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Reader of the Week

Every Friday in our Celebration Assembly, one pupil from each year group will be chosen to be our Reader of the Week.  They will wear our special red jumpers so that everyone will know who our special readers are!

Friday 1st March

Year 6 - Amy Seaton


Year 5 - Jack Johnson


Year 4 - Lucy Chell


Year 3 - Jamie Kitching


Year 2 - Layla Hutchinson


Year 1 - Mylee Walker

February 15th

Year 1- Jessica

Year 2-Lexi

Year 3- Lexi

Year 4- Aaron

Year 5- Brooke

Year 6 - Harry

Monday 21st January


Y1 Parker

Y2 Alfie

Y3 Brayden

Y6 Molly

Picture 1

Friday 30th November

Emily - Y1

Faye - Y2

Evan - Y3

Emily - Y4

Amelia - Y5

Lily - Y6





Friday 23rd November

Jason - Y1

Natasha - Y2

Macy - Y3

Imogen - Y4

Luke - Y5

Thalia - Y6