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Magic Awards

Week Beginning 14th December

Yet again our children have made staff and themselves incredibly proud. We have had children trying incredibly hard all week, shown wonderful determination and made lots of super progress. What a lovely start to the week?


Nursery: Harry A, Ella J and Sienna (Stars of Week)

Reception: Travis (Star of the Week)

Year 1: Noah H (I learn), Kenton (I learn), Ella (communication) and David (I learn).

Year 2: Ruby (motivation) and Elsie (attitude)

Year 3: Zac T (I learn) and Harry T (communication).

Year 4: Bradley (I learn), Lexi T.(attitude), Riley R (motivation) and Miley (I learn).

Year 5: Eddie (gumption), Evan (I learn), Fraizer (attiude) and Nathan (attitude).

Year 6: Emily (communication) Gurman (I learn) and all of Miss Sharps class for their approach to learning and the excellent communication that they have shown towards each other particularly in PE

Week Beginning 7th December

A huge well done to our MAGIC winners. They have been trying so hard and have made a huge amount of progress in their learning, one child has improved their score in multiplication tests by 300%, which is amazing. All of the staff are delighted to share good news with you and celebrate the MAGIC qualities of children who have shown improved listening and continue to be determined to do their very best. They all deserve to feel very proud.


Nursery: Scarlett, Hollie B and Travis (Stars of the Week)

Reception: Sophia (Star of the Week)

Year 1: Leon T (attitude), Isla M (gumption), Layton (motivation) and Violet (gumption)

Year 2: Daniel (motivation) and Sophie P (attitude)

Year 3: Shane and Leo C (I learn)

Year 4:Jaxon (motivation), Luke H (attitude), Harley (gumption) and Leo W( attitude).

Year 5: Husna (attitude), Kacie (motivation) and Lily Mae (I learn).

Year 6: Harvey (gumption), Maddie G (communication)

Mrs Robinson would like to give the MAGIC award this week to her whole Y6 class (for perseverance, motivation and co-operation within their DT work- producing outstanding results).

Week Beginning 30th November


What a lovely, proud start to the week, hearing so much good news about our children. They have been learning to recognise 3d shapes and so many have shown real kindness towards each other. Staff have been so impressed by the wonderful motivation children have shown and a definite 'I can' attitude- never giving up until they have mastered new skills and knowledge. It was fantastic to hear about beautiful handwriting and wonderful creative writing. Someone even got full marks in their Y6 arithmetic test- WOW!!!!!!

Well done everyone!

Mrs Shaw


Nursery Cody, Jennie and Katelynn (Stars of the Week)

Rec Elliott (Star of the Week)

Y1 Ava G (motivation), Jasmine (I learn), Charlie (I learn) and Mikey (gumption)

Y2 Liana (gumption and Harry B (communication)

Y3 Freya (motivation) and Ava S (gumption)

Y4 Erin, Alfie S (attitude),Phoebe (attitude) and Alfie P (motivation)

Y5 Brooke (attitude), Cameron (motivation), Ollie (gumption) and Isobel B (attitude)

Y6 Ian (attitude), Jacob (I learn), Aaron (motivation) and Ethan (attitude)

Week Beginning 23rd November

Today we did our first telephone celebration assembly, to recognise the attitude, achievements and personal qualities of our wonderful children. It was lovely to hear that children have engaged really well with remote learning whilst they have been unable to attend school. There have been so many proud teachers and it was so lovely being able to phone each classroom and be astounded by the fact that so many of our children never give up and endeavour to try their very best at all times even if they find something difficult. Children have shown how well they have done working with others, showing real team spirit. Well done to you all!


Nursery: Jack B  and George T (Stars of the week)

Reception: Alex M (Star of the week)

Year 1  Noah H, Evelyn, Katelyn (attitude and motivation), James B (motivation) Ella and Erin (attitude)

Year 2: Lilly May, (attitude), Eleanor (gumption)

Year 3 Dylan P (attitude), Lacey (motivation)

Year 4 Riley P and Joshua S (attitude), Layla Mae (motivation), Riley R (I learn), Roseanne (motivation), Faye (gumption)

Year 5 Lexie D (I learn), Lucas (attitude), Riley D (attitude) Hayden (communication)

Year 6: Imogen (attitude), Sophie (gumption), Lucie (attitude)