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Miss Sharp

Miss Sharp's Class!

Ancient Egyptian Day! 


In order to finish off our topic work this term, we held an Ancient Egyptian day! The children all put in lots of effort to come into school dressed as pharaohs, pyramid builders and even tomb raiders - they all looked fantastic! We spent the day preparing items for our very own Ancient Egyptian museum. The children worked in groups to recreate Tutankhamun's famous death mask, carefully matching the colours and patterns. The children also had the chance to create their own cat mummies, using cardboard tubes and masking tape. They could choose to decorate these with a range of egyptian symbols and hieroglyphics. We began the afternoon by acting out the mummification process... the children loved this and threw themselves into this activity wholeheartedly! Of course, an egyptian day isn't complete without a dance along to 'Walk Like An Egyptian'. SPOILER: no children were harmed in the mummification process...




Peterlee Partnership Festival 


Last week, the children were lucky enough to spend the day at Acre Rigg Infants school with the Year 3 and 4 children from other local schools. The Festival aimed to give the children the opportunity to celebrate friendships and diversity. We had a lovely day in the sunshine, spent taking part in face painting, bracelet making, mask making and even a disco!! I was very proud of the children, who buddied some younger children throughout the day, for their kindness, understanding and fantastic behaviour. We all thoroughly enjoyed our day and can't wait to return next year! 


Healthy Fun Day!


The children had lots of fun today taking part in a range of different activities. We spent our morning taking part in some team games, relaxing Yoga and learning how to make healthy pizza. We even had a chance at making our own smoothies using a smoothie bike to blend our food. In the afternoon, the children tried some brand new sports - rocket ball and cricket. Many showcased their Gumption magic powers, trying their best in every activity. A clear favourite with the children was cricket.



Shotton Festival of Art



This year, the theme for the Shotton Festival of Art is... The Royal Wedding! The children spent some time learning about our Royal Family and naming the key guests at the wedding. We explored the different elements of the wedding which we could create a piece of artwork around. The children were very keen to explore Meghan's dress, Windsor Castle, the cake and the flowers. As a class, we decided the element of the wedding we wanted to being to life in art form was Meghan's bouquet. We created our own stencils and used tissue paper to bring the flower's colours to life.


KrindleKrax art!


The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading our class novel 'Krindlekrax', immersing themselves  fully into our reading and writing around the topic. To celebrate coming to the end of the novel, we decided to create some artwork based around the creature that lurks in Lizard Street. The children had a choice of a range of materials and experimenting with different shades of green. The children were extremely proud of the work they produced and will enjoy seeing them on our classroom display.

Exploring Artefacts


Our key task this term is to create our very own museum exhibit! We spent some time in groups investigating a range of artefacts from ancient Egypt. We used these to help us learn more about the Ancient Egyptian's beliefs and daily life. We also used the artefacts to ask key questions which we will use to initiate some research projects after half term.


KrindleKrax Detectives!


This week, a strange occurrence happened in our peace garden. I volunteered 3S to become investigators and help us work out what had happened. The children left no stone unturned in our peace garden, finding a range of very peculiar objects. The children followed this up by studying the evidence back in the classroom and interviewing key witnesses to the events. Next week, we will create newspaper articles to report our findings!





Hidden Treasure!


This term we will be learning about Ancient Egypt. The children have already fully immersed themselves into this topic and are motivated to learn. This week we have been learning about what Ancient Egypt looked like and identifying some important cities and landmarks. We worked together, using our communication skills to create some 3D maps of Egypt. I am so impressed with the children's creativity and cannot wait to display these in our classroom!

Our descriptions of the fearsome Krindlekrax!


We are beginning the new term by finishing reading our class novel 'Krindlekrax'. The children and I have absolutely loved reading this story together, and we are very excited to find out if the fearsome Krindlekrax is defeated! This week the children have been using their descriptive skills, pulling together some fantastic vocabulary to write a description of the beast to help Ruskin spot him in the sewers. I have been so impressed with the high level of vocabulary and grammar the children have demonstrated in their writing. Here are just a few of the wonderful examples: 



The European Games 2018!


Our key task this term has been to organise and take part in Shotton Primary School's first ever European Games. The children have been working hard in their preparation towards these games learning everything they need to know about Europe. We have developed our map reading skills and our map drawing skills as well as researching the culture of different European countries.


In preparation for the games, the children were split into four teams, each representing a European country of their choice. The teams decided were: Italy, Greece, Spain and (last but not least) Great Britain! Next, we voted on the events we should compete in, the children decided we should compete in Basketball, Javelin, Standing Long Jump and Speed Bounce. So with the stage set, our teams raring to go, it was time for the European Games to commence...


The games began with an opening ceremony where they proudly waved their country's flags and celebrated the other teams competing. The children really enjoyed themselves and were a delight all afternoon, showcasing fantastic teamwork and communication qualities. The children even got a chance to show their amazing leadership skills when Year 1 and Year 2 joined in the fun - showing what real assets to our school they are! Myself and Mrs Chaytor were especially proud of our children this afternoon.

Sports Relief 2018!


We had lots of fun celebrating Sports Relief today! We all came into school in our best sports kits and took part in lots of fun activities. Mrs Shaw was very kind and ran a fast-paced fit steps session for us, with a special surprise song at the end! We all enjoyed ourselves very much, but by the end we were exhausted and ready for a good sit down!


World Book Day

We really enjoyed our Myths and Legends themed day! Can you guess who we came dressed up as?



Some more pictures from World Book Day!

Mythical Creatures


We learnt about the different creatures that appear in famous myths. We learnt that these creatures are usually a mixture of two different animals, such as a Griffin which is a mixture of a lion and an eagle, and that these creatures have supernatural elements.


Using a range of materials, we designed and created our own mythical creatures.




Science Week


Next week, as part of Science week, the children will be taking part in a range of exciting experiments and activities. To celebrate this week, we will be beginning our new science topic 'How plants grow'. We began Science week a little early by planting our own Runner Beans and discussing as a class the best conditions our beans would need to grow. We decided they would need some water and lots of light in order to grow. Over the week, we will be keeping an eye on our Runner Beans and measuring the length the roots grow each day.




I hope you have been staying safe... and having lots of fun in the snow!  Here are some activities you can be completing whilst you're taking a rest from all those snowball fights and sledging!




We have been learning about tally charts, pictograms and bar charts in our Maths lessons recently. Over the weekend your challenge is to keep a tally of: how many snowballs you make, how many times you see snow fall from the sky, how many hot drinks you drink and how many snowmen you build. When we return to school we will use these tally charts to create our own bar graphs!




Snow Sculpture Competition!


This term we have begun reading our new class novel 'KrindleKrax'. We have been reading about The Splinter family, Elvis, Sparky and their homes on Lizard Street. In our reading lessons we have been predicting what the mysterious creature KrindleKrax might look like, can you create a snow sculpture showing me what you think KrindleKrax might look like? Be as creative as you like!


Make sure you bring pictures into school, the best sculptures will win a dip out of our prize box!




Here are our weekly spellings to practise for our test next week:


Group 1:                                                     












Group 2: 












Group 3:    









Exploring Europe!


Class 3S have packed our passports and are off exploring Europe. But first... we need to find out everything we possibly can about it! The children have been really enjoying learning about the different countries in Europe and each of their features. We have been using atlas skills to help us understand where the different countries in Europe are, as well as to match flags to the correct country. We will continue to increase our knowledge next half term, learning about capital cities and even the food eaten in some countries. 



Forces & Magnets


In science this term we have been learning all about forces and magnets. We explored using Force Meters, using these to weigh different classroom objects. We have learnt that a force is measured in Newtons because Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity. We planned and created an investigation to discover whether different surfaces affected the force needed for an object to move along them. As a class we discussed how to make sure our experiment was fair and reliable. We found out that wood was the surface that required the least amount of force, and that sandpaper was the surface that required the most amount of force. 


Happy New Year!


Welcome back! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and a lovely New Year. It has been lovely seeing all the children returning and settling into their lessons this week.


This term our topic is.... Adventures in Europe!




We are beginning the term reading local legend 'The Lambton Worm' alongside many other English legends. The children will be provided with lots of different writing opportunities from this, and will be given the opportunity to develop their descriptive language alongside their performance skills. As well as exploring local legends, the children will also be comparing 'The Lambton Worm' with a more modern novel - 'Krindlekrax'.




In Science this term we will be exploring 'Forces and Magnets'. Here, we will learn about pushes and pulls as well as using scientific equipment to explore forces. In this unit, we will also be investigating how magnets work through a range of scientific investigations.




This term, we will be developing our research skills in order to produce fact files about European countries.




This term we are going to learn about the signs and symbols within Christianity and in particular those that are found within a Christian church. This topic will extend into Easter, where we will learn about Lent.


History & Geography


Our topic this term is ‘Adventures in Europe’. Here, we will be researching a number of European countries. We will study capital cities and their landmarks and use maps to show places of major industry.




We will research food from different European countries and design a European Menu. We will design and make our own European Landmarks.




We will study the work of famous European Artists and use this as inspiration for our own artwork.


Modern Foreign Languages


Our unit this first half term is 'All About Me'. We will be able to greet each other and ask how we are feeling. We will be able to say our name and age. We will revise counting to 20. As part of our ‘Adventures in Europe’ topic we will learn greetings in other languages spoken in Europe.




We will study traditional music in European countries and compare modern music tastes with those of the UK.




It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...


Christmas spirit has well and truly hit here in 3S. The children have enjoyed a busy few weeks, full of exciting activities. As well as decorating the classroom, this past week the we have enjoyed our Year 3 Christmas party, a 'Christmas Catastrophe' pantomime and the Christmas Fayre!


Our Christmas Party

The children all looked fabulous for our Christmas party. We enjoyed a variety of games, including musical statues, corners, pass the parcel and Just Dance.  After this, the children tucked into their party tea of pizza and cake!


'A Christmas Catastrophe'

Thank you very much to the pantomime company that came and performed for us. The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance and were very keen to get involved. It was lovely to see the children's lovely smiles throughout the performance.

The Christmas Fayre

Thank you to all those who attended the Christmas Fayre and supported our Christmas craft! The children had lots of fun making our button wreaths, and it was so lovely to see so many of you enjoying the event and purchasing one to take home to enjoy!

Santa Fun Run


Well done to all those children who took part in the Santa Fun Run this week. The children had all made an amazing effort and looked fantastic in their costumes. We had lots of fun running around the course, with a couple of boys and girls even managing to lap Miss Sharp! But the icing on the cake was being handed our medals by Santa Claus at the end of the race! Here are some pictures of our fantastic afternoon! 



Woodhorn Mining Museum - Thursday 9th November.


As part of our topic work, we visited Woodhorn Mining Museum. Throughout the day we were able to participate in three different activities; a colliery tour, a mining experience, and a pitman painter workshop. The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring all of the buildings and equipment and even got to experience what it would have been like for the miners crawling through the small tunnels!


The children behaved perfectly and were amazing ambassadors for our school. I am very proud of them all!


Below are some pictures of our visit:


Rocks and Fossils!


In our Science lessons this term, we have been learning about Rocks, Soils and Fossils. The children have really enjoyed learning about the different types of rocks and their properties. To bring this topic to a close we held a 'Rock Detective' afternoon, where the children were able to investigate the properties of different rocks. We found out that Limestone is the most reactive rock by watching it fizz when vinegar was poured on it, whilst we also found out that Coal was the lightest rock as it floated when we placed it in water.





Our Marvellous Medicines!


Our class novel this term is George's Marvellous Medicine. The children have spent the last couple of weeks planning how they would make their own Marvellous Medicines and thinking about how they would use imperative verbs and time conjunctions to write a set of instructions. The children have worked really hard over the last few weeks and have produced some wonderful work, well done Year 3! 


Every child produced some amazing writing, below is just the highlight of some of the incredible writing:




We are Mathematicians! 


Over the past couple of weeks in our Maths lessons we have began looking at formal methods for addition. We have found this very difficult, but we have practised lots in our Maths lessons through lots of practical activities and group work. Well done to all of 3S for working hard and not giving up with this tricky topic! 


Shotton Colliery Wheel


In order to help us understand more about Shotton's local history and geography we went for a local walk to visit the Colliery Wheel. The children had lots of fun exploring the wheel and drawing what they observed. We discussed what material we thought the wheel was made from, why the wheel might be there and whether we think this is the only Colliery Wheel in the North-East. We even found some of our relative's names on the memorial plaque!


We will use this trip to help us in our Topic lessons next week as we begin to learn about life in the mines!



Thursday 28th September - National Poetry Day


The children loved celebrating National Poetry Day today. As a class, we read 'If I were King' by A.A. Milne and had lots of fun discussing and acting out what we would do if we were king for a day (some exciting ideas included riding in a red Lamborghini!). The children used the rhymes in the poem to create their own rhyming couplets, producing some wonderful poems as a result!


Well done to everyone for their wonderful work. Here are a selection of images and poems from the day.


Tuesday 26th September


In our Science lessons this term we are learning about rocks! This week we have been exploring different types of rocks. In groups we sorted our rocks into groups using different criterion such as colour and shape. As a class, we then grouped our rocks using a Venn Diagram and a Carroll diagram.




Synonym Flowers!

14th September


Our class novel this term is George's Marvellous Medicine. This week the children have enjoyed reading the first chapter and meeting the character of George's Grandma. In George's Marvellous Medicine, lots of interesting words are used to describe Grandma. In our English lessons we have been looking at Synonyms and Antonyms that we could use in our own character descriptions of Grandma!



We are Mathematicians!


In our Maths lessons we have been learning all about Place Value. The children have been working very hard and have been producing some excellent work!


Our Class Charter

Together we have created our class charter, as a class we promise to follow these rules and respect one another. We signed our class charter by creating the outlines of our hands and decorating them with values we feel are important in our classroom. 




Eco Rangers!


Our Eco Rangers are Layton and Clayton! They promise to keep our tidy a 'green' space by checking that we are recycling all of our rubbish and are not wasting electricity in the classroom. 



School Council Reps

We spent the afternoon learning about democracy and discussing how our country uses a fair voting system to decide who represents the people in government. We discussed the importance of having someone represent our views for us, and finished our afternoon with a class vote to decide our School Council Class Reps.


Harley and Elle-Anne were voted as our class reps, they have compiled a statement:


"We promise to listen to other children's views and discuss these in our council meetings. We will try our hardest to remember to attend meetings and feedback what happens in these meetings to our class.".


Black Gold


Our topic for this term is Black Gold! On Monday we had a special assembly where 3S was given our key task, this term our key task is to design a miners' banner for Shotton Colliery. The children will be learning about the history and geography of Shotton Colliery and discovering what life will have been like as a miner.  


Reading Books


Reading books will be given to children at the end of the first week. We have an expectation at Shotton Primary that children will read at home three times each week. It would be wonderful if you could share your child's reading book with them throughout the week and comment/sign in the reading diary. Now that the children are in Y3, and to develop independence, the children are expected to place their reading bags/books in the reading box so that we can change them regularly. 




Homework will be given to children on a Friday and must be returned at any time before the following Wednesday. Homework may include spellings, Maths or English activities. 


 PE & Swimming Days 


Swimming - Tuesday morning. Children will require full swimming kit: costume/trunks, towel and a swimming hat.


PE - Wednesday afternoon. Children will require full PE kit: dark shorts/tracksuit bottoms, white PE top, trainers (hoodie/jumper for colder weather).