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Personnel and General Committee

Terms of Reference and Responsibilities

  • To carry out an annual review of the staffing structure in consultation with the Head Teacher and the Finance Committee.

  • To oversee the appointment procedure for all staff.

  • To establish and review a performance management policy for all staff.

  • To keep under review work/life balance, working conditions and well being, including the monitoring of absence.

  • To make recommendations to the Finance Committee on personnel related expenditure.



This committee meets half termly. When meeting there must be a minimum of 3 governors present for the committee to go ahead and conduct business.


There are some matters that can and may be delegated:

Appointment: The Governing Body can delegate the power to appoint outside the leadership group to:

  • The Head Teacher

  • One or more Governors with the right of the Head Teacher to advise.

  • One or more Governors and the Head Teacher


    Delegate to the Head teacher as above for :

  • Permanent teaching staff posts

  • Permanent support staff posts

  • Temporary posts


    Dismissals: The Governing Body delegates to the Head Teacher responsibility for the dismissal of:

  • All staff other than the Head Teacher, unless exceptional circumstances exist.

  • The Head Teacher to a committee of the Governing Body.


Mrs S. Bowes Jackson

Mrs K. Hudson

Mrs J. Kelly

Mrs A. McGinlay

Mrs H. Shaw

Mrs R. Wickens


Mrs Hudson is the Chair of this committee.