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Mrs Chaytor's and Mrs Marsh's Class

Welcome to Year 3!



Our new topic this Summer Term is Hidden Treasure.  We will be finding out about the Ancient Egyptians and how they used to live.  Using large pieces of paper, we worked in pairs to record what we already know about Ancient Egypt and also recorded questions that we would like to find the answers to.

Peace Garden

On Friday 27th, we used our Golden Time to help out in the Peace Garden.  We helped to weed the garden and make sure it was ready for the new trees to be planted.  We were able to see how long some of the roots had grown and compared them to the roots of our broad beans that we planted in Science Week.

Let's Get Digging!

A new species has been found!


In Literacy, we have been designing a new species. We used the following program to create our designs:




Take a look at some of the creatures, which we have created:





We will be writing a report about our creature thinking carefully about what it looks like, where it lives and what special powers it has.

World Book Day.


Can you guess which character we have dressed up as?




During World Book Day, we created models of Krindlekrax working in pairs. Have a look at some of our creations. 




Well done to Ethan and Emily who have both completed models of Krindlekrax at home. Emily used newspaper to shape the body of Krindlekrax whilst Ethan used a plastic bottle to create the shape. They both then added extra details (using tape, felt, card etc.) to the body to create the monster. 

Thursday 1st March


As school is currently closed due to the snow and I was unable to give out Thursday's homework, I thought you might like to do some of the following activities.


In maths, we have started to investigate how different coins can make the same value of money. To practice this, you can play on the following interactive games:






Or you could try solving some of the following challenges: 




In Literacy, we have been practising how to use conjunctions to join two sentences together to create a complex sentence. You can practise this further by using the following interactive game:





We have also been writing an explanation text on how John Lambton's armour protected him from the terrible Lambton worm. I want you to think about any special features his armour might have. You can be as imaginative as you want e.g. cloak of invisibility, poison darts,  bone-crunching sword etc. In a few sentences, explain how the special feature helps John using conjunctions to create longer sentences. 



Finally, in my back garden a snow cave has miraculously appeared.

Who might live in it? A Wild Thing? The Frost Queen? The Wish Wizard? Krindlekrax? Think of a character from a book which you have read and create a snow sculpture of the character.


Or if you prefer working indoors on an art project why not try creating a model of Krindlekrax. Here are some ideas:


There will be a 'dip in the box' for anyone who can create a sculpture of Krindlekrax!

The Terrible Lambton Worm

This week in Literacy, we have started reading our new story 'The Lambton Worm.' 




The story is about Young Lambton who loved a spot of fishing but when he cast his line into the River Wear, he wasn’t expecting his catch to be a fat, slime-strung, squirming worm. And that was just the very beginning of his problems...

The story is a local legend, which is set in the village of Penshaw in Sunderland. To hear the story, you can visit the following websites:






Can you retell the story using the story map?

Friday 2nd February - Science In Action!

Science - Friday 19th January


Our science topic this half term is 'Forces and Magnets'.  We have learned that a force can be a push or a pull.  Today we have been introduced to a new piece of science equipment called a force-meter.  We have practised using it to measure the pulling force acting on different objects.  Force is measured in Newtons (N) after Sir Isaac Newton who first developed the idea of gravity as a force.


Happy New Year

It was lovely to see the children come back to school eager to learn, after such a wonderful holiday.  We have enjoyed our very first week of school in 2018.  We have started work on our new topics. 


Adventures in Europe


Spring Term

Our theme this term is 'Adventures in Europe'.


Key Task


Organise your own European Games.



In the first half of the Spring term, our Science topic will be ‘Forces and Magnets.’ In this topic we will learn about pushes and pulls as well as use scientific equipment such as force meters. We will also be learning, through investigation, how magnets work and will use the correct scientific vocabulary. This topic will allow us to carry out fair tests to investigate forces in different ways.


We will develop our research skills and produce fact files about a range of European countries.


This term we are going to learn about the signs and symbols within Christianity and in particular those that are found within a Christian church. This topic will extend into Easter, where we will learn about Lent.





History and Geography

Our topic this term is ‘Adventures in Europe’ and we will be researching a number of European countries. We will study capital cities and their landmarks and use maps to show places of major industry.


We will research food from different European countries and design a European Menu. We will design and make our own European Landmarks.


We will study the work of famous European Artists and use this as inspiration for our own artwork.

Modern Foreign Languages (French)

Our unit this first half term is 'All About Me'. We will be able to greet each other and ask how we are feeling. We will be able to say our name and age. We will revise counting to 20. As part of our ‘Adventures in Europe’ topic we will learn greetings in other languages spoken in Europe.


We will study traditional music in European countries and compare modern music tastes with those of the UK.



We are beginning the term by reading 'The Lambton Worm' as well as other legends from across the UK and Europe. From this we will design and describe our own mythical beasts, improving our descriptive language and the use of language for effect. We will also write our own myths based on the ones we study. We will develop our skills in performance, particularly using expression and intonation in our speech. We will also be comparing 'The Lambton Worm' with a more modern novel - 'Krindlekrax'.



Amazing Arrays (Friday 8th December)

Today we have been making arrays for our three and four times tables and thinking about the related division facts.  We rolled a 10-sided dice and multiplied it by 3 and 4. We then used peg boards to show the calculation as an array. For each array, we could think of 2 multiplication and 2 division calculations (buy one and get three free).


Test your knowledge on the multiplication and division facts using the following website:




The children have also used fortune tellers to learn the multiplication facts for the 3 and 4 times tables.

Numeracy - Autumn Term 1


In Numeracy, we have been working hard to learn the written methods which we use for addition and subtraction. 

We used the bar model to help us to solve addition and subtraction problems.

You can use the following website to solve more problems:




A Victorian Trapper


We had a visit today from a Victorian Trapper.  We asked him questions about his week.  We learned about his job and how it made him feel.

Our trip to Woodhorn Mining Museum - Thursday 9th November


What an absolutely fantastic day we all had!  The teachers were so proud of all our children - they behaved beautifully.  We were transformed into miners, experienced crawling through narrow tunnels, toured the mine and saw the mine shafts and pulley wheels.  In the art gallery, we viewed some of the art work by the Ashington 'Pitmen Painters' and even learned how to show perspective - just like in one of the miner's paintings.  We have learned a lot and will be using our learning back at school.



Conjunctions - Tuesday 7th November


We have been writing our own 'Marvellous Medicine' recipes and have used lots of features such as time adverbials and imperative verbs.  To improve our writing,we practised using conjunctions and then edited our instructions to include conjunctions too. 

Our Walk to Shotton Colliery Pulley Wheel


Today (Thursday 19th October) we celebrated Diwali.  Diwali is a Hindu 'festival of lights' that remembers the Hindu legend of Rama & Sita and welcomes the New Year.  We spent the day learning about the story as well as the importance of lights.  We made Diva lamps out of paper plates and designed our own Rangoli patterns.  To welcome the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, into our classroom we followed instructions to make Kandil lanterns.  Hindus hang Kandil lanterns outside the front doors of their homes in the hope that Lakshmi will visit them and bring them wealth and happiness in the New Year.  At the end of the day, the whole school celebrated by sharing their learning and examples of work in a special assembly.  What a super day!

George's Marvellous Medicine

In our English lessons we have been reading Roald Dahl's 'George's Marvellous Medicine'.  We really loved reading the extract below - we think Grandma is beastly; just like George says.  We decided we would design our own insects.  We used a computer program to design them and then made our insects out of playdough.  We then used our learning about adjectives and expanded noun phrases to write our very own descriptions.  Have a read of some our fabulous writing...




‘And stop eating chocolate. Eat cabbage instead.’

‘Cabbage! Oh no, I don’t like cabbage,’ George said.

 ‘It’s not what you like or what you don’t like,’ Grandma snapped. ‘It’s what’s good for you that counts. From now on, you must eat cabbage three times a day. Mountains of cabbage! And if it’s got caterpillars in it, so much the better!

‘Owch,’ George said.

 ‘Caterpillars give you brains,’ the old woman said.

 ‘Mummy washes them down the sink,’ George said.

 ‘Mummy’s as stupid as you are,’ Grandma said. ‘Cabbage  doesn’t taste of anything without a few boiled caterpillars in it. Slugs, too.’

‘Not, slugs!’ George cried out. ‘I couldn’t eat slugs!’

‘Whenever I see a live slug on a piece of lettuce,’ Grandma said, ‘I gobble it up quick before it crawls away. Delicious.’ She squeezed her lips together tight so that her mouth became a tiny wrinkled hole. ‘Delicious,’ she said again. ‘Worms and slugs and beetle bugs. You don’t know what’s good for you.’

‘You’re joking, Grandma.’

‘I never joke,’ she said. Beetles are perhaps the best of all. They go crunch!’

 ‘Grandma! That’s beastly!’



We have been learning about Hinduism this half term with Mrs Scott.  We have enjoyed learning about special celebrations and ceremonies including weddings, Diwali and Raksha Bandhan.  Take a look at our Rakhi bracelets - we gave them to someone special as a promise to look after them.

Black Gold

On Thursday 12th we worked in the ICT suite to research what life was like as a childhood miner during Victorian times.  Click on the link to find out some interesting facts and take the Coal Mining Quiz.




Thursday 5th October


I was so proud of the children this afternoon! We looked at aerial photos of our local area.  The children were able to locate our school and other landmarks such as the church, rec and airfield.  We talked about where the mine used to be located.  The children were even able to draw their own birds eye view maps of our classroom.  Well done 3CM!

Wednesday 4th October


We have enjoyed a visit from Destination Judo this morning.  We know that to be good at Judo you need excellent balance, fast feet and fast hands.  We also know how to safely perform a judo throw.  What a great time we had!

Thursday 21st September


In science this week we have been exploring different types of rock  - especially since our topic is Black Gold.  Coal is a type of rock but there are many others that we have been learning about.  

Firstly, we grouped the rocks ourselves using different criterion such as colour and shape.  We then grouped our rocks using special sorting diagrams called a Venn diagram and a Carroll diagram. 

Watch out for our rock investigation - coming soon!

Monday 18th September

By the end of Year 3, children need to be able to recall the 3, 4 and 8 times tables.

To help us we have created some times table displays within our classroom:

We created triangle monsters for the 3 time table, square monsters for the 4 times table and spiders for the 8 times table. Please help your child at home by regularly learning these tables. You can test your knowledge of your times tables by using the following website:



In Numeracy, we have also been learning how to read, write and partition 3-digit numbers. We used arrow cards, blocks and counters to create different 3-digit numbers. 

It was lovely to see our children looking very smart as they returned to school after the Summer holidays. Many of them looked like they had grown over the 6 weeks and seemed ready for a new start in Year 3. 


Well done to the Year 3 children for getting used to the new routines of Key Stage 2!

Monday 11th September

We have created some masks of the 'Wild Things'.


We used our masks to write a description.

We included interesting descriptive phrases such as 'fiery eyes', 'shaggy hair' and 'a devastating bite'

Tuesday 5th September

This week, we have been reading the story 'Where The Wild Things Are':

We identified the following messages in the book:
We used the book to develop our classroom rules so that we can feel happy and safe in our new classroom. Everybody signed the class charter with their hand print. 


Our Autumn topic is 'Black Gold'.  On Tuesday 5th September, in a special assembly, the children were presented with a Key Task that they have to complete, using their new learning from their topic.  The children have already impressed us with their knowledge of rocks and mining.  If you know anyone who can help us learn more about Shotton Colliery then please contact us or share your knowledge with your child.  Many thanks.

Our Class Council Members

Leah and Eyyuphan were selected to be our Class Council members.  They endeavour to attend all school council meetings and share key messages with the rest of their class.


Eco Rangers

Leia and Aaron have been selected to be our class Eco Rangers.  They aim to make our classroom and school a 'greener' place to be.  They will check that paper is placed in the recycling bins and will save electricity by switching off the lights when our classroom is not being used.

Reading Books

Reading books will be given to children at the end of the first week.  We have an expectation at Shotton Primary that children will read at home three times each week.  It would be wonderful if you could share your child's reading book with them throughout the week and comment/sign in their reading diary.  Now that the children are in Y3, and to develop independence, the children are expected to place their reading bags/books in the reading box so that we can change them regularly. 



Homework will generally be given to children at the beginning of the school week and can be returned any time before Friday. Homework may include spellings, maths or English activities.  This year, the children have a special Homework book to bring home and look after carefully.

Important Days of the Week

Swimming - Wednesday afternoon.  Children will require full swimming kit: costume/trunks, towel and a swimming hat.


PE - Wednesday afternoon.  Children will require full PE kit: dark shorts/tracksuit bottoms, white PE top, trainers (hoodie/jumper for colder weather).