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Teaching Staff

Academic Year 2016/17

Mrs H. Shaw- Head Teacher and Senior Nominated Deputy for Child Protection

Mrs D. Chaytor- Deputy Head Teacher, Assessment Leader, Teaching & Learning and Nominated Deputy for Child Protection (Year 3 Teacher) 

Mrs Coxon - SENCO Leader and Designated Lead for Child Protection


Miss Donoghue - Foundation Stage Manager and Nursery Teacher

Mrs Akers- Nursery HLTA

Mrs Ward- Nursery TA

Mrs Davison - Nursery TA responsible for lunchtime supervision


Miss Condliffe - Reception Teacher

Mrs Scott - Reception HLTA

Miss Speed - Reception Teacher


Mrs Clowes- Year 1 TA

Mrs Fairbairn- Year 1 TA

Mrs Forster-Hewittson - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Johnson - Year 1 TA/Reception TA

Mrs Lowden - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Robinson - Year 1 Teacher (covering the maternity leave)


Miss Blackburn- Year 1 and 2 TA

Mrs Blenkinsopp- Year 2 HLTA

Miss McGee - Year 2 Teacher 

Miss Wilson- Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Henson - KS1 Leader and Maths Leader (currently on maternity leave)

Mrs Bentley - KS1 Teacher 


Mrs Marsh - Year 3 Teacher

Miss Sharp - Year 3 Teacher

Miss O'Connor- Year 3/4 TA


Mr Cowie - Year 4 Teacher 

Mrs Kelly - Year 4 HLTA

Mrs Oakes- Year 4 Teacher


Mrs Buckton - Year 5 Teacher

Miss Cartwright - Year 5 Teacher 

Mrs Winward - Year 5 Teacher


Mrs Hudson: Year 6 Teacher, KS2 Leader and Literacy Leader

Miss McKnight- Year 6 Teacher

Mrs G. Shaw- Year 6 HLTA


Mrs Evans- Swimming Instructor