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Mrs Kelly's groups


Some of our children in Years 3 and 4 have their maths and English lessons with Mrs Kelly in school. We are very proud of the progress they are making and their very positive attitude. 

So that their learning can continue whilst we are in lockdown, this class page has been created as a temporary special place where the children can easily access their daily work.

Monday 18th January 

Today’s lesson


1. Story Green  words 

2. Speedy Green words 

3. Red words 

4. Read the Story introduction 

5. Handwriting - joined up x2 lines of each 

 ai ab ic


Spelling red words 

their   You  Your  Want  Some 

Tuesday 19th January 

Today’s lesson 

1. Daily speed sounds 

2. Speedy Green words 

3. Red words 

4. Spelling Green words - Use your Fred fingers while spelling out your words 

5. Hold a sentence 1 and 2 

1. Plant the seeds in a narrow window box and put them in the sun . 
2. Keep the compost damp and watch the seeds grow 



Wednesday 20th January 

Todays lesson 


Think about the story 

pg 9 How long does it take to grow your own radishes


 Pg 10 what do you need to grow your own radishes


pg 11 Hiw to prepare your plant pot or window box for the radishes .


pg 12 About the best way to plant your seeds .


pg 13 The best place to put the radishes . 

pg 15 what you can do with your radishes . 

Build a sentence 

Tomorrow you will write some adverts for salad lunches . Today you are going to build up a sentence about a delicious salad . 


Have you tasted our salad

What is in our salad ? 
cucumber /tomato/carrot/radishes/onion/lettuce/cabbage/nuts