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Durham Send Information Advice and Support Service

At Shotton Primary School we see everyone as individuals valuing their unique qualities. Our school welcomes children from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. With this comes a vital requirement to meet their often diverse learning needs, ensuring that every child is equipped with the necessary skills and personal qualities to positively follow the life that they choose.


Welcome to our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Report


It is our intention that in this section of the website you will find relevant policies, useful website links and useful and essential information to enable you to be fully informed and equipped to work with us and understand our approach and philosophy to SEND.


Any constructive comments both positive and negative are always welcome, as they enable us to reflect upon our practice and move forward for the benefit of all our children, at an individual and whole school level. Please feel welcome to send us an email using our contact page and we will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible. Alternatively you are very welcome to contact the school office and make an appointment to come into school.


Yours sincerely,

Mrs H. Shaw (Head Teacher)

Mrs L. Henson (SEND Co-ordinator and Inclusion Manager)

Relevant Policies

The Governing Body will ensure that information is updated and new policies and procedural changes implemented and monitored accordingly, in line with local and national guidance.


All of our school policies can be found on the website but the most important ones for parents of children with SEND are listed below: