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Mrs Forster-Hewitson and Mrs Lowden

St Mary's Lighthouse- Year 1 were amazing today as they looked for sea animals in rock pools, lived out a day as a lighthouse keeper, climbed a lot of steps to get to the top of a lighthouse and ended creating sand art on the beach,

Today we have chopped, cut and pealed to make our own fish and chips with tartare sauce.

We have had a fantastic time desiging and making lighthouses as well as investigating how to light them up!

Healthy Fun Day - 1FL have been amazing showing how active and healthy they can be. We hope you enjoy looking at our photos.

A very proud reader of the week and M.A.G.I.C. Star of the week to Mylee and Jennifer. Well done girls !

Pentecost- Today we have been learning about why we celebrate Pentecost and to help reinforce our understanding we made headbands to remind us of what the flames represent. Why don't you ask your child about their learning and can they tell you what the word 'ascension' means?

Mammal web project

M.A.G.I.C. Winner Olivia was awarded her certificate for having a wonderful attitude and trying her best in all her lessons.

We have been learning about Buddhism this term and who Buddha is and why he is worshipped by Buddhists. Today we have been able to recognise symbols that might be used in worship and designed our own shrine. To end our lesson we spent a minute meditating to help us clear our minds . The children's were able to share their 'enlightment moments' which included; going to Wembley, dogs, peace, gymnastics competition and Buddha.

What a lovely way to spend the morning. We have had stories and crafts and even been able to choose some books to take back to school.

Questions???? - the children were amazing at understanding what words we can use to ask a question and what a question mark represents. To show their understanding they used 'hot seating' to ask Jack questions about his time with the beanstalk and the giant. The children reinforced their learning by writing and reading their own questions to Jack. A very impressed Mrs Lowden!

Tree hunt - as part of our science topic 'plants' we have today hunted for trees deciding if they are an evergreen or deciduous . We even attempted to identify trees by their leaves!

We are working very hard to learn our times tables in school. We have been working with the Priemer League Football Mascots.

M.A.G.I.C winners Lucas for his brilliant attitude to his phonics lesson and Taylor is our reader of the week.

We were very excited to receive our new learning task for the Summer term!

St. George's day class assembly

We're going on a spring hunt ....


We have really enjoyed celebrating pancake day this year. We have shared stories about pancakes, read, followed, sequenced and written our own instructions to make pancakes, we have designed our ideal pancakes and evaluated the taste of pancakes. It has been a busy week!

We would like to say: "Kung Hei Fat Choy"

Still image for this video

Celebrating Chinese New Year today has been great fun.

For the next two weeks our Literacy text is Owl babies. Please see the link below and enjoy sharing the story together.

Owl Babies Picture Book Animation

Uploaded by Wendy Stafford on 2015-08-26.

Science - materials and their properties. We have spent the last couple of weeks learning and recognising what materials objects are made from. We have then talked about the properties of theses materials for example; a table is made from wood. Wood is hard, solid, rigid, not bendy, opaque. We ended the topic investigating what material would be best suited to keep our class penguin dry, why don't you ask your child about the investigation and which material was the most suitable and why?

The Lost Son Returns I Stories of God I Animated Children´s Bible Stories| Holy Tales Bible Stories

The Lost Son Returns is an animated children´s Bible story about the parable of two sons. One who could not wait but lost his fortune. Upon his return his father forgave him just as The Lord always forgives his children. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXnXq48dJ0W81yOWjUpYFvSdwH7CbGHov Old Holy tells kids animated Holy Tales from The Bible.

In Religious Education we are learning about the "Life of Jesus". We began by using the drama technique "freeze frame" to highlight the main parts in Jesus's life. We will go on to learning about the teachings of Jesus, beginning with the parable " The prodigal son".

In literacy this week we have been exploring the text "Handa's Surprise". The children enjoyed acting out Handa's journey, tasting and describing some of the delicious fruits in her basket. We ended the week with some brilliant writing retelling the story independently.

Exploring Numicon

Spring Key Task

Welcome Back! -We hope you have all enjoyed the Christmas break and are looking forward to our new topic 'Toys'. The children are already showing great enthusiasm learning in the 'toy shop' and are us using their mathematical skills to calculate. 


We are also really excited to introduce the children to "numicon". The two days training have really helped to reinforce how wonderful of a resource it is and the children have already began to get familiar with their new resources. I'm sure you will see and hear lots more! 


Reminder- Swimming for our class only has been changed from a Friday to a Monday for the foreseeable future. P.E. remains on a Thursday.



Design a jumper - linked to Christmas jumper day yesterday the children have shown their artistic and designer skills. Mrs Johnson found it really difficult to choose 3 winners !

Christmas Jumper Day - Don't we look very festive, thank you for all your donations.

Polite reminder- As always the children are so excited to wear their Christmas jumpers whilst enjoying our Christmas lunch on Thursday. We would like to reiterate we do not expect you to make additional purchases for this day and are always amazed at how creative our parents are at making this day a joyous and festive celebration in supporting the charity "save the children" . We thank you in advance for your continued generosity and support. 



The children are working very hard to make some fantastic items for the Christmas Fayre on Friday, we hope that you can come along and check out their work.

Thank you to everyone that came to our Christmas Nativity!


We are so excited to perform our Christmas Nativity for you!!

Please find below the link for next weeks story to share.


The 3 Billy Goats Gruff - KidsOut Charity Animation by Neil Whitman

Narrated by Richard E. Grant Music & Sound by Steve Thomas Directed & Animated by Neil Whitman The 3 Billy Goats Gruff is an animated short film that I made for the children's charity KidsOut and their World Stories project.

Please find the link to the class story to share with your children at home.

Star Reader - Congratulations Jason on being Year One's first reader of the week. It is lovely to see how enthusiastic you are reading at home and school. We can't wait to see you wearing your special jumper.

Behaviour Treat - Well done to our termly treat winners who will celebrate their rewards next week. I'm sure your parents are just as proud of you as we are. Keep up the brilliant behaviour!

MAGIC. Well done to Jamie, showing motivation in his talk boost sessions and Mylee for showing gumption and persistence in her maths and literacy lessons.

Tiger Tea Party - We have had a wonderful two weeks in literacy learning from the text "The Tiger Who Came To Tea". We have been able to read, follow and write instructions. The tiger masks we made were gggrreat!! We wrote out a special invitation to our teddy bears to invite them to a tea party today. They enjoyed sharing the jam, cheese and ham sandwiches we made.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Audio book read by Annie's Workshop

Children In Need 2018

Remembrance week - A thought provoking week that year 1 have been entranced by. They have designed and made Anderson shelters, wrote about what it would be like to spend a night in a shelter, made poppy cakes and to top the week meet a real life soldier or "the man with the medals". We hope you enjoyed looking at our display? Why don't you ask your child about what they've learnt this week?

Church Visit- today, as part of our RE Learning to celebrate special places of worship. We enjoyed a visit to our local church St Saviours. Reverend Brooker helped us to remember special parts of the church and we found out how to ring her church bell and why the stained glass windows are so important.

Pumpkin soup - To end our weeks learning from the text "Pumpkin soup" by Helen Cooper we today followed instructions on how to make pumpkin soup, their faces show how much they liked it!

Swimming- I was a very proud teacher today after seeing your amazing children in their weekly swimming lesson. Keep up the fantastic work Year 1.

Destination Judo

MAGIC - Congratulations Mylee for the fantastic attitude you showed in swimming today, all your teachers and especially Mrs Evans were really impressed !

Come and support us, have a cake and a chat this Friday afternoon. Cake donations are welcome!

Can you help us?

MAGIC- this week's awards went to Zak for his brilliant attitude to phonics and to Harry for being a super swimming star. Well done boys!

We have continued to perfect our gymnastics skills in our second session. We have even begun to create a routine. what fantastic gymnasts we are becoming!

This week in our literacy we have been learning from the book "Funnybones" written by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. Why don't you ask your child about their favourite part of the story ?

MAGIC - Jennifer was awarded for her amazing attitude in this weeks assembly. You are a wonderful role model.

Gymnastics - We are really lucky to be receiving specialist coaching for the next six weeks. We will be learning lots of new skills that will enable us to develop our gymnastics talents. Today we have developed our moving skills and used our bodies to make shapes such as; long sit, pike, tall straight shape for example.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

MAGIC - out first achievers this week were presented to Freya's attitude after becoming our eco warrior and also for his brilliant attitude in volunteering more to be our packed lunch monitor, Nicky. Well done both of you, a wonderful start to he new year.

Our Eco-warrior for the year is the very enthusaric Freya, she has been amazing already, making sure she switches our lights off whenever we leave the classroom and we will continue to recycle. Congratulations Freya.

Our class rules - we thought long and hard about how we could make our school life a safe and enjoyable time. I hope you agree they are a fabulous set of rules?

We have had a wonderful first week exploring our new environment, look at what we can do!

A very warm welcome to Year 1