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Mrs Buckton

Our Trip To Teesmouth

The weather was extremely kind to us on our visit to Teesmouth visitor centre today and we had a fantastic time. We learned about the River Tees from its source to its mouth and some of the features seen along its course. We visited the transporter bridge and were able to ride it. We learned some facts about the bridge, for example it is 259m long and 49m high. The ladies from the centre showed us the winding mechanism that drives the gondola along the bridge. 

In the afternoon, we went to the beach and made models of the River Tees. We had to include the features we'd learned about, such as Cowgreen Reservoir, High Force and Low Force. Luckily, it didn't start to rain until we were all on the coach on the way home! 

Comic Relief 15.3.19 - Our Danceathon

We had a brilliant time in our danceathon for Comic Relief this morning, led by a very energetic Mrs G Shaw! Everyone participated enthusiastically and had a fabulous time burning off some energy. 

Spring Half Term


This half term, the children will be continuing their topic 'Raging Rivers', part of which will include their visit to Teesmouth Fieldwork Centre on Monday 18th March. In class and on the visit, we will be learning about the history of the Tees and how its uses now compare to those in the past. We will compare this to other rivers around the world. 

I know that our day for P.E keeps changing! Apologies for any confusion this has caused. We had to move our session from a Monday to a Tuesday to allow for a Physics student to work with us on a Monday. Her knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject was passed on to the children and we enjoyed several weeks of investigations in Science. This was extremely valuable for the children and all members of the class were able to develop their scientific enquiry skills. However, I can confirm that P.E will now be on Mondays and swimming on Thursdays



Chinese New Year

Today is the Chinese New Year and the children have been celebrating around the school in lots of different ways. In 5B, we have been creating blossom pictures. The children began by choosing three watercolours and blending these to create their backgrounds. They then drew a blossom tree branch with a graphite pencil. They then used pink tissue paper to create the blossoms. The artwork is not quite finished, but here are some photos of the children working on their art. Photos of the completed artwork will be available as soon as the children finish. 

Our finished blossom pictures

Wonderful Waterfalls!

As part of their'Raging Rivers' topic, the children have been working with Mrs Kelly in small groups to create their own waterfalls. I'm sure you'll agree that their creations are beautiful. The pictures certainly don't do them justice. 

Science - Using sieving and filtration 21.1.19

Today, we looked at how to separate mixtures by using sieving and filtration. To separate a mixture of pasta shapes, rice and and we first passed the mixture through a large sieve (a baking tray with holes in it!). This gave us the pasta shapes. Then we used the smaller sieve to separate the rice from the sand. We also used filters to separate a suspension of water mixed with sand. 

The True Meaning of Christmas

This week, both classes in Year 5 have been looking at the true meaning of Christmas. We have looked at what this time of year means to us as individuals and also what it means to Christians. We have spent some time thinking about how fortunate we are and, as part of this, we made our own Band Aid video. Follow the link below to access the video, or access it through the video sharing platform area of our website (under children). Huge thanks go to Miss Sharpe whose idea this was. She spent her own time time editing and putting the film togther.  

Year 5 Christmas Party 17.12.18

We had a fantastic Christmas party on Monday. It was lovely to see all of the children dressed up and enjoying themselves. Santa paid us a visit and handed out gifts to all of the children. 

Christmas Jumper Day, 13.12.18

We had lots of fun wearing our Christmas jumpers on Thursday, but we also learned about the meaning of this day and the work of Save the Children. In particular we looked at conflict and how it affects millions of children all over the world. The children spent some time reflecting on the freedoms people have in this country and thought about the lives of people in areas where there are fewer freedoms of religion and opinion. I was very impressed with how the children approached this topic and I was proud of their compassion, thoughtfulness and maturity when thinking about people less fortunate than themselves. 

Rainforests in a box

This week, the children have been creating their 'rainforests in a box' and have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They have gathered images and used other resources to create their scenes. It has been lovely to see them all being so creative, even if it does create a lot of mess! The children will be able to bring their boxes home at the beginning of next year after they have shared their creations with the rest of the school. 

Squared and Cubed numbers

As part of the unit on multiplication and division, the children have been learning about squared and cubed numbers. Today, they have been representing cubed numbers with multi-link cubes. This helps the children to visualise the numbers and understand why they are called 'cubed' numbers. 

Sunderland Winter Gardens and Museum 13.11.18

Year 5 had a fantastic time on their visit last week. Their behaviour was impeccable and they were a credit to their school. The children were able to look at artefacts that interested them and find out facts about them. It was lovely to visit the Winter Gardens and look at some of the things we have learned about in our Rainforest topic. 

Half term homework

I feel that the children deserve a break! However, if your child would like to complete some homework, they can write a short story. I have suggested a Halloween or spooky theme!

Destination Judo - 9.10.18

On Wednesday, we were lucky to take part in a Judo lesson. The children really enjoyed learning about the 'Judo grip', how to perform a throw and how to fall safely.  

Rainforests in a box

As part of their study of the world's rainforests, the children will be creating a 'Rainforest in a box'. For this project, each child will require a shoebox sized box. Therefore, we would be grateful of any donations of boxes so that all children can enjoy and complete the task. Thanks in advance for your support. 

Thursday 4th October - National Poetry Day

On National Poetry Day, we looked at the poem 'If only' by Pie Corbett. We were only meant to spend one day on the poem, but the children were very keen to take it further. Therefore, instead of just writing a class poem, like I'd originally planned, every child wrote their own version of the poem. I was impressed with the children's attitude and the use of skills and language that we've learned so far in Year 5. I plan to make a display of the poems they created in the hall, but in the meantime, here are some of the verses that the children created.


If only

I could confront my fears.

I'd be the best soldier. Evie


If only 

I could leap through the summer sky like a ballerina.

I'd munch on candyfloss clouds. Kasey


If only

I could trap the happiest moments of my life.

I'd keep them in my heart for when darkness comes. Mia


If only

I could climb Niagra Falls.

I'd encounter a rainbow. Lucy


If only

I could capture the sands of time.

I'd take hold of my happiest moment and keep it in my heart forever. Joshua


If only

I could seize war.

I'd lock it up and throw away the key. Maggie


If only

I could capture a once in a lifetime rainbow.

I'd slide down it to reach the pot of gold. James


If only

I could soar past the fluffy clouds.

I'd see my dear ancestors that have sadly passed before I was born. Tennyson


If only

I could hold a star in my hands.

I'd fight the darkness when it comes so it's light. Ozzy


If only

I could capture a bottle of life.

I'd make loved dead come back to life. Autumn


School Councillors and Eco Warriors

This is what our class representatives have said about what they want to achieve this year


Autumn, Eco WarriorI'd like us to have more flowers and plants around the school so we can attract more wildlife.


Ozzy, Eco Warrior - I want to help find a way to reduce the amount of litter on the yard. 


Evie, School Councillor - I'd like to be part of arranging an event where we raise money for charity. 


Harry, School Councillor - I'd like to help the school encourage people to have healthier packed lunches.

Welcome to 5B!


Welcome back! It has been lovely to see your children coming into school so eager and motivated this week. I know that they are excited about their learning over the coming year and can't wait to get started. I am looking forward to getting to know them and watching them grow over the course of the year. They have already been working hard and have produced some fantastic work.


It is important that your child feels safe and happy at school, so please feel free to contact me through the school office if you have any questions or issues. If I am not immediately available, I will endeavor to get back to you as soon as I can. 


Mrs Kelly will be supporting us in Year 5 this year. She will be working in class alongside the children as well as carrying out learning interventions. The children will also be working with Mrs Hughes in their Science lesson on a Thursday afternoon.


Routines and Expectations


Now that the children are in Upper Key Stage Two, we expect the majority of them to take responsibility for their learning by ensuring they are prepared for each lesson. 


P.E is on a Wednesday - Children are expected to have their P.E kit in school on this day. As they get older, we understand that children may want to take their P.E kit home to be washed more than once a half term. If your child wears trainers for school, they need to have a different pair for the P.E session. 


Swimming - 5B will not be swimming this half term. They will begin their lessons after the half term break. These lessons will be on a Thursday. 


Reading - Your child has already been provided with their new reading book and diary. Children are expected to have their book in school every day and to read at least three times a week. Children are welcome to write records of any other books they are reading in their diary.


Homework - We will issue homework on a Friday with the expectation that it is returned by the following Wednesday. We anticipate running a homework club on a Monday and Tuesday lunchtime to support any children who have attempted their homework and are having difficulties. 


Spellings - Spellings will be issued on a Friday alongside the homework. Children need to practise their spellings in preparation for a test on the following Friday. 

Our learning this Autumn


Our topic this term is The Rainforest. We will be exploring the rainforests of the world and their climates. We will learn about the layers of the rainforest and the plants and animals that can be found within them. We will find out about people who live in rainforests and how their lives differ to ours. There will be opportunities for using our art and design skills as we explore the patterns and textures that make rainforests so beautiful and interesting. 


In English, we are going to be reading Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. We will be basing our writing around what we read each week. Our work will include writing diary entries, setting and character descriptions and sharing our thoughts about what we have read. In Maths, we will begin by learning how to read, write and compare increasingly large numbers. We will continue to improve our rounding and estimation skills. We will then move onto working on the formal written methods of calculation using all four operations.


In our science lessons with Mrs Hughes we will be learning about Earth and Space. We will find out about how the Earth is different to the other planets in the Solar System and research the phases of the Moon.