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Phonics Results

We are delighted by the progress children have made in and across Key Stage 1. We have once again seen significant improvements this year in the proportion of children both in Year 1 and 2 meeting the required standard for phonics.


As a school we have made significant improvements in terms of the way phonics is taught and challenges our pupils. In Key Stage 1 all children now have 2 daily sessions of phonics so that they have high quality opportunities to meet new learning and also to apply their learning to a range of different contexts.


After working incredibly hard to increase the proportion of children who meet the required phonic standard, our results are now in line with and in some aspects exceed National data.


Phonics Screening: Year 1 and 2

All children nationally in Year 1 are tested in terms of their knowledge of phonics. Our children and staff work extremely hard to ensure that as many children as possible meet the level expected by the Government.

The test was out of 40. To pass children had to score 32.


Percentage of Pupils Meeting Standard in Year 1

Our Year 1 phonics results improved significantly this again year by 10% for all children with attainment gaps reducing significantly . Since 2015 our results have improved by a staggering 24%. Well done to everyone we are incredibly proud of you.

Year 2 Phonics Results.

Our Year 2 phonics results also improved significantly which is also testament to the strong teaching and improvements that we have made to our systematic teaching of phonics this academic year. Well done to everyone we are delighted.

 We saw a fantastic improvement of 16% for all Year 2 children who had not met the expected standard in Year 1 (2016) and were retested in 2017 when compared to 2016.

Over a 2 year period this equates to an overall improvement of 34.6%.