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Chinese New Year - At the restaurant

Chinese New Year - At the restaurant 1
Chinese New Year - At the restaurant 2
Chinese New Year - At the restaurant 3
Chinese New Year - At the restaurant 4
Chinese New Year - At the restaurant 5
Chinese New Year - At the restaurant 6
Chinese New Year - At the restaurant 7

Forest School Fun - Wednesday 14th November

Hospital Role-Play

Last week the children were beginning to role-play doctors, nurses and midwives in the role-play area.  So this week we decided to change the role-play area into a hospital to support this play.  The children have enjoyed learning about paramedics and how to look after the babies.  We have introduced thermometers and other medical equipment for the children to learn about and use in their play.  The children are having a fabulous time playing in this area and are taking care of the babies and their mummies very well.

Forest School Fun

Today the children had lots of fun making clay creatures and exploring the woods.  Some of the children collected the sticks for next weeks fire and others spent time exploring the woods and climbing trees.  Some of the children wanted to help to trim back the brambles and tree foliage to clear the woodland pathways.  They listened well and used the secateurs safely to do this.  Well done boys and girls another amazing session at Forest School!

Destination Judo

Today we were lucky enough to have a judo session.  The boys and girls listened well to the instructors and enjoyed trying some judo moves on their friends.

Our First Full PE Session

Today was our first full PE session of the year.  I am very impressed that all of the children had their PE kits and are now able to dress themselves with increasing independence.  The children were so quick at getting changed today that we enjoyed playing duck, duck, goose, spaceships, beans and had some races too.  Well done boys and girls you are making us so proud!

Reception Visit Shotton Library
The children had fantastic fun at the library today.  They shared books, took part in activities and had a story followed by juice and biscuits.  The children even got a book to take home and keep. We will be visiting the library on a regular basis and would love more parents to join the children on these special days.  Please look out for the next library visit date and let us know if you are able to help!

A Warm Welcome To Reception

We would like to welcome you all to Reception.  The staff are very proud of how quickly the children have settled into their Reception classes.  We are now following our Autumn 1 time table.  If you would like to know what your child is doing each day please remember to look at the parent notice board or ask a member of staff.  We are always happy to help!

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