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Lumiere: Durham's Festival of Light

Beautiful Eco-Friendly Art

Durham Lumiere: A Wonderful Opportunity for our Children.

We were all incredibly excited that some of our children were able to work alongside professional artists to create an art installation which will be displayed as part of Durham’s Lumiere 10th Year Anniversary Festival in November. It was an amazing opportunity for the children. However it couldn't have happened without your help. Our workshop took place on Monday 21st October and we needed to have collected between 150 and 200 empty bottles. 


Many thanks for your help.

Mrs Shaw (Head Teacher)

Mrs Oakes (Art and Design Leader)


Bottle Festoon – Lumiere Durham 2019

In the UK 38.5 million plastic bottles are used and discarded every day and only half are recycled. This means that more than 16 million bottles are put into landfill, burnt or discarded into our oceans and environment each and every day.


Bottle Festoon creates art out of our plastic waste and draws attention to what we all do with our plastic.

Bottle Festoon is a unique and eco-friendly artwork of glittering, icicle-like chandeliers made from clear or green plastic bottles. Each chandelier will be created by school children, community groups and families, using their plastic bottles from home.


The artists are working with community groups, from across County Durham, including Shotton Primary School, to create this installation which will be featured in the Lumiere Festival.



Look at how many bottles we were able to collect with help from our community...

Working with Professional Artists