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Our traditional tales play script performances for English

Our traditional tales play script performances for English  1

Children in Need Assembly

A very scary and spooky Halloween Disco

A very scary and spooky Halloween Disco 1

Our first School Council meeting

Our first School Council meeting  1
The School Council have been given a project to rPraise money for outside play equipment . Here, they are busy thinking of ideas for raising money. 

Our first Eco warriors meeting

Our first Eco warriors meeting 1

The Ego team are busy thinking of ideas of how to improve our Peace garden . They are coming up with some very colourful ideas ! They are also going to think of ways to raise money so each classroom can have a recycle bin , to reduce the schools impact on the environment . 

The school council have been set a project . They are brainstorming ideas for ways to raise money for new outside play equipment . They have come up with some great ideas ! 

National Green Day

National Green Day 1
Sam created this fantastic Ironage shelter at home . It's simply made from wood and nails but is very effective . Well done Sam 

Shelter building at home

Shelter building at home  1
Year 4 wrote and performed their own acrostic poems about Iron Man today. They used their voices , actions and even made masks to help with their performances . Well done everyone . It is not always easy standing up in front of people and performing , but you all did it ! 

National poetry day


Stonehenge  1
Maggie created this fantastic 3D picture of Stonehenge. Well done Maggie.

Home project by Mia

Home project by Mia 1
As part of our Stoneage to Ironage topic, Mia made this fantastic model of an Ironage shelter and fire pit. 

                               Welcome to Mrs Oakes' Class

The children and I have settled really well into our new classroom. The entire class have had a very productive start to the year and I am very impressed with the way everyone has made a positive start to school routines. We have started to use a new cursive handwriting style this year and the children are working hard to implement this into their everyday writing. 


We have had a great start to home reading this year, with many children reading at home on a regular basis. I have asked the children to take home their reading books and logs and bring them into school everyday so that I can monitor progress. I very much appreciate you taking the time to read with your child and making a short comment in their reading diary. 


A reminder that on Fridays , the children have swimming and P.E in the mornings. 


Year 4 Parent Welcome Letter

Our Class Charter

Superhero Monkey

Superhero Monkey 1

Say Hello to Superhero Monkey! 

The children had a lot of fun naming Superhero Monkey. Every Friday , the pupil of the week will be able to take Superhero Monkey home and take him on their weekend adventure . Along with a diary , where the children can add a drawing, a photo or a piece of writing telling us what he got up to at the weekend . 

Maggie was star of the week last week and Super monkey watched the Great North Run and even saw Mo Farah running ! 

As part of this term's topic subject 'The Stone Age to Iron Age' , the children have been given a key task to challenge them to learn about how early humans survived. Our Key Task is to :

Our Key Task

Our Key Task  1
To start out topic of Stone Age to the Iron Age , the class were asked to imagine they had been transported back in time to the Stone Age . That there were no modern conveniences, no food or shelter and no tools to hunt with . Each group of children were asked to complete a challenge in our woods . Here are some photos showing just how much fun the children had . They found black berries for food , they made a tool to hunt with . They made shelters and collected wood for a fire . 

Eco Warriors Members

Eco Warriors Members  1

Kyle wanted to join the Eco warriors because he wants to help raise awareness for the environment and help make the school a more environmentally friendly place. 

Mia jointed the Eco warriors to make help the school become a more healthier , cleaner  and environmentally friendly school.





School Council Members

School Council Members  1
Congratulations to Arisha and Kane for becoming our classes school council members .