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3T: Mrs Tucker

Welcome to Class 3T

We are really looking forward to working with your children.  Here are the staff who will be working with your child this year...

General Information Letter

Class Assembly

Tuesday 19th January


Read Chapter 5 then answer the questions on the Read Between the Lines sheet

Then complete the 'a' or 'an' activity. Remember words with a vowel need 'an' as do some words with silent letters at the beginning.


Dividing with remainders. Have a go at the activities on the slides.

PE: Check the link below

Music: Three little words. Listen to the track then answer the questions

Monday 18th January 


Read chapter 4 of the story then draw what you think the cave looked like. Label your picture with adjectives and expanded noun phrases.

Your second English task is the Food and Eating words activity.


Please work through the slides. There are no related worksheets today.


Work through the slides. It is all about animal names. We looked at some of these before Christmas. The question on the slides towards the end of the powerpoint asks, "Which animal is this? A_____ or a ______?"  See if you can remember what each animal is.

PE: Use your Joe Wicks workout cards to develop your own workout.


How to skin a bear story

Mrs Scott

RWI blue group

Monday 18th January

Please refer back to Fridays work and complete your writing before we start a new story.



Monday 18th

Learn to read and spell the red words from page 27 get writing book.


Do some handwriting of the letter b.

Please refer to day 1 PDF for todays instructions. The book is on for you to daily read your sounds and story green words, speedy green words and red words.The book is on today for you to refer back to daily.

Please read the story introduction before reading the book.

Tuesday 19th January


Read sounds and words from yesturdays story and refer to get writing book from yesturday and spell the red and green words from page 27. Then learn the hold a sentence and write it from memory.

Handwriting is the letter d.

Wednesday 20th January


Please follow todays guidance, the questions can be found in the back of the reading book which is on mondays instructions. Handwriting if f.

Thursday 21st January


Follow instructions for today, the grammar and vocabulary tasks can be found in the get writing booklet.

Handwriting is g.

Remember to read your book and sounds.

Friday 22nd January


Continue your writing activity from yesturday, your handwriting today if g.