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Here are some snippets of our day! We have had the most fantastic day at Tynemouth today. We went to the Blue Reef Aquarium and the children loved it. We then went onto the beach for a play and played some football, paddled and burried people in the sand including Miss Speed and Mrs Lowden. We would like to say that the children were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Their behaviour was fantastic and you should be proud of your little mites. It was a lovely way to spend one of our last days together as a big reception Cohort!


The Reception Staff 




On our page you will find lots of information on the exciting learning that the children are involved in within school. We will also post photos, newsletters and any helpful links or information that you could use to enhance the children's learning at home.


Thank You


 Miss Speed, Mrs Lowden and Miss Scott

Mrs Tilly's leaving tea party.

Weekly Newsletter Week 20th June

Healthy Fun Day - We have had lots of fun being healthy today. We have played lots of fun games and learned how to look after a bear. We especially enjoyed eating our healthy packed lunch together.

Seaside - we have loved exploring our new seaside role play area this week enjoying the sunshine.

During our 2 training days Miss Donoghue shared her forest school training with the entire early years team. We all had lots of fun building shelters, playing woodland games, making fires and using the tools. We are all really looking forward to using some forest school activities to support learning in nursery and reception.

During our 2 training days Miss Donoghue shared her forest school training with the entire early years team. We all had lots of fun building shelters, playing woodland games, making fires and using the tools. We are all really looking forward to using some forest school activities to support learning in nursery and reception. 1
During our 2 training days Miss Donoghue shared her forest school training with the entire early years team. We all had lots of fun building shelters, playing woodland games, making fires and using the tools. We are all really looking forward to using some forest school activities to support learning in nursery and reception. 2
During our 2 training days Miss Donoghue shared her forest school training with the entire early years team. We all had lots of fun building shelters, playing woodland games, making fires and using the tools. We are all really looking forward to using some forest school activities to support learning in nursery and reception. 3
During our 2 training days Miss Donoghue shared her forest school training with the entire early years team. We all had lots of fun building shelters, playing woodland games, making fires and using the tools. We are all really looking forward to using some forest school activities to support learning in nursery and reception. 4

weekly newsletter 23.5

weekly newsletter 16.5

Weekly newsletter 9,5,16

Today the children had a visit from our local Fire brigade. It was wonderful to see the children so excited and listening so well to learn about the role of a firefighter. Why don't you ask your child to tell you or write about what they have learned

Fire brigade

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Weekly Newsletter 25th April

Our visitors

Our visitors 1

You may have noticed we had lots of new arrivals today. We have been lucky enough to have been given some frogspawn and tadpoles. The children have loved observing them through a magnifying glass and looking at their features. Why don't you ask them about the life cycle of a frog?

weekly newsletter week 18th April

Today we had a special visit from some real life heroes. Our local police officers Amanda and Andy came to talk to is about how they us help us in our local community. We were really excited when we got to try on their uniform. We also got to look inside a police van and got to sit in the back. It was really small. We tried to pretend that we had been naughty, but couldn't keep it up for long. The police siren was really loud it made us jump!

We were very excited to have Tiny Tweeties in with us to do some singing and dancing around superheroes. It was a fantastic way to start off our topic. The children had lots of fun and we used lots of energy so we will definitely sleep tonight. If you would like to have a deeper look into Tiny Tweeties we have linked it below.


Reception Team

We hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break and done some fantastic things. We can't wait to hear all about it. Don't forget to hand in your Easter news to your teachers.


Enjoy and see you soon!


Reception Team

Easter service

Still image for this video
We would like to thank you for attending our first easter service in church. The children have loved learning and performing the song "if I were a butterfly". We hope you enjoyed it too.

We hope you have a peaceful easter holiday.

Weekly Newsletter for week ending 7th March

We had so much fun with Jay the animal man and learnt a lot about the different animals. The children were very brave and not as scared as the teachers! Well done to you all we are super proud. We saw and learnt about skunks, meerkats, scorpions, poisonous frogs, poisonous toads, snakes, blue tongue lizards and tarantula. 


What at was your favourite animal? What did you learn about them? Can you do some writing about them?


weekly Newsletter 7th March

World book day 2016

World book day 2016 1
Picture 1


We had so much fun dressing up as our favourite book character to celebrate world book day. We read stories and talked about the story setting and the characters of the book. We even brought a book to school and swapped it with our friends. It was also very exciting for Mrs Henson and Mrs Hudson as they came into our class to read us a story. They said we listened very well and could answer lots of questions! Well done Reception.


What is your favourite story? Can you write a book review about your favourite story? Can you write about your favourite story?



Paralympian Craig McCann came to visit us

We were lucky enough to have Craig McCann come into school and do a sponsored event to raise some money for the school and also the paralympic athletes so they are able to train. He is ranked number one in Great Britain for cycling and 11th in the WHOLE WORLD. Craig and his friend came into school and we did some exercises for a minute each in circuits to help raise some money. We had lots of fun but we are very tired now. Hopefully we will see Craig in the future. 

Jungle Fun

Jungle Fun 1
Jungle Fun 2
Jungle Fun 3
Jungle Fun 4
Jungle Fun 5
Jungle Fun 6
Jungle Fun 7
Jungle Fun 8
Jungle Fun 9

We are super excited to start our new topic ' The Jungle'. We have changed our classroom to ensure we are able to find out about the animals and make our own jungles. We are focusing on creating stories in the small world and adding a narrative to our play in the role play. We are going to be trying to write the fantastic stories we come up with. This week we have learnt a lot about crocodiles and lions. 


Did you know that crocodiles cant move their jaw from side to side only up and down? 


Can you find out any other facts at home to impress your teachers?

We hope you have a fantastic half term.


Remember we love to see your amazing learning at home! Some ideas:

Have you been learning your tricky words and can now write some of them?

Have you been writing some fantastic sentences with finger spaces?

Have you been practicing your addition sums?

Have you read some tricky words and want to show a teacher?

Have you been practicing the new sounds you have been learning?

Have you written about what you have done in the holidays?

Have you drawn a picture and labelled something you have done?

Have you spotted some numbers and told your parents? 


So make sure you tell us or show us those awesome opportunities for learning.


Reception Team  

We had lots of fun learning about Chinese New Year. We made some little chinese dragons, tasted some different food ( we thought the prawn crackers were the best ), did some chinese dancing and even did our dance in front of the whole school in assembly. Then we also had Alexander's brother who came in to teach us even more. They used to live in China so it was fantastic to hear all about how it really is to live in China. He even brought some chop sticks so we could practice picking things up. It was really tricky. 

Pancake Day

Pancake Day 1
Pancake Day 2
Pancake Day 3
Pancake Day 4
Pancake Day 5
Pancake Day 6
Pancake Day 7
Pancake Day 8

We made and tasted some pancakes today! We had to follow a recipe and try and follow the steps to make the perfect pancakes. We made sure we washed our hands before to get rid of all the germs. This made sure our pancakes were safe to eat. Some of us choose to try them with golden syrup and some with sugar. What is your favourite? Did you have any pancakes at home?



Can you write some instructions for us because we have lost our recipe? Or you could draw a picture and label it :)


REMEMBER to show your teacher your hard work! We love to see your fantastic learning at home.


Super Star Writers

Super Star Writers 1
Super Star Writers 2
Super Star Writers 3
Super Star Writers 4
Super Star Writers 5
Super Star Writers 6
Super Star Writers 7
Super Star Writers 8
Super Star Writers 9

We have been working super hard on our writing this week. Look above at some examples of these fantastic pieces of independent writing our children have created. The teachers in reception have been super proud of our independent writers this week! If you do some fantastic writing at home don't forget to bring them in to show us!

Out In Space !

The Solar System Song

It's a song about the Sun and the planets and our children love to sing along and learn the names and some of the features of the planets in our solar system. Why don't you test your childs knowledge?

Weekly Newsletter 25th January

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25
Picture 26
Picture 27
Picture 28
Picture 29
Picture 30
Picture 31
Picture 32
Picture 33
Picture 34
Picture 35
Picture 36
Picture 37
Picture 38
Picture 39
Picture 40
Picture 41
Picture 42
Picture 43
Picture 44
Picture 45
Picture 46
Picture 47
Picture 48
Picture 49
Picture 50
Picture 51
Picture 52
Picture 53
Picture 54
Picture 55
Picture 56

Weekly Newsletter 18th January

Counting Down From Twenty Song Video

We love to groove to this tune and it helps us to learn how to count down from 20 to 1

Newsletter week commencing 11.1.16

Exploring Ipads

Exploring Ipads 1
Exploring Ipads 2
Exploring Ipads 3
Exploring Ipads 4

We have been learning to use and look after our school Ipads this week. We have had lots of fun learning how to navigate around the Ipad, choosing games and apps we want to use and then completing the games. We even know how to turn it off to save energy. Ipads are great! They are even clever enough to help us find out information about whatever we want! This can be questions like; what do astronauts wear? or how far is it to the moon?



What questions can you type into the internet to find out about space? Why don't you have a go and surprise the teachers with your new knowledge?

Let's Count to 20 Song For Kids

Let's sing and count to 20 in this fun children's song! This is one of our favourite counting to 20 songs! Can you teach people at home?

10 Little Fingers

Still image for this video

We are really lucky to have Mrs Sellers for 10 weeks who will be coming every Friday morning to do music with us. We will be learning new songs, copying rhythms, dancing and playing instruments to music. We are really excited and really enjoyed our first session this week. Above are some examples of the sessions we will be doing. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! We hope you have had a fantastic Christmas and are happy to be back. We have heard all about what santa has left for the children so they must have been little super stars all year! The staff also got some nice gifts because we have been super good too! Lets hope we can be as fabulous this year! We are glad to be back and cannot wait to get stuck into some fantastic learning on our new topic SPACE 


The Reception Team

Noisy Nativity

Still image for this video

Noisy Nativity

Still image for this video
Christmas is not just about toys and presents. Enjoy watching the true meaning of Christmas

Reception Nativity photograph.

Reception Nativity photograph. 1

Weekly Newsletter 23rd November

Our new car wash

Our new car wash 1
Our new car wash 2
Our new car wash 3
Our new car wash 4

We love our bikes and we wanted a different way of playing with them. We came up with the idea of a car wash! The pictures above show the first stages of our new role play area. We need to play different roles. We have customers, car washers and we need to make sure we don't forget to pay for our car wash before driving away. We are very excited about our new area and can't wait to improve it further with new ideas.

Noisy Nativity

We have been practicing super hard for our Christmas performance this week. We have a lot to remember like our lines, song words, actions and what to do on stage. We hope you have ordered your tickets so we can show off all our hard work. Tickets need to be ordered by the 1st of December for our Noisy Nativity. :)


5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF! 1
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF! 2
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF! 3

We have been looking at how our toy rockets work! They came with a little paper book with lots of words and pictures in and the children have been identifying what instructions are for. We also tried to guess how we thought the rocket would work before we read the instructions that were going to help us! The rockets were lots of fun and fly super high into the air. We only had one pump so we tried very hard to think of ways to make it fair so lots of children could have a turn. The best idea was to line up behind the rocket and take it in turns. We found this way everyone was waiting for their turn properly and not trying to push in. We worked great as a team. 

Weekly Newsletter 13th November

Children in need

Children in need 1
Children in need 2

We really enjoyed learning about children in need and why we fundraise to help all those lovely children who need our help. We dressed up in our pudsey T shirts and as superheroes to raise some money this year. We also did a cake sale to raise some extra money for the children who need our help. We learn't that not everyone is as lucky as us to be born healthy and live in a lovely house with lots of nice toys. The children really thought about what makes them lucky here are some of the things they came up with: 

" Nice toys"

" Mam and dad"

" Have both arms"

" We were born all healthy and strong"

" Warm house and bed "

" We have sweeties"


We know our money is going to be used to help children with all different needs. 




Weekly Newsletter 9th November

Welcome back! We hope you all have had a fantastic break and we can't wait to hear all about what you all have been doing. Remember that if you need any information or would like any additional work to do at home we are here to help. :) 


Reception Team

We have had such a fun week this week exploring all things HALLOWEEN!!! We have been exploring what is in a pumpkin and discussing what we could use it for and how it feels. On the play dough table we have been making scary monsters and spiders. We counted how many legs and eyes we used to make them. With our halloween disco this week we have also made some scary decorations for our classroom. 


We met our new creepy and scary children ready for our halloween disco. We even took some selfies for you! We hope you have a fantastic break and enjoy your holidays! Don't forget to remember what you were doing so you can tell us all about it! :)

Shape Fun

Shape Fun 1
Shape Fun 2
Shape Fun 3
Shape Fun 4
Shape Fun 5
Shape Fun 6
Shape Fun 7
Shape Fun 8
Shape Fun 9
Shape Fun 10
Shape Fun 11

We have been having lots of fun with shapes this week. We have been building and thinking about the different shapes we are using for our buildings. We have also learnt a FANTASTIC shape song which is down below if you would like to sing it with us!


Weekly Newsletter 12th October

Our Teddy Bear Picnic

Our Teddy Bear Picnic 1
Our Teddy Bear Picnic 2
Our Teddy Bear Picnic 3
Our Teddy Bear Picnic 4
Our Teddy Bear Picnic 5
Our Teddy Bear Picnic 6
Our Teddy Bear Picnic 7
Our Teddy Bear Picnic 8
Our Teddy Bear Picnic 9
Our Teddy Bear Picnic 10
Our Teddy Bear Picnic 11
Our Teddy Bear Picnic 12
Our Teddy Bear Picnic 13
Our Teddy Bear Picnic 14
Our Teddy Bear Picnic 15
Our Teddy Bear Picnic 16
Our Teddy Bear Picnic 17
Our Teddy Bear Picnic 18
Our Teddy Bear Picnic 19

This week it was finally time for our teddy bears picnic! Unfortunately it was raining so the weather meant we couldn't go into the woods for the picnic. We used our hall instead and played lots of fun games with our special bears! We had lots of fun introducing our special friends to our school friends. We even made our own jam sandwiches for our picnic. They were really yummy and we ate these whilst watching some teddy bear rhymes and songs on the BIG board. We had lots of fun and we would like to thank all the parents and carers for the support so we could make our teddy bear picnic happen!


What was your favourite part?

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 5th October

A Teddy Bears' Picnic to Look Forward to...

Miss Speed and Mrs Lowden have been very busy getting our class bears made!!!

Miss Speed and Mrs Lowden went to Build a Bear at the weekend to create our class bears! We have spent this week learning all about our bears. How they were made, What we wanted to call them and what they need to take to our homes on a weekend. We know we need to look after these lovely bears and make sure we do some fun and exciting things at home with Ben and Beebo. The bears are super excited to visit our homes! Miss Speed and Mrs Lowden can not wait to hear about all the adventures the bears get up to. Let the fun begin!

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 28th September

We went on a Bear Hunt!!

We were all very excited to go on our Bear Hunt this week! We went down to the woods to retell the story of the bear hunt. We all had lots of fun and really enjoyed singing the story as we went through the woods. After we collected lots of items from the woods so we could make a small world to help us to retell the story in our outdoor classroom. We have posted a link below so we can show you how good we are at home! no

We have done our first full week!

We have done our first full week!  1
We have done our first full week!  2

We have spent our first full week getting to know each other. Miss Speed, Mrs Lowden and Miss Scott have just about managed to remember all of our names! Well done! We are becoming fantastic at following the rules. We are still learning how to look after each of the areas in the classroom but it is very big! After all we do have an outside classroom and one inside so that is double the work. After making some lovely new friends we are looking forward to this year! Let's get busy!

Exploring in our new environment.

Welcome to you all...

Shapes Song 2

We love this shape song! Why don't you sing it with us too?

Jolly Phonics Songs A-Z

These songs are super catchy and the children love them. They have all the words and actions explained so you can sing along too. This will help fantastically with making sure the children learn their sounds and how to say them correctly. Have Fun!

Why not help your child at home too so they can be the best they can be? We will be adding bits and bobs to the page under here which you can be helping them with. We also have added some new homework jobs near our parents board that you can grab too! Bring the work, a photo or write down what you have being doing at home to show the teachers! I bet they will be super impressed!