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Miss Sharp

Welcome to 5S!




We spent our day at Teesmouth Field Centre learning about the River Tees. We learnt about the river's source and mouth and lots of features along the river such as Cauldron Snout, High Force and Low Force. We visited the Transporter Bridge and learnt lots of facts about it - we were particularly impressed that the bridge turned 108 years old last year! We were even lucky enough to ride on the bridge and learn about how it worked. Later on, we visited the beach where we could see the mouth of the Tees. Here, we created models of the River Tees using natural materials we could find on the beach. The children really enjoyed their day and were even treated to a seal sighting as we drove past Seal Sands! 

              Comic Relief - Danceathon 


A huge thankyou to Mrs Shaw who led us in a very energetic danceathon for Comic Relief. The children absolutely loved following along to the steps! 

             A very MAGICAL world book day!


Wow! What a fantastic day we have had! The children looked absolutely fantastic in their costumes, thank you all for going to such efforts! This morning, we were catapulted into the magical world of Harry Potter and received our wizard training. But first, if we were going to attend Hogwarts, we needed to be sorted into our houses. Luckily, Professor Dumbledore had kindly lent me his sorting hat for the day. Next, we made our way to our potions lesson. Miss Sharp (the Potions Master) created some very fizzy potions using dragons blood, unicorn tail powder and centaurs tears which created a lot of excitement. Next, the children were free to use a range of ingredients to create their own potion, the children focused on layering different materials to create different colour effects - the end result was very impressive! 


After break, we took a breather in our Muggle Studies lesson where we learnt about non-magical folk J.K Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe. Finally, to conclude our magical morning we competed in a house Quiddich tournament! After tallying the house points from the morning, we were left with a tie between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor so we competed in a tie-breaker. Congratulations to Gryffindor who fought off close competition and triumphed! We have had a fantastic day and we are all very excited to start reading about Harry's adventures in our class novel!  

May the force be with you! 


This half term in science we are learning about forces! The children have planned and carried out a variety of experiments exploring gravity, friction and air resistance! 





Chinese New Year


What a lovely day we had celebrating Chinese New Year. We spent the morning reading and learning all about the Zodiac and different traditions Chinese people take part in during Chinese New Year. The children were particularly enthralled with the Dragon Dance! 

We looked at Chinese writing and created our own names as well as picking symbols with deeper meanings such as love, hope and peace. We paired these with famous animals from the zodiac to make hanging decorations. Finally, we read the Willow Tree story (A traditional Chinese folk tale) which is depicted on the famous Willow Pattern plates. We decided to retell the story on our own plates using a variety of shades of blue. This took a lot of patience and steady handwork, but the children did an amazing job! 

Class Assembly


We were asked to perform our class assembly in front of the whole school this afternoon. The children have worked hard to put this together over the past week and I am very proud of what they achieved. 



Christmas Party!


Christmas Jumper Day 2018


The children looked fabulously festive in their Christmas jumpers today in order to support 'Save the Children'. Thank you for all your generous donations. 


Rainforests in a box


To round off our Rainforest topic, the children have been busy creating their own Rainforest in a box. The children were given their own freedom to design their box how they liked and were provided with a range of materials to use. The results are fantastic and I know the children are extremely proud of their work  - as am I! 



Exploring the 'Phases of the Moon'!


In science this term, we have been learning about Space and Earth. The children have loved learning about our solar system and have thrown themselves into their learning. We learnt about the Earth and Moon's rotations, what creates night and day, time zones, planets and how the Moon changes shape. 


The children acted out a model of the Earth and Moon before creating a diagram together in pairs. The children were then challenged to describe each phase to their partner and create a song to help them remember!



A very exciting treat!


Congratulations to those children who were selected to enjoy our end of term treat. To achieve this treat, the children needed to show outstanding behaviour throughout this term. It was a very tough decision to choose just eight children. Those selected enjoyed a Nerf gun shooting range and a space hopper grand prix.


Sunderland Winter Gardens and Museum


What a fantastic trip we had today to the Sunderland Winter Gardens! The children participated in an 'Animal Adventures' workshop this morning where they learnt some interesting facts about Rainforest animals whilst also meeting some real life Rainforest creatures! The children were then given time to explore the tropical plants in the gardens. Because these tropical plants need a warm environment to thrive, the gardens were very hot! The children were given the chance to explore what the Rainforest looked like from the emergent layer by using the garden's sky balcony. The children behaved excellently throughout the day and represented our school fantastically - despite a half an hour safety evacuation we had to endure! Well done boys and girls. 


For those who were unable to attend the exhibition of work in the hall last Friday, here is Year 5's fantastic display. Well done to all the children for working so hard on their recruitment posters, they looked fantastic! The children thoroughly enjoyed immersing themselves in their learning this week. 


Remembrance Week


 This week, we have been marking 100 years since the end of World War 1. In Year 5, alongside learning about the remarkable stories of the soldiers, we focused on the role of women. We learnt that many women joined the Women's Land Army and the Auxiliary Territorial Service in order to help. Many women took on jobs such as: mechanics, engineers, Air Raid Wardens, Nurses and making bombs and aircraft parts. We discovered that women were crucial to keeping Britain running while the men were away fighting. 


We studied propaganda posters used to persuade women to volunteer to work in factories and on the farm. We created our own propaganda posters, persuading women to work using our knowledge of persuasive texts and WWI. The children are very proud of the posters they produced! Many thanks if you came to see our work on display in the school this afternoon. 


Diwali pots!


This half term, the children have been learning about Hinduism with Mrs Kelly. To finish off their topic, the children made Diwali pots using clay. The children studied different styles of pots they could make and chose their own patterns. Once the pots were dry, the boys and girls painted them using special fluorescent paints. Once again, the children had to think carefully about the different patterns they wanted to use. The pots created at wonderful and I know the children are very proud of them. The children will be able to bring their pots home after half term. 

National Poetry Day - thinking about how privileged we are. 


This week, we celebrated National Poetry Day. We chose to read 'If Only' by Pie Corbett, a poem which discusses wishful thinking and encourages children to think about what impossible things they would love to do if given the chance. The children threw themselves into our learning wholeheartedly and produced some fantastic interpretations of the poem.


In light of recent events in Indonesia, we discussed how lucky and privileged we are to live in this country, and discussed what things we would like to take away from the world if given the power to and what we would do to help if we could. The children were incredibly mature throughout the discussion and came up with some wonderfully thoughtful ideas, I am very proud! 


Below is a collection of verses we created:


If only...

I could courageously capture a daunting disaster

I would seal it behind the doors of time. 


If only...

I could roam fearlessly across ferocious fires,

I would bravely burn all the deadly diseases to ash. 


If only...

I could ensnare ten million fireflies,

I would light up the words darkest moments, 


If only...

I could grasp the wings of a phoenix

I would soar across the sky and carry disasters to a safe place.


If only...

I could demolish bad memories,

I would make the world a better place. 


Next week, we will be holding a loose change collection to support those in need in Indonesia. We would be very grateful for any donations! 


Superb setting descriptions!


This half term, our class novel is Kensuke's Kingdom. The children are really enjoying reading this novel and are producing some superb work within their English lessons. This week, we enjoyed Chapter 4 where the main character is washed up on a desert island. We began the week by designing our own desert islands, before planning a setting description. I am really proud with the writing the class produced! I was particularly impressed with the motivation Joshua, Darcy and Amiee showed to produce superb pieces of writing. Joshua worked really hard to include higher level vocabulary that we had discussed all week, whilst Darcy showed persistence to improve her spelling and the length of her work. 


Congratulations Amy!


Key Stage 2 took some time to celebrate the incredible achievements of Amy this week. During the

summer, Amy entered a 'bikewise' competition ran by Durham Country Police. The competition's aim was to raise awareness of bike safety, in particular the importance of wearing a helmet. Fantastically, Amy placed runner up out of over 200 entries! Durham Police came to visit the children in order to share the importance of their message and present Amy with her prize, bringing a Police motorcycle to how the children! 


Well done Amy, what a fantastic achievement! What a lovely role model you are for the rest of the children in our school. 


Welcome back! I hope everyone has had a relaxing summer. The children have certainly returned to school bursting with enthusiasm and keen to learn! The children are very motivated to begin our learning this year and we can't wait to get started. I am very much looking forward to getting to know your children and watching them grow throughout the coming year. I understand the importance of your children feeling safe and happy at school and strive to achieve that in our classroom. Any queries or worries you may have, feel free to let me know. 


This year Mrs Kelly will be working with our children. She will be joining us in class as well as carrying out interventions throughout the day to support your children's learning. 


Key dates to remember:


Now that the children are in Year 5, we expect them to start taking responsibility by ensuring they are well prepared for the school day.


P.E  - This year our PE lesson will be on a Wednesday. Children are expected to have their P.E kit in school on this day. Correct P.E kit consists of a white t-shirt, dark shorts and suitable trainers. 


Swimming - This half term, 5S will be swimming on a Thursday afternoon. Children must ensure they have their full swimming kit with them on this day.



Reading - I have provided the children with a new reading record and reading book. Children are expected to bring their book into school everyday and they must read three times a week at home. An adult must sign your child's diary in order to inform the school that they have read. Children are free to write any other home books they are reading in their diary - I am always interested in what you are reading! 


Homework - Homework will be given out on Friday. It is expected that this is returned by the following Wednesday. A homework club will be held on a Monday and Tuesday lunchtime to support any children who are having difficulties with their homework. 


Spellings - Spellings will be handed out on a Friday alongside the homework. Children must practise these in preparation for our test the following Friday. 







Eco-Warriors & School Council


Tommy and Amy have been selected by the children to represent our class on the school council, whilst Max and Millie have been selected to represent our class on the school's Eco-Council. The children will attend meetings and relay information back to our class. I am positive the children will be fantastic in their new roles! 



Tommy - School Council  Amy - School Council      Millie - Eco-Warrior