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Day One

After multiple attempts I am finally able to get on the school website. Apologies for it not being sooner. I'm going to try to add photos, but I'm not sure whether the internet is going to let me! I only have photos from Hill group today (apart from a few teatime shots). We will continue to take photos of all groups and add them where we can.


The children have gone to bed happy but exhausted after their first day here at Robinwood. They have been a credit to the school and their parents. We are all very proud of them. They are all challenging themselves and we can see their confidence growing by the minute! 


The Forest group have enjoyed the Obstacle Course, caving, the Crate Challenge and the Night Line today. The weather has been windy and cold, but the children didn't seem to notice as they were having too much fun. The Wood group have taken part in canoeing, climbing, archery and the amazing Giant swing. They have told all of the others all about it and they all can't wait.

My Hill group have had a wonderful day taking part in climbing, the Night Line, canoeing and the (very challenging) Trapeze. I was so proud of the way they all challenged themselves.

I hope I can manage to upload these pictures. I'll keep trying if I'm not successful tonight.


Miss Forrester 



Group photos

We hope you enjoy the photos we took during our fantastic trip to Robinwood.


Unfortunately, there are not as many photos of Hill group as I intended to take. The camera got wet and could not be used for some of yesterday's (Thursday) and this morning's activities. Many apologies for this. 



Forest Group

Forest Group 1
Forest Group 2
Forest Group 3
Forest Group 4
Forest Group 5
Forest Group 6
Forest Group 7
Forest Group 8
Forest Group 9
Forest Group 10
Forest Group 11
Forest Group 12
Forest Group 13
Forest Group 14
Forest Group 15
Forest Group 16
Forest Group 17
Forest Group 18
Forest Group 19
Forest Group 20
Forest Group 21
Forest Group 22
Forest Group 23
Forest Group 24
Forest Group 25
Forest Group 26
Forest Group 27
Forest Group 28
Forest Group 29
Forest Group 30
Forest Group 31
Forest Group 32
Forest Group 33
Forest Group 34
Forest Group 35
Forest Group 36
Forest Group 37
Forest Group 38
Forest Group 39
Forest Group 40
Forest Group 41
Forest Group 42
Forest Group 43
Forest Group 44
Forest Group 45
Forest Group 46
Forest Group 47
Forest Group 48
Forest Group 49
Forest Group 50
Forest Group 51
Forest Group 52
Forest Group 53
Forest Group 54
Forest Group 55
Forest Group 56
Forest Group 57
Forest Group 58
Forest Group 59
Forest Group 60
Forest Group 61
Forest Group 62
Forest Group 63
Forest Group 64
Forest Group 65
Forest Group 66
Forest Group 67
Forest Group 68
Forest Group 69
Forest Group 70
Forest Group 71
Forest Group 72
Forest Group 73
Forest Group 74
Forest Group 75
Forest Group 76
Forest Group 77
Forest Group 78
Forest Group 79
Forest Group 80
Forest Group 81
Forest Group 82
Forest Group 83
Forest Group 84
Forest Group 85
Forest Group 86
Forest Group 87
Forest Group 88
Forest Group 89
Forest Group 90
Forest Group 91
Forest Group 92
Forest Group 93
Forest Group 94
Forest Group 95
Forest Group 96
Forest Group 97
Forest Group 98
Forest Group 99
Forest Group 100
Forest Group 101
Forest Group 102
Forest Group 103
Forest Group 104
Forest Group 105

Hill group

Hill group 1
Hill group 2
Hill group 3
Hill group 4
Hill group 5
Hill group 6
Hill group 7
Hill group 8
Hill group 9
Hill group 10
Hill group 11
Hill group 12
Hill group 13
Hill group 14
Hill group 15
Hill group 16
Hill group 17
Hill group 18
Hill group 19
Hill group 20
Hill group 21
Hill group 22
Hill group 23
Hill group 24
Hill group 25
Hill group 26
Hill group 27
Hill group 28
Hill group 29
Hill group 30
Hill group 31
Hill group 32
Hill group 33
Hill group 34
Hill group 35
Hill group 36
Hill group 37
Hill group 38
Hill group 39
Hill group 40
Hill group 41
Hill group 42
Hill group 43
Hill group 44

The Giant Swing!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Wood group

Wood group 1
Wood group 2
Wood group 3
Wood group 4
Wood group 5
Wood group 6
Wood group 7
Wood group 8
Wood group 9
Wood group 10
Wood group 11
Wood group 12
Wood group 13
Wood group 14
Wood group 15
Wood group 16
Wood group 17
Wood group 18
Wood group 19
Wood group 20
Wood group 21
Wood group 22
Wood group 23
Wood group 24
Wood group 25
Wood group 26
Wood group 27
Wood group 28
Wood group 29
Wood group 30
Wood group 31
Wood group 32
Wood group 33
Wood group 34
Wood group 35
Wood group 36
Wood group 37
Wood group 38
Wood group 39
Wood group 40
Wood group 41
Wood group 42
Wood group 43
Wood group 44
Wood group 45
Wood group 46
Wood group 47
Wood group 48
Wood group 49
Wood group 50
Wood group 51
Wood group 52
Wood group 53
Wood group 54
Wood group 55
Wood group 56
Wood group 57
Wood group 58
Wood group 59
Wood group 60
Wood group 61
Wood group 62
Wood group 63
Wood group 64
Wood group 65
Wood group 66
Wood group 67
Wood group 68
Wood group 69
Wood group 70
Wood group 71
Wood group 72
Wood group 73
Wood group 74
Wood group 75
Wood group 76
Wood group 77
Wood group 78
Wood group 79
Wood group 80
Wood group 81
Wood group 82
Wood group 83
Wood group 84
Wood group 85
Wood group 86
Wood group 87
Wood group 88
Wood group 89
Wood group 90
Wood group 91
Wood group 92
Wood group 93
Wood group 94
Wood group 95
Wood group 96
Wood group 97
Wood group 98
Wood group 99
Wood group 100
Wood group 101
Wood group 102
Wood group 103
Wood group 104
Wood group 105
Wood group 106
Wood group 107
Wood group 108
Wood group 109
Wood group 110
Wood group 111
Wood group 112
I hope that you find this section of our website useful as it will be used to keep you updated with information connected with our upcoming annual residential visit in November.

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News from Robinwood: November 2015

We really hope that you enjoy looking at the gallery of photos from our first day. The children have all been absolutely wonderful and a real pleasure to be with. Unfortunately the weather has been rather wet, but the children are warm, dry and cosy and lots of our activities have taken place indoors.


So far the children have taken part in archery, zip wire, trapeze, canoeing, caving, team challenge and piranha pool. Fortunately no-one has been eaten by tropical fish so far and the children and staff are having an absolute whale of a time.


We're so proud of our wonderful children who despite the weather have not complained at all. Mrs Scott is currently looking at the weather forecast, which is not hopeful for the next couple of days. Miss Forrester has just said life is more fun in bad weather!!! Mrs Scott prefers the heat!!!! We're all having fun, see you soon...

Mrs Shaw, Miss Lamb, Miss Forrester and Mrs Scott.

Day Two


The children have continued to have a fabulous time on Day Two and the weather has also improved since yesterday! Activities today have included Dragon's Quest, Nightline and the Giant Swing. They are all exhausted and are currently fast asleep!

We hope you enjoy the photos from today. We have many more photos to add on our return, so please do not be concerned if you haven't spotted your child yet!

Day Three
The children slept well last night, due to exhaustion. We are all having a fantastic time and have more activities to do before lunch and our return home. Everyone has been so well behaved and willing to try nearly all of the activities. A huge thank you to all of the staff at Robinwood, they have been outstanding and made our time here most enjoyable.

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