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Pay Review Committee

Terms of Reference

  • To act in accordance with the Whole School Pay Policy and Teachers' Determination of Pay Policy adopted by the Governing Body to include matters relating to: teaching and learning responsibility payments, SEN (Special Educational Needs) allowances, recruitment and retention payments, points for previous experience, bursaries and regradings.

  • To report to the Finance Committee on Pay Review related expenditure.



This committee meets during the Autumn term and as and when necessary. When meeting there must be a minimum of 3 governors present for the committee to go ahead and conduct business.


School staff are not eligible to be part of this committee as is anyone else with a pecuniary interest.


Rev. A. Brooker

Cllr Cochrane

Mrs K. Hudson

Cllr. E. Huntington

Mrs A. McGinlay


Mrs K. Hudson is the Chair of this committee

Cllr I. Cochrane is the Vice Chair