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Forest School Sessions Begin - Friday 19th January 2018

This week we have begun our Forest School Sessions.  The children have begun to get dressed in their kit to keep warm.  We have started to explain how to stay safe in the woods and had a little time to explore independently during these sessions.  The children had lots of FUN!!!! Next week we will continue to play games and explore our new area ready to commence longer sessions in the woods.  It would be wonderful if you could discuss these sessions, at home, with your child to find out about this experience.

Nursery Christmas Parties - Wednesday 20th December 2017

Wriggly Nativity - Wednesday 13th December

The children in Nursery made us very proud today as they performed in their nativities.  They sang, danced and wriggled with such enthusiasm.  Well done boys and girls you were AMAZING!!!!!!

Picture 1
Picture 2

The Littlest Christmas Elf and Santa Fun Run

We have had a very exciting day in Nursery today! Our day began with an amazing performance of 'The Littlest Christmas Elf.'  Pip the elf helped the children to use their imaginations as they helped her to make a teddy bear for the baby - just in time for Santa to deliver it.  The children joined in with actions and songs and were captivated throughout.  

After this amazing performance on the morning the children then had the opportunity to join in with the school's Santa Fun Run.  The children ran so quickly with many of them doing 2 laps!!  

Today has been a very exciting day in Nursery I'm sure the children will enjoy telling you all about their amazing day.

The 'Story Box' Performance - Wednesday 29th November

The children in our Nursery and Reception classes enjoyed a story teller performance at Shotton Community Centre.  The animated storyteller used her enthusiasm to capture the children's imagination and story telling  skills to make up their own story.  This was a wonderful introduction to our new reading initiative '5 a day' which was launched this Friday.  '5 a day' encourages children's love of stories by reading familiar stories again and again.  This helps your child to develop their inner story teller by using the predictable patterns of story in their own play and also helps them to 'read' a range of books from memory.  Please look out for the parent information on '5 a day' which you will receive shortly.  It would be wonderful if you and your child could make up some stories of your own to share in school and join us in our '5 a day initiative.'

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Shotton Vet's is Now Open! (Tuesday 21st November 2017)

Following our childrens' interests is one of the best ways for them to learn.  After several

children explained the animals in the small world area were hurt we decided to find out more about the people who look after injured animals.  The children helped to pack away our toy shop by working as a team and helped to set up our vets.  

Since opening on Friday the vets has been very busy.  The children have made appointments, played the role of vet and demonstrated high levels of enthusiasm and language as they have played.  Well done boys and girls you are learning how to take very good care of our animals!

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Firework Fun - Wednesday 8th November 2017

This week the children have had lots of fun making sparklers and painting fireworks.  After talking about the firework displays the children visited over the weekend we decided to extend our learning today by working together to make some chalk firework pictures.  I'm sure you will agree the children made the most amazing firework art by working together!

EYFS Celebration Assembly - Wednesday 8th November 2017

Today I was so proud to be part of our celebration assembly.  The children have settled into Nursery so well and are learning how to play and learn together.  The adults in Nursery are so proud of the children and we're delighted so many parents could join us. Here are the photos of this half-terms superstars.

We look forward to our next assembly to celebrate more of our children's achievements.  

Firefighter Visit - Thursday 2nd November 2017

Today the children had a lovely surprise when Fireman Dan and the rest of his watch came to visit them.  The children had a fantastic time squirting the hose and climbing into the fire engine.  This visit was organised to support the children's play, as they have really enjoyed our fire station in our outdoor area, and to begin our Bonfire Night learning. It would be wonderful if you could talk to your child about staying safe on bonfire night and also send in any photos of your child on bonfire night too for us to show!  


We we will have another visit soon for our afternoon and beginning of the week children too!!

Halloween Parties - Wednesday 1st November 2017

This week in Nursery we have had Halloween fun.  We have enjoyed finding out about the children's Halloween experiences as well as having our own Halloween parties today.  The children have enjoyed dancing and learning lots of new Halloween games including the mummy game and musical tombstones.  They also enjoyed all of the party food so thank you to all of our Nursery parents who brought food contributions.  Here are just some of the photographs from the day.

Exploring Shape - Thursday 28th September

This week in Nursery the children have enjoyed learning about shapes.  We have used our shape bags and special glasses to go on shape hunts.  We have used the large shapes outdoors and made shape toast.  We have sent home some home shape challenges for you to try. Remember to use our WOW slips to let us know what shapes you find  at home!

Welcome Message

The Nursery Team are delighted to welcome you to our Nursery Class Page.  Here you will find lots of information and photographs of your child's current and future learning.  In addition to this, we will also put copies of important letters and dates of upcoming events on our class page to keep you fully informed.  We hope you will enjoy discovering all of the exciting learning your children experience whilst at Nursery by visiting our page regularly.

This Week in Nursery - Thursday 14th September 2017

This week  has been full of excitement as we have begun to welcome our new children into Nursery.  We are particularly proud and impressed by how well the children have settled into their new class.  We are also delighted with how kind and helpful our older children have been since returning from their Summer holidays.  Here are some examples of the excellent learning that has been happening this week.