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Mrs Oakes' Class

Celebrating our classes 100% attendence for last week

Class 4O have earned 500 Dojos over the past few weeks. They have earned them by working hard , doing home reading and when we have had 100% attendence for the day . Well done everyone! 

Reward for earning 500 Dojos

Year 4 key task . A Viking boat race .

We have been looking at features of a recount text in English , in particular newspaper reports . Before we do our big write , we had to investigate the sighting of a dragon over our school grounds . We found lots of interesting objects in our garden . 

Our dragon investigation

What a fantastic day we all had yesterday with Scouted . All the children took part in building dens, eating stone age food and making fires. 

Easter egg hunt in the sun

Super Science Week

Year 4 have been working very hard on their science experiments this week. We have been learning all about States of Matter. We have looked at the three states of matter ; solid, liquid and gas. We have looked at how heating and freezing can change the state of matter and how evaporation and condensation occurs . 

World Book Day

Darcy kindly brought in these Vietnam hats and money. The children really enjoyed trying the hats on and looking at the money. Thank you Darcy. 

Pen Pals in Vietnam

                                                      Science week


To start our science week off with a bang, Professor Brianstorm came in today to show us how wonderful science can be. He showed us experiments on sound and light . Here are some the pictures from this morning . 

Professor Brainstorm

Feeling creative? Why not enter our Snowman Competition? 

Build a creative snowman , take a photo of it and bring the photo into school on Monday to see if you can win a prize! Its as easy as that! 

Good luck ! 

Snow Day competition time!

Are your kids bored of playing in the snow? Why not try these fun activities for them to do while they're having a Snow day.


  1. Create Snow Art
    Bring some colour into the outdoor fun. Fill empty spray bottles or liquid dishwasher bottles with food colouring and water, then letting the kids unleash their inner winter wonderland artist!  Kids can design rainbows, flowers or self-portraits or even add colour to snowmen.

  2. Build a Living Room Campsite
    Kids love when their parents flip normal household routines upside down. Creating a campsite in the living room is the perfect way to take them by surprise! Turn out the lights, wear PJs, bust out the sleeping bags and sit around telling stories. If you don't have a tent, be creative and build a fort using blankets, couch cushions and pillows. 

  3. Make Magazine Mosaics

  4. Use old magazines in creative, artistic ways. Have kids cut out different colours from the pages into small squares. Next, sketch a design on a paper plate. Then use glue and a paint brush to make a colourful mosaic. You can make designs using different shades of one colour or lots of different colours. 

  5. Bake, Bake, Bake
    If it's too cold to enjoy the snow outside, bring the fun into the kitchen. Make some yummy treats that everyone will enjoy. Oreo snowballs are the perfect treat to make with stir-crazy snowbound kids because there is no baking involved. They're also great for partnering with hot chocolate after a morning spent sledding.

  6. Craft an Indoor Snowman
    You don't always have to freeze outside to build a snowman -- be creative and make one using marshmallows. Outline a snowman on construction paper and trace glue around each circle. Place mini marshmallows onto the glue. Add details with other materials from around the house. Grab scraps of felt for his hat or yarn for his scarf and colour in his face with markers or dried food products. When he's dry, the kids can name and hang him up in the house. Don't have mini marshmallows? Use cotton balls for a fluffier snowman.

  7. Whip up Snow Cones

  8. After playing in the snow with the kids, gather up clean, freshly fallen snow and bring it inside. Divide it into cups and pour lemon juice and a little sugar or frozen juice concentrate over each and you and the kids can enjoy some scrumptious homemade snow cones. 


As part of our topic this term , the class designed and created their very own Viking shields . 

Viking shields

Happy New Year! We have lots of things to look forward to this term. The children will be reading the fantastic story 'How To Train Your Dragon'. They will be learning about the fierce Vikings. The children will learn about the fascinating culture and daily lives of the famous raiders! On January 18th 2018 the children will be taking part in a Stone Age workshop day where they will spend the day living like Stone Age boys and girls and learn about the tools and the skills necessary for survival.

Overview of this term

Our Christmas Jumper Day

Our winter art pictures

Our traditional tales play script performances for English

Children in Need Assembly

A very scary and spooky Halloween Disco

Our first School Council meeting

The School Council have been given a project to rPraise money for outside play equipment . Here, they are busy thinking of ideas for raising money. 

Our first Eco warriors meeting

The Ego team are busy thinking of ideas of how to improve our Peace garden . They are coming up with some very colourful ideas ! They are also going to think of ways to raise money so each classroom can have a recycle bin , to reduce the schools impact on the environment . 

The school council have been set a project . They are brainstorming ideas for ways to raise money for new outside play equipment . They have come up with some great ideas ! 

National Green Day

Sam created this fantastic Ironage shelter at home . It's simply made from wood and nails but is very effective . Well done Sam 

Shelter building at home

Year 4 wrote and performed their own acrostic poems about Iron Man today. They used their voices , actions and even made masks to help with their performances . Well done everyone . It is not always easy standing up in front of people and performing , but you all did it ! 

National poetry day


Maggie created this fantastic 3D picture of Stonehenge. Well done Maggie.

Home project by Mia

As part of our Stoneage to Ironage topic, Mia made this fantastic model of an Ironage shelter and fire pit. 

                               Welcome to Mrs Oakes' Class

The children and I have settled really well into our new classroom. The entire class have had a very productive start to the year and I am very impressed with the way everyone has made a positive start to school routines. We have started to use a new cursive handwriting style this year and the children are working hard to implement this into their everyday writing. 


We have had a great start to home reading this year, with many children reading at home on a regular basis. I have asked the children to take home their reading books and logs and bring them into school everyday so that I can monitor progress. I very much appreciate you taking the time to read with your child and making a short comment in their reading diary. 


A reminder that on Fridays , the children have swimming and P.E in the mornings. 


Year 4 Parent Welcome Letter

Our Class Charter

Superhero Monkey

Say Hello to Superhero Monkey! 

The children had a lot of fun naming Superhero Monkey. Every Friday , the pupil of the week will be able to take Superhero Monkey home and take him on their weekend adventure . Along with a diary , where the children can add a drawing, a photo or a piece of writing telling us what he got up to at the weekend . 

Maggie was star of the week last week and Super monkey watched the Great North Run and even saw Mo Farah running ! 

As part of this term's topic subject 'The Stone Age to Iron Age' , the children have been given a key task to challenge them to learn about how early humans survived. Our Key Task is to :

Our Key Task

To start out topic of Stone Age to the Iron Age , the class were asked to imagine they had been transported back in time to the Stone Age . That there were no modern conveniences, no food or shelter and no tools to hunt with . Each group of children were asked to complete a challenge in our woods . Here are some photos showing just how much fun the children had . They found black berries for food , they made a tool to hunt with . They made shelters and collected wood for a fire . 

Fun in the woods

Eco Warriors Members

Kyle wanted to join the Eco warriors because he wants to help raise awareness for the environment and help make the school a more environmentally friendly place. 

Mia jointed the Eco warriors to make help the school become a more healthier , cleaner  and environmentally friendly school.





School Council Members

Congratulations to Arisha and Kane for becoming our classes school council members .