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Year 2


In literacy children are introduced to a wide range of fiction (including fairy stories and traditional tales), poetry and non-fiction texts such as instructions. In Literacy for example during the Autumn term we will be learning how to entertain people through stories with familiar settings and how to guide people through the use of instructions.


Over the coming year developmental spelling lists for the year will gradually be published on the website, so that children and parents can easily access spellings that are sent home each week.


Children should have a wide range of writing opportunities, both narrative and non-narrative. Staff will use topic work, such as science and history to provide engaging writing opportunities.

Reading and Phonics

In KS1 children have phonic sessions twice a day. In the first session children learn new sounds, spellingrules or Grammar rules and in the second session they have the opportunity to apply their skills. In these sessions we use Letters and Sounds, LCP phonics and the sound cards from Read Write Inc.


We follow the oxford reading tree homereading scheme. In guided reading sessions children read Bug Club and Big Cat stories.

What are we learning in literacy term by term?

Year 2 Autumn Spelling Lists

Year 2 Spring Spelling Lists

Year 2 Summer Spelling Lists


Over the year children will explore and develop their understanding of number and place value and use addition and subtraction to solve simple problems. Children will learn to use money in simple contexts and will develop and learn many useful life skills such as measuring different lengths, telling the time and calculating change.


During the Autumn term for example we will be learning the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and be practising recalling these facts rapidly. We will be learning to understand place value of numbers and how to add and subtract numbers building on from our learning in Year One. We will be learning to recognise coins and find different combinations of coins that equal the same amount of money.  

What are we learning in maths term by term?

Topics and Themes

In the Autumn Term our theme will be ‘Pirates’.

We are hoping to have an exciting educational visit to Hartlepool Maritime Museum as part of this theme, experiencing life as sailors on the high seas. We will be using our computing skills to research famous pirates and sailors such as Lord Nelson.


As Scientists we will find out about how to keep our bodies healthy so that we can compare this with the diets of people at sea.


As Historians we will explore what is was like to live on the ocean. As Geographers we will compare and contrast Hartlepool port with a different locality from another part of the world.


As designers and artists we will be making a 3D treasure map as part of our art work alongside developing our drawing skills and using a variety of collage materials in imaginative ways.


To end our theme we will make exciting sea-life pop-up books using what we have learned and have an opportunity to develop our construction skills.


In RE we are exploring why the Bible is special to Christians and we will be finding out how it is used in Church.


Our first PSHE unit is 'New Beginnings.'  We will be exploring how we can help to make our class a safe and fair place and how we can make people feel better.



Spring Term

This Spring term our topic is ‘What does it mean to be Green?’  We are going to have a visit from the STOMP crew and to put together a short performance.

As Artists and Designers we will make musical instruments from recycled materials. We will also be developing our observational drawing skills through sketching different plants and natural objects.

As historians we will find out about the history of electricity and the first electrically powered house.

In geography our knowledge of seasonal weather will develop alongside our ability to use maps, globes and atlases to locate places as we study our school grounds and local area, with a particular focus on taking care of our environment. This will lead us on to exploring the effects of global warming.

As musicians we will use musical instruments to perform alongside STOMP. We will also have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument with Mrs Sellars.

In ICT and computing we will review photographs of nature on line, practise using a digital camera, take photos of our local environment, edit photographs and then select our best photo for our class portfolio. Keep checking our website for our work!

In PE, we will continue to work with the sports coach to develop ball skills, catching, throwing and to understand simple tactics and rules in a team game. 

In PSHCE we will be focusing on motivation and self-awareness. We will explore and share our abilities, qualities and strengths. We will reflect on themselves as individuals.

Within RE, we will be thinking about the key question ‘What does it mean to belong in Christianity?’ We will learn about the ceremonies of commitment and belonging and how beliefs can affect the values and actions of individuals.  This unit will provide opportunities for children to ask questions and give views about rituals and values.

It’s the Summer Term and our topic is aptly named ‘Wacky races’.  Our learning and development of skills will help us to complete our Key Task of holding our own wacky race using vehicles that we have designed and made.



Our main focus will be space and different modes of transport.  As historians we will think about different types of transport, the similarities between vehicles of the past and present as well as looking at how they have changed over time.  We will be finding out about the first train and the great space race.


Our learning will also help us to develop our Geographical knowledge too.  We will use maps to locate and follow train lines and local transport routes.


As scientists, we will learn the names and types of invertebrates and other animals that are carnivores, herbivores ad omnivores.  We will be exploring mini-beasts in their natural habitats and exploring habitats around our school. We will also be exploring plants and how they grow and change. Through investigations we will develop enquiry skills of asking simple questions, observing closely, performing simple tests and recording data.


 As Artists, we will be using chalks to re-create Van Gogh’s Starry night art work as we explore space. As designers we will design and make our very own vehicles using wood and card. This will help in developing the techniques of measuring, marking, cutting and joining.  We will use our vehicles to host our very own wacky race.



In music, we will continue to work with Mrs Sellar’s learning how to follow a beat and rhythm, play percussion instruments and develop our skill sin reading music.


In computing we will learn about technology in our daily lives, we will programme a moving vehicle and continue to find out how to stay safe online.


In PSHCE, we will learn to stay safe and healthy.  We will learn about the foods our bodies need to have a balanced diet and how exercise will help us to keep fit.

Spring Term

This term our learning theme is 'What does it mean to be green?'

Summer Term

This term our learning theme is 'Wacky Races'.