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Get ready for some fun!

Get ready for some fun! 1 This is 6M's chosen book for next half term.
Get ready for some fun! 2 This is 6H's chosen book for next half term.


Children have been given CGP booklets as part of their homework. These will aid preparations for assessment week which commences 9th May. Please see further information within the 'Spring Term Newsletter' further down our page. Thanks 

Our Spring topic is...Volcanoes and Earthquakes!

We will be researching Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius, other volcanoes and earthquakes. Within literacy we will be producing various pieces of writing around this topic.

Please take a look at our Spring term newsletter.

Spring Term Newsletter

We are lucky enough to have Design and Technology teachers from Wellfield coming into school to extend our D.T skills. We are in the process of creating a 'peg' which is linked to our Autumn topic - Romans.  

D.T with Wellfield

D.T with Wellfield 1
D.T with Wellfield 2
D.T with Wellfield 3
D.T with Wellfield 4
D.T with Wellfield 5
D.T with Wellfield 6
D.T with Wellfield 7
D.T with Wellfield 8
D.T with Wellfield 9
D.T with Wellfield 10
D.T with Wellfield 11
D.T with Wellfield 12

Segedunum Visit

We stepped back in time to experience life in Britain in around 117 AD when the Romans had invaded. From the remains of a Roman Fort, we could see what life had been like for a Roman soldier. Parts of Hadrian's Wall could be seen and we stood on a life size model of Hadrian's Wall to enable us to see exactly what the wall may have looked like. Archaeologists were busy digging up more parts of Hadrian's Wall that had been discovered. Alongside the Romans were the Celts, so we spent part of the day thinking about what life would have been like for them. We took part in some Celtic traditions and listened to stories abut Boudicca. Take a look at some of our pictures from the day.   

Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet 1
In 6M, we are reading Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. We have been learning about William Shakespeare himself. We wrote a brief biography about him and discovered some interesting facts. Did you know that Shakespeare is believed to have been born and died on the same date (23rd April)? Recently, we have been writing character descriptions of the two star-crossed lovers. We are looking forward to finding out what happens in the story... 

Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

Mrs Hudson's English group have been enjoying reading this action packed thriller! In class, so far, we have looked closely into the main character - Alex Rider. We have written character descriptions of a variety of characters from the book. We then applied our skills and more through setting descriptions of J.B Stryker's breakers yard, the training camp and Brecon Beacon mountain, all of which appear in the book. Please take a look at some of our descriptions. 

Picture 1 6H classroom coming along nicely!
Picture 2 Super description of the breakers yard by Luke.
Picture 3 Fab work by Joe.
Picture 4 Ellie's lovely description of the Brecon Beacons.

Some of Year 6's Celtic Shieldsno

Can you identify which shield belongs to who? We tried to encompass our local area and things important to us onto our shields.

Picture 1

Bike Ability

Some of the Year 6 have been taking part in a four week course called 'Bike Ability'. Is is great to see the children taking responsibility for their own safety on the roads through this experience. 

Please see the attached newsletter for important information about the routines in Year 6.  smiley