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Year 5


In literacy children are introduced to a wide range of fiction, poetry, plays, non-fiction texts and reference books / text books and dictionaries.


Over the coming year developmental spelling lists for the year will gradually be published on the website, so that children and parents can easily access spellings that are sent home each week.


Children should have a wide range of writing opportunities, both narrative and non-narrative. Staff will use topic work, such as science and history to provide engaging writing opportunities.

Learning in literacy term by term.

Year 5 Autumn Spelling Lists

Year 5 Spring Term Spelling Lists

Year 5 Summer Spelling Lists

Curriculum 2015/16 - Topics and Themes

Autumn Term

Our exciting learning theme this term is History Thieves, when we will be looking in depth at the Aztecs.


As scientists we will learn all about ‘Growing up and Growing Old’ using Switched on Science. We will find out how human bodies change as they get older. Also we will learn ‘Let’s Get Moving’ where we will be learning about the force of gravity.


As artists we will be studying Aztec art looking at and investigating techniques used within their culture.


As musicians we will be listening to and finding out about music from South Africa and what instruments are played.


As design technologists we will investigate textiles and patterns and create Aztec printing blocks. We will investigate structures and create a model of an Aztec Temple or village.


As computing specialists we will be learning how to add sounds to our work and also how to recognise and evaluate different sources of information from the World Wide Web.


As geographers we will investigate features (including rivers, mountains, weather and climate) in Mexico. We will look at Mexico today and see if the Aztecs have had an impact.


As historians we will find out all about various aspects of the Aztecs such as their culture and customs and see how they have impacted on life in Mexico today.


As healthy people we will find out about healthy and unhealthy diets alongside lifestyle choices and make comparisons with Mexican people today. 




Spring Term

Our learning theme this term is Rainforests.


Summer Term

Our learning theme this term is Ancient Greece.