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Meeting one of our teachers

Meeting one of our teachers 1
Meeting one of our teachers 2

The children are super excited to meet their new teachers for next year. We had our first story by one of the new teachers and these were some of the things we noticed about her:

~ She is nice

~ She is funny and makes us laugh

~ We loved her story

~ we would like her to be our new teacher


we can't wait for the story today to meet another one of our new teachers.

The children have shown great interest in reading and writing their own stories this week.  So we have been verbally telling our own stories and also drawing and writing stories to share with others.  It would be wonderful if you and your child could draw and write some stories of your own to share with their friends at school.
We had lots of fun things planned and it rained but that did not stop us. The children did yoga, judo, just dance, relax kids, healthy smoothies and eating and much more. Their favourite was definitely Hoopstarz! The lady was amazed at how good the children were and what fantastic core strength they had. We also got lovely compliments from the Judo session as he was amazed at how good the children's listening skills were! Very proud teachers today and very tired children. 

Chef Joshua and his Team of Chef's Cook us a Campfire Feast!

This week at Forest School Joshua initiated some campfire cooking.  He decided hot dogs in buns and marshmallows were the two things he would like to cook.  So that's what we did.  Lots of the other children now want to be our campfire chef so over the next few weeks we will do more campfire cooking with a variety of chefs.
Children in reception had a great day at Down at the Farm. They loved getting up close to the animals and enjoyed petting, grooming and feeding them. The children also experienced a tractor ride. A lovely day was had by everyone!

The Three Little Pigs at Forest School

The Three Little Pigs at Forest School 1
The Three Little Pigs at Forest School 2
The Three Little Pigs at Forest School 3
The Three Little Pigs at Forest School 4
Today the children began to explore making stick houses.  They worked in teams to explore different ways of making shelters.  We are going to use all of our reflections and experiences from today to make a large shelter tomorrow.  You might even want to try to make your own shelters at home!

Making Large Stick Houses

Today is World Book Day, we came dressed as Where's Wally. We have been given a challenge to estimate how many people are dressed as Where's Wally are in school today, the winner will win a prize. Can you count how many are in our class photographs?
Picture 1
Picture 1

The children have really enjoyed Forest School this week!  They have explored puddles and used the story 'It's Not a Stick' as an inspiration for a range of stick activities and imaginative play.  

During the week they have looked closely at changes and differences in the woodland environment and used familiar stories to inspire their own story telling.  The children have also become increasingly interested in worms and birds so next week we are going to begin our week at forest school using the story 'Owl Babies'. It would be wonderful if you and your child could find out some interesting facts about birds or owls ready for our bird week in the woods.

We learnt about the Chinese New Year story earlier in the week. We found it very interesting finding out what animal year the children and the teachers in the class were. On Thursday afternoon we tried some Chinese noodles and prawn crackers which we all found very yummy! Next we are learning about how they celebrate the festival. Can you find out anything at home?

The children had a fantastic time today visiting our local airfield.  The children found out about tandem and solo jumps and got to see and sit inside different aircrafts.  The children listened very well and enjoyed trying on the parachutes and helmets.  We had an amazing time!


At home you might want to talk about the visit to the airfield and make or draw aeroplanes.

This week at Forest School we made our bread to cook on the campfire.  The children took turns and worked together to measure the ingredients.  We discussed the changes happening as we added different ingredients.  The children then kneaded the dough and discussed how it got less sticky and they didn't need flour on their hands anymore.  The children really enjoyed this!


After making the dough we wrote a list of ingredients so we could ask mums and dads to help us make dough at home.  The children used their sounds really well to spell a range of ingredients - I was very impressed!!!


On the afternoon we went down to the woods to make our fire and cook our bread and soup.  Despite it being a cold day the children helped prepare the fire base and Joe used the fire steels to start the fire.  The bread tasted delicious!  Well done boys and girls I can't wait to cook with you again at Forest School.


We have new pets!!!!

We have new pets!!!! 1
We have new pets!!!! 2

Our new pets have arrived!!! We have been learning about how to care for our new pet Indian stick insects. We are waiting for them to hatch and we check daily to see if the babies have been born. We are just using our looking eyes for now while we wait for them to hatch we are very very excited!

Using Tools at Forest School!

This week at Forest School we began to prepare some fire wood to help keep us warm in the colder weather.  The children listened very carefully to keep themselves safe as they used the bow saw, bill hook and mallet.  As the children worked they talked about their experiences of tools, campfires and cooking on the fire so we decided next time we come to the woods we would like to cook soup and bread.

Squirrels Human Clocks

Squirrels Human Clocks  1
Squirrels Human Clocks  2
Squirrels Human Clocks  3
Squirrels Human Clocks  4
Squirrels Human Clocks  5
Squirrels Human Clocks  6
Squirrels Human Clocks  7
Squirrels Human Clocks  8
Squirrels Human Clocks  9

The squirrels have been learning about time. We have made some human clocks to help us understand the different hands on a clock. We know which hand tells us the hour and which hand tells us the minutes. Why not ask if your child is able to help you tell o'clock or half past times? 


Sadly we will not be able to use our woods next week but it for a very exciting reason. We are getting higher fencing around our woods so that it is only accessible to our children from school. So there is no need to bring your children in their woodland clothes next week.


Thank you

Our Bear Hunt

Our Bear Hunt 1
Our Bear Hunt 2
Our Bear Hunt 3
Our Bear Hunt 4
Our Bear Hunt 5
Our Bear Hunt 6
Our Bear Hunt 7
Our Bear Hunt 8
Our Bear Hunt 9
Our Bear Hunt 10
Our Bear Hunt 11

The children decided they wanted to go on a Bear Hunt down in our woods. We took the book so we could check the different stages of the bear hunt. The children were very enthusiastic and sang the story doing all the actions. We were shocked to find that there WAS a bear in our woods!!!!!


The most fantastic part was basically all of the children were able to recall the story and in fact we did not need our book at all. We found all the places a bear could be hiding in our woods and talked about what we would do if we really saw a real bear?? 



We are having lots of fun learning about Christmas and getting our classroom all ready. We have started some Christmas crafts so we have lots of lovely things to take home and decorate our houses with! WE ARE SUPER EXCITED!!!!!

The weather is changing and children are starting to get coughs and colds. We thought this would be a brilliant time to do a 'Germ Experiment' to show the children how easily germs spread. We pretended someone was poorly and did not wash their hands often. We then put glitter on their wet hands so we could pretend the glitter was germs. The children were then encouraged to shake hands and touch their friends. The children were shocked at how easily the germs passed on to their friends. 


After the experiment we talked all about how to stop other children getting poorly by making sure we put our hands over our mouths when sneezing or coughing. Then making sure we wash our hands regularly to get rid of the germs. 

Face Painting Shop

Face Painting Shop 1
This week the children have been highly engaged in creating their own face painting shop.  They have worked collaboratively to make signs and equip their shop.  Well done boys and girls perhaps you could do some face painting at home with your families to show off your new skills.

We had a special visitor today in our reception class. Mrs Shaw came into our class to give us a special certificate, sticker and lolly pop for our fantastic learning. All the children were very supportive of their friends getting their treat. We will all keep working super duper hard. Who will be next?

The forest is one of our most favourite places EVER! We get to explore, discover new things and have so much fun all while learning. Recently we have been making mud paint and using that to paint on our rocks and big sheet. We had lots of fun collecting the mud and deciding how to make it into paint. Some children were painting mud monsters so this inspired us to bring the clay down and collect resources to make our own mud monsters. They turned out FANTASTICALLY! We loved describing and talking about our mud monsters afterwards and even shared this with the other children. I wonder what we will be doing next?

Forest School - Blackberry Picking!

Forest School - Blackberry Picking! 1
Forest School - Blackberry Picking! 2
Forest School - Blackberry Picking! 3
Forest School - Blackberry Picking! 4

Today at Forest School the squirrels group went blackberry picking, after discovering blackberries in our woods last week.  After they picked their blackberries the children used these back in school to make blackberry ice-cream which was delicious.


You might want to try making some blackberry ice-cream at home we just mixed blackberries and vanilla ice-cream together.

We love dinosaurs so this week we decided to create a Dino Land. The children worked together to think about what they need in their Dino Land to make the dinosaurs happy and we drew a plan. We had things like: separate rooms so they don't fight, a place to eat, bath and then they even extended it by creating a rail road that goes around the land so people can go and see the dinosaurs safely. Destinie made a lovely sign for our Dino Land telling people to keep out! 

Please label all of your childrens clothes. This helps staff to locate missing clothes and if any get mixed up parents know who they belong to. Even label shoes please this is a HUGE help to us all and even your children as they recognise their names :)

Please label all of your childrens clothes. This helps staff to locate missing clothes and if any get mixed up parents know who they belong to. Even label shoes please this is a HUGE help to us all and even your children as they recognise their names :) 1

The children in reception are settling well into their new environment and we are so proud of them.  I know this week the children have been very tired by home time and this is because they have now started their phonics learning.  Each week children will learn new 'sounds' to help them learn to read and write.  The website below is a fantastic way to help your child with their learning at home and ensure they correctly say each sound to make reading easier for them.

Our First Week in Reception!