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Year 4

Mixed Age Classes

In the mornings children are taught literacy and numeracy in year groups so that we can more effectively meet the learning needs of our children, allowing them to be taught in smaller learning groups.


In the afternoon children in years 3 and 4 are taught within mixed age classes. Because of this we plan using a two year cycle so that children are introduced to new topics each year and to enable us to cover the statutory requirements in terms of the new National Curriculum introduced from September 2014.


In this section you will find outline information in terms of our planned, broad and balanced curriculum for Year 4.



Year 4 will be studying fairy tales. We will be continuing to be able to identify aspects of grammar and punctuation as well as using them independently in our work. We will write a newspaper using the skills we have learned. The second half of the Summer term we will be looking at stories from different cultures. Again, we will be looking at using these stories as a vehicle to show off the vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and spelling that we have been learning throughout the year.





Spring term

In spring, will firstly be covering descriptive poetry about the moon. Followed by myths and legends with the Lambton Worm as the focus. We will also look at explanation texts and create our own Tidy Bedroom Machines and a explanation text to explain how it works. At the end, persuasive writing will also be covered.

What will we be learning in literacy term by term?

Year 4 Autumn Spelling Lists

Year 4 Spring Term Spelling Lists

Year 4 Summer Spelling lists


We will be continuing to work hard on times tables. We will ensure that we know the times tables in order, out of order and the division facts related to the tables. We will also continue to explore strategies for learning times tables effectively. In the summer term we will look closer at the 12 times tables.

As part of our number and place value unit, we will be working on counting money and solving money problems. We will be using previous work on solving problems using the 4 operation to solve problems that include all four operations that have been mixed up, learning strategies to know what the problem is asking and the correct operation that should be used.

We will be learning the equivalent decimals to fractions and ordering and comparing fractions.

As part of shape and measure, we will be identifying obtuse and acute angles and ordering angles by size.

Finally for data handling, we will be learning position data and direction. We will describe positions of 2D shapes as co-ordinates in the first quadrant. We will also be plotting co-ordinates.



We will be continuing to read George’s Marvellous Medicine and Dragonology books. We will be using RIC to develop our retrieval and inference skills as well as looking at the choices authors make and the reasons behind author choices.

Spring term

This term we will be continuing to improve on place value skills. We will also look at money and counting in money and money problems. We will mocve on from addittion and subtracting and begin to look at multipliation an division using formal written methods.

We will be looking at fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and fraction families. In measure we will be looking at converting units of measure.

Finally in data handling bar charts, pictograms and other graphs and tables will be compared and problems around these will be solved.

What will we be learning in maths term by term?

Please refer to the termly overviews in Year 3 to discover what children in Year 4 will be learning in subjects other than literacy and maths. Click the link below to take you to information about the curriculum in Year 4.