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Some of the Year 5 children had the chance to take part in the Durham Farmers Market yesterday . This was to finish off our Heritage project . We sold Windfall cakes , Apple chutney and mini pastys . We sold everything ; apart from a few jars of chuntney . They even sold the fruit and vegetables we had as display . Durham mayor paid a visit and we were awarded a certificate . Mrs Winward and I were very proud of all the children . Fantastic day out . 

Durham Farmers Market Day

French lesson on body parts

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Today we have been learning about body parts in French . We labelled Tommy and then we sang ' Head , shoulders , knees and toes ' in French !
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Year 5 Heritage Project

As part of our Heritage Project we planted seeds at the beginning of the Autumn term, in our garden . With the improving warmer weather, the seeds have started to grow ! Here are a few photos of their development . 

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Easter egg hunt

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Our topic this term is the Rainforest . Yesterday we researched frogs found in rainforests . Ariana made her very own tree frog from plastasine last night and bought him into school this morning.  He's fantastic ! 

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Herebare some photos from Year 5 trip to Beamish last week, part of our Heritage Project. We all had a fantastic time. We learnt about the different types of vegetables grown, the different money used, food you could make and even had a short lesson in the school. Even Mrs Winward had ago at the school yard games ! We all loved the going on the tram . Even though it was very cold, we all had a great time . 

PE lesson todat

Year 5 worked really hard during their PE lesson today . Working on their foot , hand and eye coordination . There were some hot , red faces by the end of the lesson ! 

What a fantastic day at Broomhouse farm at Witton Gilbert. Children from both year 5 classes went on a trip as part of our Heritage project . We got to learn about how farming has changed over the past 100 years . We saw lots of farm animals including a male sow pig called Dave . We met the farmers wife and made a apple cake  with apples from the orchard . After that we collected eggs and some of us were brave enough to hold a chicken ! After lunch we explored and played in the forest . There was so much to do there , rabbit holes tunnels , zip lines , slides and swings . Even Mrs Oakes had ago . 


We made poppies from red,green and black felt and then sewed them together. We stared with a two minute silence at 11 am .We then watched a short clip about why we remember . Afterwards we wrote a poem. 

Remembrance Day

Today year 5 walked in on a crime scene in their classroom. In small groups they had to predict what had happened. Take finger prints , to illuminate themselves , identify what type of finger print they had. Gather evidence , record it and compare It samples of earth they had gathered from around the school. We then had to write about what we did. It was a lot of fun , even Mrs Shaw got involved!😎😊👮


The whole of year 5 have been lucky enough to be chosen to be part of a county wide Herirage project . Part of the project involves planting seeds that originated from World War 1 . We started today by clearing weeds from our garden and planted peas, broad beans, onions and radishes !

Heritage project year 5 cohort

This terms science topic has been about Earth and Space. Today , using Oreo biscuits we learnt about the different moon phases and their names. After we got to eat the biscuits ! 
This is Year 5 having ago at Judo. They all did really well. They loved throwing each otherfrown
In our class today we have been police detectives . We took turns dramatising an interview between a police person and eyewitnesses . We used our voices and facial expressions to get into character. We then had to write about a police report we had read in our own words . 
Thank you to everyone in class 5O who donated cakes or money for such an important charity - Macmillan . The school also had a coffee and cake morning. The children were allowed to wear non school uniform or to wear green , to match the Macmillan colours . Well done everyone 😄
To encourage  the class to read , there is a reward system in place . So everything the children read at home they get a house point and then every time they read a certain number of books , they can gain a different reward . There are lots to collect ! So let's get reading ! 
Picture 1 Reading scheme
Picture 1 Celebrating Roald Dahl 100 th birthday
We celebrated Roald Dahl's 100 th birthday by reading the BFG book . We discussed the characters, settings and we looked at similes and metaphors. We even ate some birthday cake !
Picture 1 Our class charter
This week we have been learning how to round numbers up to 10,000. Today we had a go at Spin the wheel, where we took turns to throw a dice , we had to make the largest number possible , then round that number to the nearest 10,000. 
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Important information about routines and expectations

Aztec chocolate making

The children spent the afternoon tasting different flavours of chocolate . They then had a go at tasting Aztec hot chocolate , with an added surprise - chillies !! As you can see by some of their faces not all of them liked it . 😄