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Miss McGee's Class

Welcome to class 2M!


Miss McGee and Mrs Blekinsopp would like to welcome you to class 2M.


This page will be updated regularly to let you know all about the exciting learning we have been doing and update you on any important news.


Year 2 will no longer be going swimming. Our PE lesson is now on a Monday afternoon, so please make sure your child has their PE kit, including gym shoes in school. Throughout May we will be having extra PE sessions so please make sure your child has their PE kit in school every day.





Wacky Races!


On Monday we held our very own spectacular Wacky Race! Many thanks to all who helped build the fantastic vehicles for our race.  We really appreciate the time and support given to your child. Take a look at our photos and videos to see who were our Wacky Winners!


Still image for this video

DT week : Tuesday

DT Week: Monday

Today we found out all about our design task, which is to create a functioning play park. We decided that we needed to do some research and thought the REC would be the perfect place to investigate playground equipment and how it works. We worked on clipboards to do observational drawings and although we got a bit damp we had a great time and came up with some excellent ideas to use when designing our equipment!

Design Technology Week

This week, all across the school, we are taking part in Design Technology week. In Year 2 we will be designing and creating our own play parks. We will be researching, designing, planning and making our own playground equipment in groups.

Thank you for your contributions of tubes, boxes and bottles to help us create some spectacular playground structures.

The Discovery Museum


Our educational visit this term was to the Discovery Museum in Newcastle. We had a fantastic time looking through all the exhibitions. We especially enjoyed the Science Maze where we discovered how things are made and had the change to play with some wacky inventions. 


Finally we had the opportunity to learn more about George Stephenson and his invention 'Rocket'. We even made our own trains and tested them with steam power.

A most peculiar visitor...


Early one morning on Tuesday 5th June, Mrs Chaytor came rushing frantically into the classroom. She had seen a mysterious, peculiar object in the trees and needed our help to figure out what it was. What could this unusual object be?


We went down to the woods to look at what looked like a crashed space ship. We then hunted around for clues to try and figure out what has happened.

Outdoor Adventurous and Athletics Skill


On Wednesday we had a great day at Shotton Hall completing lots of different and exciting outdoor activities. We became athletes throwing javlins, footballers scoring goals and even saved Tinkerbell from the pirates! We had a great time and learned lots of new athletic skills and games!

Wacky Races!

Our Topic this term is 'Wacky Races'. We will be learning all about the history of transport including railways, aeroplanes and space travel.  We will learn about significant figures during this period of history and why they are so important. During the month of May, Year 2 will also complete SATs for reading, SPAG, spelling and mathematics.

Science week

In March we celebrated Science week. In year 2 we our topic is habitats and so we decided to plan and carry out an investigation about mini beast habitats. 

The weather wasn't the best, put non the less we put on our coats and wellies and ventured into the woods to find some mini beast in their natural habitats! We found out that lots of mini beast don't like soaking wet habitats... they were all hiding somewhere dry! We had a great time and talked all about why we couldn't find many mini beasts. (We might try again when the weather is better!)

Snow Day!

I hope you're all having fun and keeping safe and warm during the extreme weather conditions we have been having. I have come up with some exciting challenges to keep you busy during and inbetween the snow filled fun!




You are all invited to take part in our snowman competition!

Prizes will be given for the best snowman!


I would like you to write a set of super instructions on How to Build a Snowman! Don't forget to use time conjunctions, expanded noun phrases and those bossy verbs! (Extra prizes will be given for the best instructions!)


I can't wait to see all of your brilliant snowman! (I may even build one myself!)

We all love making snow angels!

Can you make a snow angel?

Can you measure it?                      

Which different ways could you measure it?

(Using cms, foot steps, hand prints)


What shapes can you see in your snow angel?

This weeks spellings:

You can practice look, cover, say, write, check.

(You could even write the words in the snow!)

Hiker                     shiny     

Hiked                     being

Hiking                    shining

Nicer                     scary

Nicest                    scaring


Here are some maths games to practice your maths skills at home:

(They are all free and tablet/ipad compatible)


https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button Practice your 2, 5 and 10 timestables and division facts

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/money/toy-shop-money Practice using money to make total amounts and find change (The children loved using this resource in class)

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/helicopter-rescue Practice your addition and subtraction skills with this fun helicopter game.


Incredible Instructions!

Last half term, in English we learned all about instructions. We had a lovely time giving our partners clear and simple instructions to make a jam sandwich. The best part was eating them, of course! We learned a lot about instructions, the things they need and how to write our own.

After lots of hard work learning all about how to write instructions we wrote our own all about How to make a seaside in a bottle! (Thank you all for your contributions of empty bottles for this project). We remembered to use all of our time connectives and bossy (imperative) verbs and wrote some excellent instructions. Well done Year 2! 

Happy New year!


I hope you all had a lovely holiday and its great to see everyone back in school excited to start their new topic for Spring.

We are beginning our learning around our new topic:

What does it mean to be green?

In topic:

We are beginning to look at recycling, conservation and sustainability, and the role we play in helping our planet. We are leading up to our key task for the term, which is to make a recycled musical instrument and put on a performance.


In science:

We are learning all about 'Material Monsters'. We are looking at every day materials, what they are used for, how they are made, their properties and suitability. We will be carrying out experiments to decide which materials are good for certain purposes.


In English:

Our first text for this half term is 'The Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson. We will be putting on our writers hats and writing lots of different texts including stories, news paper articles and instructions. We will also be working hard on our spellings!


In PE:

Our PE lesson will take place on a Monday afternoon. Please make sure your child has their PE kit, including gym shoes, in school every monday. In PE we will be learning to dance and move like some of our favourite toys. We will be rolling like play doh and marching like toy soilders. 


It's Christmas!

Here in year 2 we have had a fabulous run up to Christmas. Lots of crafts, learning about the birth of Jesus and how Christmas is celebrated and raising money for our school with the Santa fun run and Christmas Fayre. We worked very hard learning lines and songs for Magical Christmas Journey and put on an amazing performance for our families and friends. We had a great time at our Christmas party playing games and dancing! What a brilliant way to end the year! 


Merry Christmas from all of Year 2!

Captain Cook Birthplace Museum

We had an amazing time at the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum. We spent some time on the 'messy deck' drawing artifacts, painting aboriginal art and writing using a quill. Our favourite part was using the Google Expedition VR Headsets to see all the wonderful things Captain Cook would have seen on his travels. We were shown around the museum and learned lots of new facts about the famous Captain Cook. Finally we went on an Aboriginal hunt to find objects and facts about this culture.

Fantastic Fireworks!


We had a brilliant time learning all about bonfire night, Guy Fawkes and firework safety. We closed our eyes and imagined all the things we will see, hear, smell and feel at a firework display on the 5th of November.

We created fabulous bright and colourful pieces of firework writing and are very proud of them!


Peter Pan!


We had a great half term learning all about Peter Pan and his magical adventures! We described Peter Pan using exciting adjectives, imagined what it would be like to fly through the sky like Peter Pan and wrote our very own adventures to a magical world.

To finish off the topic we wrote book reviews for Peter Pan, letting everyone know how much we enjoyed the book.

Bee Bots


This week we had a brilliant time beginning our learning in computing. We used the Bee Bots to begin to understand algorithms and coding. We learned a lot about how to give instructions and directions and had a great time using the treasure maps and building mazes.

National Poetry Day

Thursday 28th September

This week we celebrated National Poetry Day.

In year 2 we have been learning about pirates.We picked a silly pirate poem to focus on.

We had a brilliant time writing our own pirate poems, singing pirate songs and performing in assembly!



Our class welcome Newsletter

Our Class Charter

In Class 2M we worked together to come up with our class rules and all agreed to follow them.

Our class eco rangers

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Please remember:


We do PE on a Thursday afternoon. Please make sure your child has their kit with them every week.


This term we go swimming on a Monday morning. Please make sure your child has their swimming kit with them every week.