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Mr Cowie's Class

Father's Day Cards

Viking Boat Race

What's the next best thing to a real Viking Boat Race? Have a boat race on land using hula hoops! The children worked together in teams to compete in a Viking boat race. They learned how important it was for rowers of a ship to work together and constantly communicate. Similarly, the children had to use the same skills to navigate their 'boats', working together, as it wasn't the fastest team that won the race but the team that communicated the best! 

Viking Boat Race

Dragon Detectives

The children are going to write their own newspaper article about a very exciting event that happened in school on Wednesday. There was video evidence which captured a dragon flying in the school grounds. The children then discovered that the peace garden was littered with evidence. As detectives, they investigated the evidence they found and they are going to use this to write a report next week.


What's to come in the Summer Term

The Summer Term is going to be jam packed with lots of exciting learning. In Science the children are going to be learning about electricity where they will construct simple circuits including bulbs, switches and buzzers. In Topic this term the key learning will be about caves, sea and sand. The children will learn about coasts and read the story Treasure Island. This topic will require the children to use geography skills to study aerial maps, as historians the children will learn about Smugglers and industry around the river. Finally as Design Technologists the children will use the knowledge learned from science to make lighthouse/foghorns using switches. 

Science Week

As part of Science Week, the children enjoyed doing a practical science investigation every day this week. Our Science topic is 'states of matter', so the children learned all about gases, solids and liquids and how different types of matter can be changed. Here are some pictures of the best bits of the week! 

States Of Matter

World Book Day

The children had a fantastic time dressed up as their favourite book characters! They did lots of activities based on How To Train Your Dragon. The entire class looked brilliant!


Dressed Up For World Book Day

Activities in the Snow


Make the most of the snow and try some of these fun activities:


  • Who can build the best snowman? Bring in a photograph of your snowman and the best built snowman will get a prize on Monday. 
  • How far can you throw a snowball? Think about how you are going to measure the distance? Will you use a measuring tape or will you count your steps?
  • Create a target by drawing a circle in the snow. Now stand back and hit the target with snowballs. 
  • How many snowballs does it take to build a snowman?
  • Make a bunch of snowballs and wrap them in different materials. Which melts the fastest and the slowest?
  • As today is World Book Day, make your favourite character from a book out of snow and write a short story about them playing in the snow!
  • If the snow isn't sticky enough to roll into large snowballs, pile it up and gather nearby materials to decorate your snowman. 
  • Bring a container of snow into the house and set up your own treasure dig. Place some treats or toys in the container and find the treasure! Perfect for when it's too cold to stay outside in the cold. 
  • Make bird feeders. Using half of an orange skin, fill it with snow and then add fruit and nut treats for the birds to eat. It's very hard for them to find food when the weather is like this. 
  • Hula Hoop contest. Who can hula hoop the longest when stood in the snow?
  • Snow graffiti. Use spray bottles filled with water and add some food dye to decorate the snow. 
  • Play giant naughts and crosses in the snow. Use sticks and materials you can find, or draw lines in the snow! 

Fantastic Craft Work

Kye made this amazing gecko during Construction Club. He was so proud of himself. Take a good look at his wonderful creation! 

A visit from Jet

Following a visit from Jet, a police dog from Durham Police, the children learned the importance of saying "No" to strangers. PC Kerr, Jet's handler, came in to school to talk to the children about STRANGERS and how DANGEROUS some STRANGERS can be. 


The children wanted to make their own posters and information leaflets, some of which I have posted on the site, to share what they learned. 

Say No To Strangers

Exciting Key Task For Topic

This term the Key Task is to host a Viking Boat Race. This will be a very interesting and exciting Topic which I am sure the children will love!

Survival Workshop Postponed

Due to the school closure yesterday we have had to postpone the Survival Workshop. The workshop will be going ahead so the children will not miss out on the excellent experience. Once the date has been confirmed the school we will let you know! 

Overview of the Term Ahead 

Happy New Year! We have lots of things to look forward to this term. The children will be reading the fantastic story 'How To Train Your Dragon'. They will be learning about the fierce Vikings. The children will learn about the fascinating culture and daily lives of the famous raiders! On January 18th 2018 the children will be taking part in a Stone Age workshop day where they will spend the day living like Stone Age boys and girls and learn about the tools and the skills necessary for survival. 

Year 4 Christmas Party

The children had a brilliant time at the Christmas Party. There were games galore! The children played Christmas Pinata, Stack the Boxes, Pin the tail on Rudolph and many more! They ate party food and each child received a very special delivery from Santa Clause! 

Year 4 Christmas Party

Children In Need

The children have been very creative in the build up to Children in Need. As a class they designed and created a wonderful Children In Need T-shirt for me to wear. I will be extremely proud to wear the T-shirt designed by 4C! 

Class Assembly

A huge well done to all of the children who performed brilliantly during the assembly yesterday. I was very proud of every single child in the class. They all spoke very clearly and handled the mature theme of the assembly exceptionally well. Thank you again to everyone who came to support the children. 

4C's Remembrance Day Assembly

Remembrance Day Preparation

As you may know 4C will host their first class assembly on Thursday 9th November (9:10am-9:30am). This week we have been busy researching, preparing and practising our parts for the assembly. We have also been preparing props and pictures that we will share with you next week. The children are nervous but excited to share everything they have learned.

Remembrance Day Preparation

Clay Pots

Pottery first appeared in the Neolithic (or late Stone Age) at the same time people started farming. As part of our Stone Age Topic the children learned why it was important for the Stone Age people to make and use pottery. 

Clay Pots


On Thursday the children were very excited to take part in a Judo session. They learned lots about the martial art of Judo, such as the importance of balance, strength and speed. They also learned some basic Judo moves to take down an opponent. Most of all, the children had tremendous fun; every single member of the class left the hall with a smile on their face!

Iron Man Interviews

In order to write a newspaper report on the Iron Man, the children wrote their own interview questions and answers for the Iron Man so they could act in role with a partner and interview each other. The children focused on some key interviewing skills; eye contact, tone of voice and body language. They did a great job!

Iron Man Interviews

National Poetry Day


As part of National Poetry Day the children learned about the features of Acrostic Poems. They planned and wrote their own acrostic poems about the Iron Man. They did a brilliant job using similes, alliteration and other features. 

Iron Man Acrostic Poems

A very loud lesson!


As part of our Science topic on Sound, the children learned that sounds are vibrations that can travel through different materials. The pitch of a sound is how high or low the sound is. The loudness of a sound is how loud or soft it is. The children experimented with musical instruments to work out the pitch and loudness. 



Sound and Science

Sparky the Magnificent Dragon

This is 4C's Mascot, Sparky the Magnificent Dragon. Children who try their best and behave sensibly have the chance of becoming the Star of the Day. Every day the class vote for a Star and the chosen child will keep Sparky on their desk. At the end of each week a Star of the Week will be chosen and they will get to take Sparky and his diary home to record their adventures together. 

Who will be chosen next?

Class Charter

Year 4 Key Task


As part of our Topic subject The Stone Age, the children have been given a key task that will challenge them to learn as much as they can about how early humans survived in order to successfully complete it.


The key task is to:

Create a survival kit for nomadic life 



Welcome to 4C


The children have made a fantastic start to Year 4. The entire class have grown and matured over the summer holiday and this has helped them make a productive start to Year 4 routines. I am really impressed by how well they have settled into daily routines. The children have enjoyed learning how to use cursive writing and I know that many of the children will achieve a pen license by Christmas.


It is very pleasing that many of the children are taking their reading book home and reading at least three times. I very much appreciate you taking the time to read with your child and making a short comment in their Reading Diary. 


A reminder that on Fridays, the children have PE and swimming. 

School Council Reps


4C have selected two School Council members, Sophie and Jayden. 

The children have written a statement of intent:

Sophie: “As a School Council Rep I would like to help children to be kinder to one another. I would like to get better, stronger equipment so things do not break easily. I would like to get higher fences so that balls do not go missing. I want to know what the children in school need to make the school a better place.”


Jayden: “As a school council rep I would like to improve the playground and the school field so that everyone can have fun. I would like to have activities in the woodland area and get new balls to play with at break times. I also want to improve the trim-trail so it is more fun. I want to improve the school and have clubs for everyone.”



4C have selected two Eco-Rangers, Brooke and Joshua.

The children have written a statement of intent:

Brooke: “As an Eco-Ranger I would like to help the school save money. I would like to start a gardening club so everyone can learn how to take care of the environment.”


Joshua: “As an Eco-Warrior I want to get rid of any thorn bushes and nettles around school so that children will be safer. I will make sure that the lights will be switched off in the classroom if no-one is using it.”