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EYFS Celebration Assembly

The nursery team are super proud of how our nursery children sat in their first celebration assembly of the year. Our boys and girls have worked their socks off and it is a pleasure to reward them for their amazing efforts. Well done nursery! 

The children have been asking questions about hedgehogs? Where do they live? What do they eat? We have had lots of fun creating hedgehogs in the play dough area. It was tricky fitting in all of their spikes! We had a look at pictures of real hedgehogs so we could see how many eyes they have and what shape their bodies are. Have you seen a real hedgehog before?

At nursery today we had so much fun making our own sandwiches for our teddy bear picnic. We thought about th steps to making a sandwich and in which order they go. We talked about what fillings were our favourite and which sandwich we wanted to make. Afterwards we had lots of fun dancing in the hall with our teddies and having our picnic food. The rain did not stop us having the most fantastic teddy bears picnic! we are all very sleepy now. 

This week the children have started to explore Autumn. Mrs Venner and Mrs Ward collected some Autumn things while they were walking their doggies. The children have loved exploring the items and adding to our collection as we go. We have talked about the names of the items, the colour, how they feel and the size. The big conkers are our favourite by far with their spikey shells. What have you found on your Autumn Walks? 

The children have had lots of fun exploring our setting and building relationships with the other children and staff! We are excited to get lots more children to join in the fun and make new friends with. While we were exploring outside we even found some cheeky carrots and baby potatoes in our growing patch as we were getting it ready for the new year. I think carrot and potatoe soup could be on the menu in our mud kitchen next week! 

Mrs Venner and the Nursery team are super proud of all our new children starting Nursery and how well they are settling in! We are loving getting to know you all!