's faces as they have tried and conquered new experiences.


Tomorrow we begin our journey home but not before a busy morning of activities.

Day 3

After a good night's sleep, for very tired children, we are all tucking into a full cooked breakfast. Before we leave Miss Scott's group will be whizzing down the zip wire, negotiating night line and solving the puzzles of quest. Our group will be climbing high with crate challenge, firing arrows in archery and finding our way through the muddy obstacle course. See you all later.


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Breakfast 2
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