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Mrs Hudson's Class

Welcome to 6H's Class Page


Welcome to our class page. Hopefully, you will find this page informative and it will give you the opportunity to see how hard we are working. We hope the year is an enjoyable and successful one. 

General Notices

Homework given on a Friday for the following Wednesday.

Swimming lessons will be on a Tuesday.

PE is on a Friday - Please ensure your child has both indoor and outdoor PE kit as our first block is rugby.

Investigating the apostrophe

15.3.18 Safety Carousel

World Book Day Winners

We might have had to celebrate World Book Day a little later than intended, due to the snow, nut it was still a fantastic day. Well done to Lucy and Matthew who each won a prize for the best costume. 

Monday 12th March

Amazing Explosions with Professor Brainstorm


Well we certainly discovered that science can be fun today. Whilst being fun Professor Brainstorm was able to demonstrate and help us to understand that everything has a cause and effect, even when things don't happen as you might expect.


Did you know that a balloon can support 4 tins of baked beans on a bed of nails!

Lennon did really well explaining how when the balloon burst on a single nail it was because the force was concentrated on the point of the nail. However Professor Brainstorm helped us to understand that when the force is spread over or distributed across lots of nails the force distributed onto each single nail is insufficient to burst the balloon, even with 20 newtons from 4 tins of baked beans.


Dylan knew that force is measured in newtons. Well done Dylan.

Methylated Spirits: A Highly Flammable Liquid and a Spark of Electricity


We were able to see a spark of electricity measuring 10,000 volts, however The Professor reassured us that it wasn't as dangerous as mains electricity (230 volts) as it only has a tiny amount of energy that is short lived. The energy doesn't keep going, but adding just 5 drops of methylated spirits combined with oxygen created an amazing explosion.

Why not follow the link below and watch what happens...


We didn't have a hammer but we did have a banana...

Did you ever think that it would be possible to hammer a wobbly nail into a piece of wood? We saw how liquid nitrogen could be used to freeze a banana so that it could be used as a hammer.

The BIG Freeze

We even managed to freeze a flower...

Submerging flowers in liquid nitrogen changed the properties of our flowers. Instead of being soft and flexible, the flowers became, fragile, rigid, stiff and brittle. although the liquid nitrogen was extremely, cold scientifically it was boiling because the liquid was changing to a gas. It was evaporating.

Frozen and Fragile

Popping Potatoes

For his final scientific surprise Professor Brainstorm managed to propel potato from the end of a length of copper piping. The air was compressed within the pipe and the force created pushed the potato out with a huge amount of propulsion.

We were amazed

Friday 2nd March - Year 6 Snow Day Tasks


Task 1

We would have been learning how brackets, dashes and commas are used for parenthesis. Watch the links below with tutorials and quizzes please. 


Task 2

Write a diary entry about a fun day you've had while you have been off school. The diary entry can be entirely fictional. You must include brackets, a dash and commas in your diary entry. A prize will be given to the child who has put the most effort in to their writing. You are welcome to word process or hand write. We are really looking forward to reading them when we are back at school.  

Task 3

Complete some grammar quizzes on IXL - choose any. 

Snow Day Optional Activities

Internet Safety Day

Our Spring Novel is Room 13

We are hooked on our new book - Room 13.

Room 13 is a classic, spooky suspense story by acclaimed writer Robert Swindells. Here is a little synopsis:

There is no room thirteen in the creepy Crow's Nest Hotel, where Fliss and her friends are staying on a school trip. Or is there? For at the stroke of midnight, something peculiar happens to the door of the linen cupboard next to room 12. And something is happening to Ellie-May Sunderland, too - something very sinister.

We made some brilliant predictions from the front cover. 


Spring Topic is all about the Romans.

We will be going on an Italian adventure and' visit'

Pompeii. We will research who the Romans are, what they did for us, how they lived and how their empire grew. Alongside this, we will look into life in Britain before the Romans arrived (a Celtic Britain). During our first discussion, we were stunned as to how sophisticated the Romans were. We will also learn what it was like to be a Roman soldier and even a gladiator. 

Our key task is to write a tourist leaflet for Pompeii.

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year! I hope you are nice and refreshed to begin 2018 positively. 

Creating our own Earthquake

We used squirty cream, rice cakes and crackers to simulate an earthquake. The cracker represented the earth's crust and the rice cakes represented the tectonic plates. We demonstrates all the different ways in which the plates can move. After, we wrote our own instructions of how to perform the experiment.

Former Year 6 students inspiring our current Year 6's

We were lucky enough to have two former pupils join us in class today to share their experiences of secondary school so far. They informed us of the expectations and rules of Year 7. We asked lots of questioned to find out as much as we could. When asked about homework, the class were feeling quite lucky they don't get homework every night unlike our former students. We listened to some key messages of how important Year 6 is. They told the class to work hard and appreciate the school and its teachers. Thanks Leah and Ethan, we were grateful you took time out of your free day to inspire others.

Christmas Jumper Day

Panto Time!

Well done to our athletics team who represents the school.

We've thoroughly enjoyed reading Kensuke's Kingdom but we can't wait to read our next novel...Room 13.

Our Classroom

Amazing Artwork

Our class novel mentions 'Japan Trees' a lot so we decided to draw some of our own. The novel also mentions the brilliant Japanese artist Katsushike Hokusai who drew the magnificent wave. We had a go at producing our own wave and I think you will agree with me that they are marvellous. 

 Fantastic Writing - take a moment to read 6H's writing.

We are thoroughly enjoying Kensuke's Kingdom and it has given us lots of inspiration for our writing. We all wrote a Ship's Log just like Michael (the character in the book) had. The language in these pieces of writing are so pleasing. Alongside this, we wrote what our message in a bottle would be if we were stranded on an island in the Pacific. The children and I are very proud of the writing that has been produced. We are so proud that it has been displayed in our classroom. 


Star of the Week Awards - 3rd November

Reader award went to Jacob for his constant enthusiasm for literature. He is always reading and this is evident in his writing also. Lily achieved a star award for her much improved attitude to learning. It was lovely to witness her so engaged during shared writing. It was obvious that Lily, as well as others, are enjoying our class novel and getting a lot from it. Lily thought of some super sentences with a high level of vocabulary from the novel. 

Terrific Tag Rugby Team

The Tag Ruby Team performed excellently at their recent tournament. Everyone played very well and a played a valuable part in reaching to the semi finals. Unfortunately, they narrowly missed getting to the finals. Well done everyone!

Year 6 enjoying the Halloween Disco

Destination Judo

We had a great time learning some judo techniques with Destination Judo. Speed and agility is important in Judo so we tried to improved our speed by beating our partner to the bean bag.

Star of the Week Awards - 13th October

Phoebe did a brilliant job of editing and improving her writing. With thoughtful improvements, she now has a super Ship's Log. Lucy has been working very hard in Maths. Her calculation methods are much improved and she has been consistently accurate. 

Star of the Week Awards - 29th September

Star awards this week go to Hamna and James. Hamna wrote a fantastic version of the Jabberwocky and interpreted the poem extremely well. James showed us all what a talented actor he can be after doing an amazing impression of the Jabberwocky. Well done both of you!

National Poetry Day - Thursday 28th September

The class were not keen on the poem of choice 'Jabberwocky' at first. They had lots of good reasons as to why but once the poem was discussed they soon changed their minds. In fact, it is fair to say we've had a brilliant day acting, reciting and writing own own Jabberwocky. 

Acting and Performing the Jabberwocky.

Retrieving information for Kensuke's Kingdom.

We very much enjoyed reading Michael's Ship Log's today in our reading lesson. We weren't sure where all the location he mentioned are in the world so we used the atlas to find the. We then mapped out his journey so far. Unfortunately, Mrs Hudson can't take us to Cape Town wink If only...smiley We had a great lesson.

Ordering Decimal Numbers

In maths we have been looking at decimal number. We understand the value of the digits in decimal numbers and can order 1,2, and 3 decimal numbers.no

Star of the Week Awards - 22nd September

Star awards went to the whole of Year 6 this week for their wonderful class assembly. Brilliant effort by all, well done Year 6.

Our Class Assembly - Thursday 21st September

Thank you to parents for attending our class assembly today. It is lovely to share what the children have learnt about Rosh Hashanah. We were very proud of the children for having the confidence to speak in public with such clear voices. Well done Year 6!




Harvest at St. Saviours' Church - Monday 18th September

Visiting our local church is always a wonderful experience and today was no different. We were able to see many of the produce that has come from local allotments. The smell is church was fabulous. Well done to some of our Year 6's who lead us in prayer.


Star of the Week Awards - 15th September

Star awards this week go to Ariana and Layton. Layton earned the 'Writer Award' for his contribution in class when writing our explanations of how to survive in the wild. Ariana has been award the 'Star Award' for being a superb class member and always helping out. Well done Ariana and Layton.

Rosh Hashanah

We have been learning about the Jewish New Year - Rosh Hashanah. In class, we made promises for the future and thought about anything we should be sorry for just like the Jewish community do during Rosh Hashanah. We enjoyed partaking in their custom of eating apples covered in honey for a sweet new year. Year 6 are looking forward to sharing their learning, as as part of their class assembly, with their parents on Thursday 21st September at 9.10am 

Autumn 1 News

Star of the Week Awards - 8th September

Everyone has settled in well so it made it difficult to chose who was to earn an award. Well done everyone, keep up the great work. Katelyn and Kian have both impressed Mrs Sahw and I this week. Katelyn has shown us her true potential within reading and was awarded the 'Reader Award'. The 'Star Award' went to Kian for persevering when he found things a little challenging - a great attitude to have. 

Year 6 Survival Day

To help us understand how challenging surviving alone on a desert island, just like our main character from our class novel must do, we spent an afternoon with Sam and Sarah from Sc.out.ed. We learnt how to be resourceful by using our lovely wood to hunt for natural resources to build a lean-to shelter. Before going out to build our shelters, we shared our knowledge and thoughts about what we needed to survive. We agreed that water, shelter, heat and food and the most important. We learnt about the fire triangle and our mature behaviour meant we could light our own fires after we gathered our own tinder. We cannot wait to get back to class and use our day to stimulate some writing. 

Our Class Novel - Kensuke's Kingdom

We are looking forward reading our novel written by Michael Morpurgo. We have already

made some brilliant predictions about the story and learnt some knew vocabulary from the blurb. We now all know what odyssey means. 

Our Key Task

This term we will be learning all about volcanoes, both in the past and those which affect life today. We will be looking in detail at the disaster in Pompeii when Mount Vesuvius erupted and the devastation that it caused. 



Each class has a key task for this term which will bring together our learning across the curriculum. Our key task is to design an evacuation plan to deal with the eruption of a volcano in order to save lives. It will take lots of thinking about potential problems, dangers and solutions in a dramatic and dangerous situation. We hope that we get the plan right: Lives depend upon us!

School Council Representatives

Congratulations go to both Anna and Logan for being chosen by the class to do this very important job. They both gave some fantastic reasons as to why they would be the perfect people for the job.  

6H's School Council Representatives

Eco Rangers

Well done to Katelyn and Lennon who were elected by the class to be our eco rangers. 

6H's Eco Rangers

Welcome to Year 6 Letter - July 2017

Class Charter and Class Rights

To ensure we have a happy and successful classroom we formed our class charter together along with our class rights.

Settling into the Demands of Year 6

After a lovely summer break, the children have settled nicely into Year 6. It has been lovely to see how calm the children have been and how eager they are to make a success of Year 6.


We are beginning to establish good reading habits whereby the children should be reading at least 3 times at home each week. Please write a comment in your child's reading log to let us know how your child read. They are expected to bring their reading books and logs to school everyday and take them home each night. 


Over the year, I am sure the children will really rise to the challenges of Year 6 and their added responsibilities. I am looking forward to getting to know the children as individuals and I am sure that we will have much fun learning together over the course of this year.


Please contact me if there is anything you wish to discuss. 

Move Up Day

We had a lovely day getting to know each other during our 'Move Up Day'. We told each other a little bit about ourselves and created a silhouette of ourselves and filled it with what makes us, us. Alongside this, we thought about what we wish Year 6 brings and made a wish. It was lovely to hear what the children wish for and what they would like from a teacher.