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Cookery Club

Today was tasty meatballs, members of staff were commenting on the delicious smell which was coming from the kitchen.
We created a pork dish tonight using honey, paprika, tomatoes, pineapple, peppers and onions. We served it with rice.
On the menu today was ginger stem chocolate dipped cookies, delicious.
We made Szechuan style pork with noodles, it had green beans, sugar snap peas, red peppers, pork, spring onions in and honey, garlic, five spices and ginger in too. The smell was amazing!
Blueberry muffins and chocolate chip muffins were on the menu in cookery club this week.
The children made tortilla this week, it consisted of sliced potatoes, onions, mushrooms, peppers, peas and was combined together with eggs, it smelt delicious.

For the first time ever our country Kerry slot only has 4 children, unfortunately 2 of them were unable to make the first session. The two that came made sultana and banana flapjack, it looked delicious.


It is the final week for year three cooking, with pancake day being close we are making and eating pancakes. Sorry parents there won't be any food coming home for you to try today as we are eating them when we make them. I wonder who eats the most pancakes?
It was time for a sweet treat, in cookery club the children made fruit scones.
This week we made a bacon and leek, cheese pasta bake.
Year 3, for their first week made smoked haddock and potato parcels with spring onion and tomatoes. Fish is something I feel many children turn their noses up at, however should be encouraged to incorporate it into their diets.
Cookery club is mainly made up of year4 pupils and a year 5 pupil. On Wednesday we made a bacon and leek, creamy pasta bake and to accompany it a tomato, mint and olive salsa.
We took on an early Halloween theme this week, we made witches fingers, a spider egg and decorated some spooky cakes­čĹ╗.
We made chicken parmesan and to accompany it a crunchy coleslaw.
We started off this year with year 6 children.
So far we have made lasagne with garlic bread and cod fish cakes and sweet potato fries.
Wednesday 13th July 2018

Final week for the year 4 children

As it was the final week and the summer holidays are approaching we did a date code check on stock and used the ingredients which we mainly had and needed using. We made fruit scones, cheese scones, flapjack, Victoria sponge cake and chocolate cake with mandrin oranges, cream and chocolate, delicious!!

Week 4

This week we produced a Spanish themed menu, cheats paella for starter, potato and pepper tortilla for main and a summer fruit with mint and olive oil dessert.

Week 3

We returned to a England for the menu this week, we made mini omelettes for starters, shepherds pie for main and bread and butter pudding for dessert.

Week 2 Appologies for no photographs this week I was on a refresher first aid course, the children produced an Italian course meal.

Year 4

We have decided this time to do cooking from around the world. This week we made a Italian food, we produced a 3 course meal, for the starter we made capers salad which is made using mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, olive oil and herbs. The main was spaghetti carbonara and for dessert we made raspberry tiramisu. Very tasty.

Wednesday 16th May

We now have a party pan which we use to cook in, it is electric and cooks food really quickly, so this week we made healthy pizzas, using whole meal self raising flour, self raising flour and natural yoghurt for the base and tomato, cheese, ham, garlic and pineapple. 

Wednesday 9th May

 We made a pasta dish with tomatoes, chicken, onions, mushrooms, cumin and chilli flakes and to follow we made some rice crispie cakes.

Wednesday 2nd May

Spaghetti carbonara was on the menu this week served with garlic bread. The children didn't know that just by mixing the spaghetti into beaten eggs was how it was made, a quick and easy meal.

Wednesday 25th April Year 3 pupils made vegetable curry and rice, the smell was amazing, apparently it could be a little bit spicy, haha!

Wednesday 21st March

After making lots of savoury dishes, this week we made flapjack and custard and some oatmeal biscuits.

Wednesday 14th March

We made mini pizza quiches, which we used a tortilla wrap for the cases for a change. They turned out very well, we will definitely make these again. We also chopped up white and red cabbage, onion, carrots and mayonnaise to make a coleslaw to accompany them.

Wednesday 7th March

On the menu this week was spaghetti carbonara and garlic bread. The children worked hard peeling, chopping, grating, cutting and cooking, the end result smelt amazing.

February 21st February 

It is year 2 children's turn. For the first week, we made "curry in a hurry" and flat breads. The children chopped, peeled, diced and mixed our ingredients to produce a fantastic smelling curry.

With Pancake being close by, we made pancakes and ate them with sugar,lemon, jam and chocolate spread. Whilst we were waiting we had a try at making honeycomb.
The Year 1 children made chocolate and banana fol and baked apples.
Cookery club began this Wednesday, 24th January. It was the turn of year 1 children, we made a vegetable curry, they managed to peel and chop the vegetables and the end product was delicious.
Final week, we made chocolate and orange cakes and a banana loaf cake. 
Week 3 This week we made a Greek salad, using lettuce, cucumber, red onions, tomatoes, feta cheese and an oil dressing. We also made quick pizzas using pitta breads, delicious!
week 2  This week we made a stir fry and some garlic bread.
Year 2 children's turn cooking. Week 1 we made bread and butter pudding.
We made a Victoria sponge cake this week.
Week 3. This week we made tuna, potato and sweet corn fritters and whole meal flat breads.
Week 2. This week we made chilli beef wraps and noodle salad. A healthy choice for tea!
Week 1 for year 3 children, we made tuna and leek pasta bake with mini ham and egg tarts.
Cookery class begins Thursday 9th March for 4 weeks and is open to year 3 children this to me, if you are interested get your request form in quickly as places are restricted.

Week 4 

We made plain cakes, which we iced using different coloured icing and decorated them. The chocolate cakes we covered them with melted chocolate.

Week 3

This week we made spaghetti bolognese, we chopped onions and mushrooms and fried them with the mince, we then added a bolognese sauce mix and chopped tomatoes. We cooked spaghetti to go with it and we topped it with cheese. We also made some spicy nachos to eat with it.

Week 2 This week we made onion soup and cheese scones to place on top of the soup. Lots of tears this week, due to lots of chopping onions!
January 2017. It is the turn of year 4 children to cook for 4 weeks. Week 1, we made creamy leak and bacon pasta bake and garlic bread. Boil leeks and bacon pieces, cook the pasta and drain and add the cooked leeks and bacon and stir in low fat cream cheese and top with grated low fat cheese. We used part baked bread sticks, which we scored and slotted in some garlic butter and popped into the over.
We made chilli con carne this week.
We made the tomato sauce base from scratch using lots of vegetables and tomatoes.
Eat well pizza.
Spaghetti Bolognese.
Year 6 made omelette pop overs and a cheese and chive dip with carrot sticks.
Year 5 week 4. We made chocolate brownies and cranberry cookies.
Year 5 week 3. We made leek and bacon pasta.
Thursday 28th April we made tortilla.
Thursday 24th April cookathon week. The recipe was sent out to all children to encourage them to make the Big Cookathon Cottage Pie at home with their parents.