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Miss Wilson's Class

Welcome To 2W



Teacher - Miss A Wilson

Teaching Assistant - Miss C Blackburn


On our page you will find lots of exciting information about what the children are learning in class. We will also be sharing all the exciting events that are coming up throughout the year. We will share with you any special activities, exciting learning opportunities and examples of children's work.


Thank You


Miss Wilson and Miss Blackburn

Design and Technology Week - Monday

Today we found out all about our design task, which is to create a functioning play park. We decided that we needed to do some research and thought the REC would be the perfect place to investigate playground equipment and how it works. We worked on clipboards to do observational drawings and although we got a bit damp we had a great time and came up with some excellent ideas to use when designing our equipment!


When we came back to class we drew up our observations then went to the IT suite to research playgrounds. 

Our educational visit this term was to the Discovery Museum in Newcastle. We had a fantastic time looking through all the exhibitions. We especially enjoyed the Science Maze where we discovered how things are made and had the change to play with some wacky inventions. 


Finally we had the opportunity to learn more about George Stephenson and his invention 'Rocket'. We even made our own trains and tested them with steam power.

Traffic Survey

In Maths we have been learning all about statistics as part of this we conducted a traffic survey.


We saw over 70 cars!

Early one morning on Tuesday 5th June, Mrs Chaytor came rushing frantically into the classroom. She had seen a mysterious, peculiar object in the trees and needed our help to figure out what it was. What could this unusual object be?


We went down to the woods to look at what looked like a crashed space ship. We then hunted around for clues to try and figure out what has happened.


We will be sharing our findings soon.

Our Topic This Term.....

This term our topic is Wacky Races. We will be learning all about different forms of transport. What forms of transport do you know?

We will also learn about important people and how their contributions helped to change transport over the years.

Our key task is to make our own vehicle to take part in a Wacky Race!

As part of Science Week, we have been developing our own investigation into the habitats of different mini-beasts.


We decided to focus on woodlice and what their preferred habitat is. To carry out our investigation we needed to collect some woodlice from the woods, unfortunately we picked the wrong weather! Despite the rain we had a wonderful time! 

I would like to say a big thank you to all the children who dressed up for World Book Day! I can tell you all put a lot of thought into your costumes. 


We had a wonderful time celebrating World Book Day and we chose the book James and the Giant Peach as our focus for the day. 


We have been reading this as our class novel and are really enjoying the story! 


We used the story to help us write careful character descriptions and make our very own giant peach (display photos to follow!).


To finish the day we had the opportunity to show off our costumes to the whole school in a costume parade. 


We love World Book Day!

I hope you are all enjoying your fun in the snow! I can't wait to hear all about your snowmen and sledging, I may have been sledging myself! 


I have listed some activities that you can complete at home inbetween your fantastic snow related fun! 

How to build a snowman!

I am sure you have built some fantastic snowmen so far so I would like you to write a set of instructions explaining how to build a snowman. Remember to use time connectives, expanded noun phrases and those bossy verbs! 


I will give out prizes to the best set of instructions. 


If you can attach a picture of your snowman as well! smiley

Here is a link to some times tables games for you to play at home. Most activities are compatible with an IPad or smartphone. 

Remember we are practising our 2x 5x 10x and 3x tables.




Here are this week's spellings. You can use the look, cover, say, write and check to practise your spellings.

Chinese New Year


We had an amazing time learning all about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated.

As part of this we made some wonderful crafts. We made paper cup dragons. Dragons are a main focus of celebrations, many go to parades to watch a giant, colourful dragon dance its way down the street. We also made drums from paper plates and beads and decorated them with our initials in Chinese. 


Instruction Writing


We have been working on writing instructions, to start us off we tried using verbal instructions to make yummy jam sandwiches. This lead onto making our own seaside in a bottle and writing some excellent instructions for making them. 

Happy New Year!


Welcome back and we hope you have all had a wonderful break. It is lovely to see everyone refreshed and ready for the exciting learning taking place this term.


Our topic this term is......


What does it mean to be green?



We will be looking at recycling, conservation and sustainability. We will be learning all about the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). To complete our topic we will be making our very own musical instruments using completely recycled materials. Any donations of recycled materials will be greatly appreciated!




Our focus this term is ‘Material Monsters’. We will be learning all about different materials and what they are used for. So far we have identified some important materials used to make everyday items and we even went on a walk around school to see if we can find some materials being used.




Our book for this term is ‘The Snail and the Whale’ written by Julia Donaldson. We will be using this story to help us practise all the skills we have learned. We will be writing stories, newspaper reports, instructions and many more.


To listen to this story at home, follow this link...






This term PE is will taught on a Tuesday afternoon by one of our wonderful Sport’s Coaches. All children will need to bring in full PE kit every week.

We had an incredible time at the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum. We were shown around the museum and learned lots of new facts about the famous Captain Cook. We went on an Aboriginal hunt to find objects and facts about this culture. Finally we were given the chance to draw, paint and write using a quill. Our favourite part was using the Google Expedition VR Headsets. 

This week we have had a wonderful time looking at the Hindu celebration of Diwali. We learned all about the different ways this festival is celebrated and heard the story of Rama and Sita. As Diwali is known as the festival of light, we made our own Diva Lamps which are used to show good defeating evil.

As part of our computing we have been exploring simple algorithms and instructions. We explored giving the Bee Bot's simple instructions then worked towards using a treasure map and making our own treasure maps for the Bee Bot to explore. 


Harvest Festival Assembly

In 2W we have had a wonderful time learning all about Harvest Festival. We learned that at this time of year we harvest all the crops we have grown. As part of this we performed a harvest assembly to parents and our peers. We read some harvest poems, sang some harvest hymns and shared the story of the Little Red Hen. We are very proud of how hard we have worked.


Still image for this video
This week we worked with Destination Judo. We had a great time practicing our balance and we even learned how to pin someone down.

National Poetry Day

For National Poetry Day we decided to look at poems about pirates. We found a funny poem called 'Meet The Pirates'. We enjoyed this poem because it was all about a bunch of useless pirates. We especially enjoyed Pirate Pete and his smelly feet. We worked hard to write our own verses to include in this poem, which was a challenge since we had to rhyme our words.


Here are some of our wonderful verses.

Can you spot the words that rhyme?



Peter Pan

In Year 2 we are reading the traditional story of Peter Pan. We are excited to learn about the adventures of Peter Pan. We will be talking about the story, putting the story in order and exploring different characters and settings. We will even write a book review to share what we enjoyed the most about this story. 

We are looking forward to starting our Key Task for this term.

We held a class vote and decided that our School Council Members are Kacie and Tyler. Well done to both of you!

Our Eco Rangers for this term are Marc and Mason. They are in charge of making sure the lights and the whiteboard is turned off when not being used.

Our Class Charter

Settling in


In our new class we have spent the past few weeks getting settled in to new routines and getting to know each other. We have all worked very hard and are looking forward to all the exciting new learning opportunities we will have this year. Our topic this term is Pirates and we already know one famous pirate, Captain Blackbeard! 



PE - In 2W we have PE on a Thursday afternoon. Children must bring in their PE kit every week.

Swimming - 2W are not swimming this term


Reading - We encourage children to read 3 times a week and have this signed by an adult. We award a prize to all children who achieve this. 


Homework - Reading, maths and spelling homework will be handed out on a Friday to be returned by the following Wednesday. We award prizes to all children who manage to complete all of their homework.