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Our Celebration Assembly Superstars...

A huge well done to all of the children who received a Star of the Week Award in today’s celebration assembly. Thank you to all the parents that attended. It’s lovely to share moments like this with you. 

Den building and fun in the muddy puddles.

Tuesdays group have experienced a lot of wet weather for their woodlands sessions. That hasn’t spoilt their fun though. The rain brought lots of worms into the woods which they have enjoyed finding and looking at more closely. They have also enjoyed finding the biggest puddles to splash in with their wellies and made dens using rope, tarpaulin and other materials. 

When the weather did improve they enjoyed bringing teddies to the woods for a teddy bears picnic and for our last session made a shop which they enjoyed role-playing in. 

The children have had so much fun in the woods this half term. On their first session the Woodlands Queen fairy left them a letter asking for their help.  She set them a mission to find lots of missing objects in the woods which she needed to make a new wand. All of the children were eager to help and headed off in search of everything on the list. Once they had found them all they put them in a cauldron and said the magic spell.  To their amazement the spell worked and a new wand was made for the Queen fairy and materials to make their very own wand!!! 

They decorated their wands with feathers and coloured tissue paper. 

The children have also enjoyed making their very own woodlands fairies and homes for the fairies using natural materials. 


We had lots of fun making a big city for the vehicles we made. We talked all about the things we would need in our big city. The children came up with ideas such as roads, McDonalds, Petrol Station, Shop, Houses and a seaside. We all helped to draw a part of our city and it turned out fantastically. We even had to do a little bit of problem solving as the paper kept moving so we decided to tape it down to the carpet. Can you spot anything you recognise in our city?

We enjoyed our story of the week ‘The Gingerbread Man’ the children wanted to make their own gingerbread men. We followed a recipe and measured out our ingredients to make them with our friends. We even made two each so we could give one to our special person for Fathers Day. We hope they were as yummy as they smelt.

For our last woodlands session the children enjoyed a teddy bears party. The group had so much fun exploring the woods with their very own bears and making a party hat from the natural materials in the woods. They then all enjoyed a lovely picnic with their friends. 

The boys and girls came into a sign where our story of the week should be! We discussed it being a question mark and what that meant. Nathan “its a mystery.” The boys and girls also noticed that our home corner had been closed off with red and white tape! Inside there were 3 clues all numbered to help us find out what story it could be. Some children used iPads to take picture so of the clues so we could all problem solve and try and solve the mystery. These were our clues:


1. 1 broken little chair! ( which caused a lot of shock) there were also a medium sized chair and a larger chair.


2. Three different sized bowls and spoons.


3. 3 different sized beds with 3 bears in them! 


The children worked together and we finally decided that Goldilocks had been in our home corner and broken the little chair. Also that our story of the week was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 

In our woodlands session today the children wanted to make crowns. We looks around our forest and collected different things that caught our eye to make our special woodlands crowns. The children had to be very careful and identify nettles and brambles so that they didn’t hurt themselves. The children then described some of things they added to their crowns and why they chose them. We were super proud of our crowns and thought they looked truly amazing! Don’t we look fabulous?! 

The children wanted to make their own mud paint to paint on big white sheets! We discussed how to make mud paint and got involved straight away digging up the mud, adding water and mixing it all up! It was so messy but we loved it! The children then did their art and writing on the big sheets and moved onto painting the trees too! We explored the splatting technique which was lots of fun even though we did give ourselves some muddy freckles hehe! 

What a fun afternoon we’ve had down the woods!! 

Last week the children enjoyed climbing trees and finding a camp in the undergrowth to hide in. To follow their interests and put their climbing skills to good use Mrs Ward provided the group with lots of materials, rope and pegs to make their very own camp. Some of the children helped to thread the rope through the holes in the tarpaulin and others volunteered to climb the trees ready to attach to the branches with help from Mrs Ward. They used pegs and material to make the walls and a door for their camp and when finished they suggested it needed furniture.

They all headed out in search of appropriate materials they could use to furnish their camp. They found small logs  in the woods and carefully rolled them along the floor, working as a team to get them to the camp and furnish the area. The logs became tables and chairs. They folded extra materials to make beds and even added a shower using over hanging branches and a carefully placed piece of material. The group thought of everything!!! After such hard work they enjoyed having some time to play in their den and used lots narratives in their play with their peers.


The children have loved building bridges independently in their play this week. They have made bridges for the trains which included a lot of problem solving as they kept falling down. A lot of resilience was shown and determination to get their bridges working for the trains so they didn’t collapse. The boys also made an extremely long bridge from stickle bricks and measured themselves against their huge bridge to see who was longer!

The children have had such fun using this open ended tray. We have done Easter egg hunts and made up games in which we need to guess how many things we are hiding in each egg. The children have done some amazing counting too!

A HUGE well done to all the children who got Super Star Awards today in the assembly. Thank you to all the parents that attended we love sharing special moments like this with you!

We had a fabulous time at Hardwick Park for both of our trips. Our trips were based all around ‘The Odd Egg’ story which was our story of the week. We learnt about animals that lay eggs and the size of the eggs. Afterwards we got to feed the birds and the ducks. The children were amazing today and blew us away with how fantastic they were! We even made our own odd egg! A big thank you too all the parent helpers for both days you were amazing! 

Last week we found lots of worms while hunting for minibeast. Firstly we learnt some facts about worms. Did you know worms have no eyes and they taste the soil with their whole bodies? We found worms of all sizes while we were hunting and we were wondering how big? In light of this we brought down some different things to help us measure the worms we found. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds as they are so wiggly but it made us giggle a lot! Erin and Faith found twin worms that were both 8cm long but Isabella found the longest worm at a massive 13 cms long! Layton and Lilly used cubes to measure theirs and these came to 5 cubes long. 

Our posters didn’t help us catch the pirate unfortunately. So the children had to go back to the drawing board and think of the next plan. After many discussions the children came up with the plan of making a trap to catch the pirate in! We worked as a team trying to make the best trap to catch the pirate. After all the hard work we went outside to cool down and when we returned THE PIRATE WAS IN THE TRAP!!! We used this time to question him and here are some of the questions:

~ Noah S - why have you come to nursery?

~ Lucie - what is your name?

~ Frankie - what’s it like being in Nursery?

~ Jake - where’s your ship? 

~ Nathan - do pirates run? 


We then sent the Captain Jack Sparrow back to the office to send him back to his family! Hopefully we won’t see him again and he has found his way home. 

Last week we reviewed our woodland session and the children wanted to search for animals. They helped Mrs Venner and Mrs Ward write a list of things we would need next week. The children went on then search for minibeast. We found slugs, snails, centrepedes, earwigs and worms! The children took a keen interest in looking for the best places to find worms. Flynn was a super worm hunter and ended up with 10 worms in his container!

The children have been talking about the pirate non stop and really want to try and catch him! So Frankie came up with the idea of making posters and sticking them around the school so everyone would know what he looks like! The posters were AMAZING!! Some children even tried copying the word pirate for the older children to read! Surely this will help us catch the pirate?

The pirate came back!!!! He has stolen our music friends and taped them around the classroom! We had to follow the clues that used lots of positional language to try and rescue our little friends! We had to work as a team to find the friends and bring the clue so back to the carpet to read out. The children were little detectives and we managed to rescue them but then we hit a problem. Leo the lion was far too high and we could not reach him! There was a rule in which teachers were not allowed to help too! Timmy tried to use the longest construction block but it did not work. Noah decided to use the plank we used in music to try and reach it and we were able to get th blanket off but he was taped up there! We had lots of decussions about how we could get him down! In the end Faith suggested asking Mr Linn the caretaker as he was tall and not a teacher! We rescued all our friends amazing job Nursery!

Puddles in the woods...

After so much rainfall we had huge puddles in the woods. The children found various sized sticks and explored if they would sink or float in the puddle and enjoyed the big splashes as they threw them in. The rain also brought lots of worms out from hiding. They carefully held them to look at more closely before returning them to the soil.

We found a letter in the woods hanging from a tree!!! When we read it we couldn’t believe it was from the naughty pirate. He had stolen the Three Little Pigs golden coins and buried them in the woods. He luckily dropped his maps near the wooden house so we could follow the map and find the golden coins! The children loved every minute and were super at recognising places in the map to find the golden coins. We even returned them safely to The Three Little Pigs at the end! 

We have been doing lots of fun things to explore Chinese New Year. The story of the week has really taught us all about Chinese New Year. We were very brave and tried some Chinese food at our own little Chinese New Year party. The staff were amazed at how fabulous the children were with a pair of chop sticks. 

We Brush our Teeth Everyday

Everyday the children are brushing their teeth in Nursery. They are really enjoying doing this and very keen to show staff their 'sparkly' teeth!

We were extremely excited that it started snowing today. We even found the very busy spiders web from our story of the week! We had lots of fun making marks, trying to catch the snow on our tongues, making mini snowmen and looking at our foot prints in the snow. 

Thank you to all the parents who came to celebrate the children's fantastic achievements at the celebration assembly today. We loved sharing their successes with you and we are sure you will be as proud of them as we are!

The children looked fantastic for our party and were definitely dressed to impress! We had an amazing time at our Christmas party yesterday. We all danced our hearts out and played some games before we went for some food and to meet SANTA! Santa even brought us all a present which was so kind! 

Painting with our feet!

The children love snowmen so we decided to change our seasonal board to winter and make some snowmen using our feet for the background. Some of the children had lots of fun painting with our feet and others were a bit unsure. It's fun to get messy! Once they dried we stuck on a hat and drew on some eyes, buttons and a nose. They look fabulous! 


Still image for this video

The children had great fun at the pantomime with Effie the Clumsy Elf! She made lots of mess and made us laugh a lot. Her songs were amazing and we got to join in singing and dancing! Effie ended up saving Christmas because she found santas keys!! Yeyyyy! 

The Kindness Elf came to visit Nursery and left us some lovely heart shaped paper in different colours. The Elf left us a special challenge to make a kindness heart for a friend or someone we love. This started some lovely conversations on what is kindness and how we can be kind to our friends. The children chose a heart and someone to make it for then the best bit came where we could give the heart to that special person. We had some lovely moments where children explained why they made that person the heart. 

Forest School - Making Bird Feeders

The children were concerned for the birds in the cold when we had made the nests that they would have no food. Following this we decided to make bird feeders with the children. We treated cheerios onto pipe cleaners and went down to the woods to find the best pace to hang them! The children decided that near their nests would be the best place as the birds would see the food when they woke up. 

Decorating for Christmas

The children have loved decorating our Christmas trees! it's nearly Christmas see if you can do your list for santa and bring it in to show us? :) 

The children wanted to extend their individual nest making to working as a team to make a BIG nest. We searched for a good spot to make our nest so that whoever used our nest would be safe. The children were amazing at finding big sticks and working as a team to carry them and place them in our nest. Well done Nursery I wonder who might move in?

Metal Mike

The children have loved having metal mike out this week. This has encouraged the children to take turns when playing in bigger groups with an adult. Some children have even tried to robot talk themselves to play the game. We are getting good at feeding metal mike the correct picture and having a giggle at the funny things he like to eat. 

The boys and girls were shocked to come down to the woods to find missing posters on the trees! Our friends we use in music had gone for a walk in the woods and got lost! The children had lots of fun hunting for their friends and describing where they were found. On top of branches, inside of bushes and underneath plants. We are happy to say they are safe and sound and back in our nursery!

After exploring the woods last week and finding lots of leaves and sticks this group have really enjoyed using leaves and sticks to create their clay creatures. Once we created them the children were fantastic at sitting round in base camp and naming their creatures. 

The shape monsters have landed

The shape monsters landed in our nursery. They are fussy monsters and only eat their own shape or they are sick. The children have had lots of fun sorting the shapes to make sure the right monster is fed the right shape. 

We are going on a nest hunt

The children noticed the nests in one of the trees. This lead us to go on a nest hunt for the majority of the session and talk about what lives in the nests and what they were made out of. The boys and girls guessed chickens, dinosaurs and birds might live in the nests. They were fantastic at naming things that the nests could be made out of such as sticks, leaves and feathers.  

Remembrance Day ~ 100 Years

To celebrate 100 years since the ending of World War 1 we have made some beautiful poppies for the exhibition. We have also had a World War 1 small world set up and children have loved exploring this and asking lots of questions. Can you remember why we have poppies? 

The children have loved their first woodlands session. We had lots of fun collecting different coloured leaves. The children were so good and their listening skills were fanstastic in the woods. 

The children had lots of fun making Fireworks outside using powder paint in preparation for Bonfire night.

We have had so much fun exploring the spooky activities in Nursery! Ordering pumpkins, drawing scary pumpkin faces, gloopy spider counting, making potions and spells in the spooky cave. Then to top it all off we finished with our fantastic Halloween party and spooky cinema! 

EYFS Celebration Assembly

The nursery team are super proud of how our nursery children sat in their first celebration assembly of the year. Our boys and girls have worked their socks off and it is a pleasure to reward them for their amazing efforts. Well done nursery! 

The children have been asking questions about hedgehogs? Where do they live? What do they eat? We have had lots of fun creating hedgehogs in the play dough area. It was tricky fitting in all of their spikes! We had a look at pictures of real hedgehogs so we could see how many eyes they have and what shape their bodies are. Have you seen a real hedgehog before?

At nursery today we had so much fun making our own sandwiches for our teddy bear picnic. We thought about th steps to making a sandwich and in which order they go. We talked about what fillings were our favourite and which sandwich we wanted to make. Afterwards we had lots of fun dancing in the hall with our teddies and having our picnic food. The rain did not stop us having the most fantastic teddy bears picnic! we are all very sleepy now. 

This week the children have started to explore Autumn. Mrs Venner and Mrs Ward collected some Autumn things while they were walking their doggies. The children have loved exploring the items and adding to our collection as we go. We have talked about the names of the items, the colour, how they feel and the size. The big conkers are our favourite by far with their spikey shells. What have you found on your Autumn Walks? 

The children have had lots of fun exploring our setting and building relationships with the other children and staff! We are excited to get lots more children to join in the fun and make new friends with. While we were exploring outside we even found some cheeky carrots and baby potatoes in our growing patch as we were getting it ready for the new year. I think carrot and potatoe soup could be on the menu in our mud kitchen next week! 

Mrs Venner and the Nursery team are super proud of all our new children starting Nursery and how well they are settling in! We are loving getting to know you all!