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Mutual Gains Project

What is the Purpose of this Project?

Andy our Community Police Officer has been in to gather ideas from a group of our Year 5 children as to how they think Shotton Colliery could be an even better place to live. Andy will now work with other community groups to gather their views.


The project hopefully will have lots of positive outcomes for us all. Supported by the Chief Constable of Durham it is a real opportunity for us to make a difference and exercise our right to democracy.


Andy was accompanied by Sharon, whose role it is to ensure that the Prevent Strategy has a real impact in our local community. They were so impressed with our children in terms of their engagement, enthusiasm, motivation, behaviour and impeccable behaviour. Well done to everyone. We will keep you updated as the project develops.

Making a Difference

Some of our Year 3 children, accompanied by Miss O'Connor, went out in the community with Andy to plant trees in the local area as part of the Mutual Gains project. As Head Teacher I was so proud of our wonderful children taking such an active part in improving our environment with their enthusiasm, commitment and impeccable behaviour. Well done everyone.

Mrs Shaw