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Eco Warriors

Our Eco-Warriors 2020/21

In September each class from Year 2 to Year 6 will elect 2 members of their class to be their champions for ecological awareness and our school to be as eco-friendly as possible. 


We we look forward to our eco-warriors continuing to make a real difference.

The Work of Our Eco-Warriors since the group was established by Mrs Oakes

In 2019/20 our eco-warriors were very ecologically responsible and were very involved contributing lots of ideas and trying to be as active as possible.


Why not take a look to see how the eco warriors are trying to make a difference and have had a positive impact on our community.

Our Eco Code

Our 2019-2020 Eco warriors did a fabulous job, taking their responsibilities very seriously. Well done to all of you...

Councillor Eunice Huntington who is also one of our Governors, visited school today to meet with the eco warriors. She spoke about how Durham County Council have created a new department that is solely to focus on climate change. The Council is the first in the country to do this and other county councils are now approaching Durham for advice. Durham's plan is to focus on becoming carbon neutral by 2050. They invited a group of 1000 people and 38 regional schools to take part in gathering suggestions as to how we could become greener. As well as cutting fossil fuels, the Council want to invest in renewable energy and the planting of more trees, with a £150 grant available to school for planting trees. Other important steps involve reducing pollution in our seas, rivers and lakes, reducing the use of one-use plastics, giving grants for households to become more energy efficient- insulating walls and ceilings, fitting better double glazing and newer more efficient boilers, New County Council offices will be completely carbon neutral and will open by the end of the year. The children all had great questions and answers and were really interested in what Cllr. Huntington had to say.

Some of the Eco warriors were lucky enough to attend 'Spuce up Shotton' planting activity in July . We met Chris, who works for the County Council and then planted some flowers and herbs in pots . We then had our photos taken and even met a bear, managing to get back to school just before the rain came. We were delighted to then be lucky enough to have the pots brought back to school, where they are now sat in our peace garden.


Well done Eco warriors, your behaviour and enthusiasm could not be faulted. We know that you take your role very seriously.


We now have vegetables in our garden . Thanks Keith

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the Great Battery Hunt . We have managed to collect over 1100 batteries ! Fantastic . The school has now been entered into a national competition - where we could be in with a chance of winning a cash prize , new iPads and much more. 

The classes which collected the most were ,

3rd place - Class 3s with 364 batteries 

2nd place - Class 40 with 507

and the winners were 

1st place - 5C with a massive 598 batteries! Congratulations! 


Our peace garden as an extended classroom

The Great Battery Hunt

Our Developing Peace Garden

Our Eco Warriors had a hard time choosing the winners for our Mini beasts and Bird feeders competition . They were all fantastic. It was clear to see that a lot of time and thought had gone into making them. A HUGE thank you to everyone who entered . The bird feeders and mini beasts homes will be placed in our Peace Garden as soon as the weather has started to improve . We will also be placing a couple of the bird feeders in our Forest schools area, where I'm sure everyone will be able to enjoy them . 

Bird Feeders and Mini Beasts Competition

Eco Team Meeting on Wednesday 10th January

This term, the Eco warriors are aiming to raise funds to transform the Peace Garden. During our meeting, we discussed ideas for fundraising and ideas for improving the garden. The team really feel that they want to involve the community, friends and family, in this and welcome any ideas, voluntary time or plants and flowers towards this exciting project. Further details of fundraising to be released shortly.  

Our aims for this year

Our Eco Warriors worked very hard in our second meeting. They have some fantastic ideas and aims for the year. This week they agreed upon the Eco code for the school. Further dates and activities to follow .