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Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club childcare will begin on Monday 7th September.

Children can arrive from 8am. All children must have a pre-paid booked place. Please see below for details.

Changes to Our Breakfast Club Arrangements


From September it is a requirement to have booked your child into our breakfast club childcare provision by midday on Friday of the previous week. Sessions are paid for at the time of booking via ParentPay. It is solely parents/carers responsibility to book their child into breakfast club by the agreed deadline. Booking is done via ParentPay and office staff will consult with the ParentPay system to draw up weekly registers each Friday afternoon after the booking system closes.



From January 2019 we have been working with the National Schools Breakfast Programme to provide every child in our school with a healthy breakfast free of charge.  From January 2020 we will continue to receive support from the National Schools Breakfast Programme who will provide a 40% subsidy on our food costs. During the academic year 2020/21 we will utilise our Pupil Premium funding to cover associated food costs, as we know the importance of a healthy breakfast in terms of impacting positively on learning and physical outcomes for children.

There are 2 ways in which your child can access free breakfast food:

Option 1 – Breakfast Club with Childcare - £2 per day
The existing Breakfast Club continues to provide childcare if you need it, but the food element is free of charge.  From January 2021 the cost of this service will continue to be £2, which will pay for the rising staffing costs required to supervise the children and serve breakfast.  This service is available from 8am to 8:45am.  A register is kept and sessions will be charged for.  Breakfast Club with Childcare must be paid for in advance via ParentPay.

The National School Breakfast Programme understandably specifies the items that we can serve our children.  All food on the menu is in line with the School Food Standards.  The following breakfast food will be served:

Bagels, porridge oats, cornflakes, crisp rice, shreddies, cheerios and milk.
Diluted fresh apple and orange juice or water to drink.

Option 2 – ‘Grab and Go’ Bagel Station – Free of Charge
This is available to all children, including Nursery, who do not attend the Breakfast Club with Childcare and who arrive at school after 8:45am.

Bagel stations are situated at each entrance to school from 8:45am.  Children are able to take a warmed buttered piece of bagel from their bagel station as they enter school. The bagels can be eaten as they are collected by the children on their way to class.  In addition, bagels are available for children who arrive late for school.


During COVID19 bagels are served in classrooms to minimise any risk of transmission.


About the bagels: The bagels are specially made for the programme by Bagels Nash. Their special recipe contains 25% whole wheat and are fortified with vitamin D. They are free from any artificial flavourings and preservatives.


This is an exciting and really worthwhile opportunity which we hope the children will continue to take full advantage of. Our aim is to ensure that children are as ready as possible for their learning. Research shows the vital importance of a healthy breakfast to start the day.