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Nursery: Mrs Venner

Welcome to Nursery

We are really looking forward to working with your children.  Here are the staff who will be working with your child this year...

Nursery Times and Term Dates 

Please arrive promptly. 

School Department 

Day Begins 

Morning Break 


Day Ends 

Foundation Stage Nursery 

Morning session begins 8:45am- 8:55am -9:00am 

Morning session ends at 11:30am- 11:45am  

Afternoon session begins at 12:30pm-12:45pm  

Afternoon session ends at 3:15pm-3:30pm 


Entrance and Exit Routes 

Our Nursery children have their own exit and entrance.  

This is through the new door in the walkway connecting the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 buildings. 



To get to this entrance you enter the school via the main driveway and walk through the car park towards the Key Stage 2 building.  The walkway is on the right, just past the Annex (Childcare Centre Building- this was previously the Sure Start Centre).  This door will be used at the start and end of all Nursery sessions; the old Nursery entrance will no longer be used. Nursery staff will always meet and greet the children at this door at the start of their session.  


Beginning of the Session  

You and your child will be greeted at the Nursery gate.  Staff will bring children into setting. The children take off their coats and hang them on their peg and find either their photograph or their name card when they are ready - this is an important learning opportunity. Staff will help and encourage your child to complete these routines on their own, to improve their independence skills.  

All staff will do their best to ensure all coats and belongings are kept safe on your child’s peg in the Nursery cloakroom. Please help us by clearly naming all of your child’s belongings in an obvious place with a permanent marker that can be seen easily.   

Staffs’ first priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of all children. 


End of the Session  

It is really important to collect your children on time. It would help if you could arrive 5 minutes before the session ends. 

At the end of the session the staff will make sure that all children are handed over safely to their parent or carer to go home.  Children should always be collected by a responsible adult over the age of 18 who is known to Nursery staff and to your child.  The Nursery staff must always know who is expected to collect your child.  

If it is necessary for another adult to collect your child, please let staff know as soon as possible.  You are always able to contact the school office to inform them of any changes. We would appreciate it if this could be done in plenty of time, not at the last minute. We have a duty of care to keep all children safe, therefore children may not be collected by any other adult without the knowledge and permission of the parent/carer. 


Daily Routines 

Group Activity Times 

9:00am and 12:45pm Group Activity Time: This time focused on developing children’s listening through a range of activities. 

Children then have free choice, which links to all areas of learning.  This may be indoors or outdoors. 

11:10am and 2:55pm  Story Time: We have a story of the week which is read daily. 


The children also have the opportunity to take part in woodland sessions. You will get a letter so that you know when your child will be having these sessions.


Milk is provided free of charge.  All children are encouraged to drink some every day.  Alternatively, water is available.  

Children in Nursery receive a piece of fruit or vegetable each day that they are in Nursery. We also provide breakfast bagels for our children each morning. 


School Meals and Lunchtime Arrangements 

Taylor Shaw provides our school meals service.  Children have lunch in the Nursery dining room.  


Nursery children who attend for 2½ days a week are offered the opportunity to have either a school meal or bring a packed lunch.  Nursery lunches are offered on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday lunchtimes. Children have lunch in their own supervised dining room, within the Nursery environment. 

Menus are sent out each term.  We also have LunchHound which allows you and your child to choose what your child eats from a selection of menus. This system means that every child can have a meal of their choice. 


Free School Meals  

We ask all parents to complete a form to allow us to check if their child is eligible for free school meals due to income.  

In Nursery only those children who receive education both before and after the lunch period, will be eligible to receive a free school meal.  These children are those who attend either at the beginning or at the end of the week. 


Packed Lunches 

For the safety of pupils who have nut allergies, this school is a nut-free zone.  Please do not include any nuts, nut products or chocolate spread in your child’s packed lunch. 

We do not allow fizzy or isotonic drinks as they are high in sugar. 


School Uniform 

It is not compulsory for our Nursery children to wear school uniform, but they do need to come appropriately dressed for the weather and being active. Our school uniform is as follows: 

  • Blue jumper or cardigan 

  • Pale blue polo shirt  

  • Grey or black trousers or skirt  

  • Plain Black Footwear (no coloured logos) 

  • Plain white or black socks or black tights 

Uniform can be purchased via our online shop or in any supermarket, please click here for further information. 

Children should not wear jewellery. 


Wrap Around Care 

We do not offer breakfast club or after school childcare for Nursery children. 



Mrs Collins is our Safeguarding and Attendance Officer. Although it is only compulsory for children to attend school after their 5th birthday, we do expect children in Nursery to attend regularly. 

If your child does not attend regularly, the Nursery place may be withdrawn. Our whole school attendance target is 95%. Children whose attendance drops below 90% are classed as being persistently absent. 


Nursery Places 

Some children may not be physically or emotionally ready to start at our Nursery on the basis of 2½ day sessions.  Therefore, the school reserves the right to initially offer a morning or afternoon place to a child. Everything that we do will always be in the best interests of the child.  

The school also reserves the right to: 

  • Only offer ½ day sessions for the entirety of the time a particular child is in Nursery 

  • Move children from a morning to an afternoon placement.  This may be after the child has started. 

  • Move children from an afternoon to a morning placement.  This may be after the child has started. 

Such decisions will always be discussed fully with parents. 

Please note: Shotton Primary School Nursery currently does not offer the 30 hour extended entitlement, due to capacity issues. In line with Government guidelines, priority should and will always be given to children’s 15 hour entitlement. 


Additional Information 

  • Mrs Henson is our SENCo please contact her if you have any questions with regards to your child in terms of special educational needs. 

  • Please contact the school office before 8:50am if your child is absent. Once a child is five years old parents and carers have a legal responsibility to ensure their child attends school regularly. 

  • Holidays forms must be completed for term time holidays.  

  • Please inform us of any change of address or telephone numbers 

Please do the Math and Literacy task each day plus a couple of activities off the grid. There are jobs for the full week as a precaution or you can use them as extra. Please keep checking your emails and text messages for when we re-open. If you need any advice or help please just contact school. 

Thank you.

Talk to your child about internet safety and think about these questions:

Can they name any of the devices?

What are the different devices used for?

How do we keep safe on the devices they use at home?

What would they do if something came on they knew they were not allowed to watch or that scared them?

We are going on a Bug hunt

Nursery Hospital

We are Superheroes.

Remembrance Day